Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One Captain's Blood

Captain Brian Freeman of Temecula, CA was killed on January 20, 2007 when a bunch of English-speaking, American-looking and SUV-driving Iraqi resistance attacked an US base in Iraq. Captain was not the first American to be killed in the invasion; actually more than 3000 soldiers had died in combat. However, Senator Dood was totally fired up on the captain's death.

In the middle of December, 2006, before the Christmas holiday, when Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and John Kerry (D-MA) waiting their plane back home in a landing are in the green zone in Karbala, Iraq, a young officer approached the two senators out of darkness. The West Point graduate told the two Senators, the situations had gone 'nuts', and it was turning from bad to worse everyday. Back home, Senator Todd mentioned the encounter with the young officer in a public appearance (Meet the Press). One day he received an EMail from troops in Iraq, which started with 'This is Captain Freeman, and I am the officer you met in the landing area in Baghdad'. The two started communicating with Emails etc.

Last week, Mr. Charlotte Freeman was out of town when she got calls from her neighbors that a military vehicle was seen at her house. She called Senator Dood's office, and Senator Todd's staff helped her found out the bad news. Senator Dodd was totally on fire on this one, on the death of such as promising young officer, whom he had had an encounter in the landing area in the green zone.

Senator Dodd pushed for the non-binding resolution to oppose President Bush's decision of a troop surge. It took the blood of a young captain that the Senator knows to stand up in the Senate in the afternoon of January 26, to speak from, his heart - "enough is enough", "......say to them and others that in this body we will stand up in the coming days and bring an end to this insanity."

How many Iraqis have died? How many are dying at the time of typing? How would that affect their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, grandparents, cousins? classmates? friends? neighbors? colleagues?

Chinese Ming Sun received US citizenship certificate

Pfc. Ming Sun was killed January 9th at Ar Ramadi while out on patrol. Ming's parents received a certificate of US citizenship of Ming at his funeral on Jan 22, 2007. Ming joined the Army 10 months ago, and was shipped to Iraq after a 2 months training. Before his death, he is a rifleman of the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, based at Fort Carson, CO. Ming died at age 20.

Ming would be the first Chinese citizen to have died in combat in the war invading Iraq.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Stereotype Reactions

TIME Magazine ran a cover story 'China: Dawn of a New Dynasty' in their Jan 22, 2007 publication.

As expected, you got to read the stereotyped reactions in the 'Letters' session in the following up Feb 5, 2007 issue: there is the Michigan house wife who vowed stop buying made-in-China products protesting a disgusting lack of regard for the value of human life; there is the African named Tshilidzi Marwala who defended China's positive involvement in Africa's development, and there's the smartass medical student Kou Qin of Augusta, Georgia who concluded that 'China's leaders must be made to understand that democratic reforms are urgently needed'.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pig Ads Banned

It was confirmed that the CCP government banned any TV commercials having 'pig' involved. The Chinese new year of 'pig' is coming this February, and the Communism government is trying to appeal to the Islamic population living in China.

What a dump idea.

From Digg:

Bill O'Reilly's probable response: "This is CLEARLY an affront on year's with names as well as China showing their support for terrorists. I think a ban of all Chinese products is in order."

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Bakers Lost Anna

The Supreme Court of Tennessee made a decision (W2004-01225-SC-R11-PT) on Jan 23, 2007 to return seven years old Anna Mae He (He Mei in Chinese) to her biological parents, the He family. The Bakers, Jerry and Louise) lost the child after six years of bitter legal battle.

The girl's biological father, Mr. He Shaoqiang (Jack), was a student at University of Memphis. In 1999, He and his wife give the 3 weeks girl He Mei the Mid-South through local church, who asked Mr. Baker's family to take care of the girl. When Baker returned the girl to the church after the initial 3 months agreement expired, Mr. He asked Baker to continue taking care of the girl. The Hes, Bakers, the Mid-South and lawyers got together, and convinced that having Mr. Bakers adopt the girl was the best solution.

The He family left a long trace of cheating and dishonesty. The couple, Jack and Casey never married in China, while they forged document to gain a spouse visa to come to the US. Getting married in China cost you half hour and $5. You'll have to question the real motivation to lie on such a simple fact. The Casey entered the US with a student spouse visa (F2 visa) on June 1998 with a 2 months old pregnancy. In one of the later conversation with Ms. Chunn, a birth-parent counselor, Jack expressed concerns about whether he was the biological father of the unborn child. When He Mei was born on January 28, 1999, she was put up for adoption. However, while Casey seemed to comfortable with adoption, she "wants to maintain guardianship to the child so she can continue in the US" (as ducumented by the counsel W2004-01225-COA-R3-PT).

At the time, Jack was accused of sexual assault to a female Chinese classmate which later led to his expel from the school. It was when he was facing deportation after he lost his student status when the He family started a legal and media battle against the Baker family on He Mei, an American citizen's custody. He Shaoqiang once indicated he would trade the girl to a lawyer for his help on He's sexual assault case.

The little girl had been initially abandoned, but only later to be exploited by the He family for purpose of money, legal assistance, over-stay in the US. What a valuable baby!

The Baker family believed returning He Mei to the He family was not the best interest of the little girl. They sold their house to pay lawyer fees, and vowed to raise He Mei the best they can do.

The Hes family lost the initial rounds, but sought to the Chinese consulate and political influences. Now the liars won. As Chinese, we are ashamed. During the lengthy legal struggle, the Hes family was depicted as heroes who stood firm on their child confronting rich evil Americans and greedy lawyers on Chinese media in the mainland, making use the lack of communications on the two sides of the Pacific.

The Supreme Court of Tennessee made a mistake to return the girl to a liar, forgery felony, a sexual criminal, who evidently cares nothing about the girl. It will be a shameful mistake if that decision was made under political pressure. If they can read Chinese, they should read on Chinese website and BBS what Chinese people who knew the He couple say about their characters and personalities.

Sorry Bakers, but your courage in love was admired, and will be remembered. Best wishes to the little girl.






我是贺绍强性骚扰案的受害者。 一年多以来, 贺绍强性骚扰及贺梅案引起了轰动, 媒介上也一直在报导. 但我想告诉你们,至少关于性骚扰部分的报导有很多地方是极其失真的. 这些错误的报导不仅助长了恶人的威风,对社会造成不良影响, 而且在很大程度上掩盖了事实真相, 并深深伤害了真正的受害者。 下面叙述一下性骚扰和所谓罗秦被打案前前后后的大概经过。

1998年8月下旬,我进入孟菲斯大学商学院 MIS 本科读书。 当时我托福考了500 多分, 英文仍然不是很好, 对校园的一切都不熟悉。 第一个学期开始我报了6门课,期中考试前退出一门,学期末以4A,1B的成绩通过了其余5门课。 我先生九月底拿到了亚特兰大市的工作邀请。当时我们商量着我是否离开孟菲斯随他去新的地方。 我们跟那里的几所大学联系过,回答都是入学要求最低托福550分。 而我要在那个地区入学, 必须重考托福, 而不知又需要多久。 我对先生说: 你先去工作吧, 在那边继续帮我打听学校的事, 也许我在这里读一两个学期后转学过去,那时学校就不要求托福了。 时间对我来说很重要。当然后来因为官司及各种原因,我直到毕业才离开孟菲斯。

我先生离开10天后星期天(10月11日)的上午, 那天是秋假(Fall break)。 我去图书馆旁边的电脑室去写作业。 因为第一次用学校的电脑, 我的Password 又不对, 无法打开电脑, 只好去找只好去找lab assistant 寻求帮助。当时在服务台工作的贺绍强非常热情, 不仅帮助我打开电脑,给我讲了一些用电脑的知识, 还说如果我们互留下电话, 今后有什么问题他可以帮忙。贺留了他的名字及电话,我也写了我的姓名及电话。 在我做作业期间,贺曾来到我的桌子前询问有没有事要帮忙, 我说没有。 他当时问了一些关于我的现状, 并说他知道我先生刚找到工作。 大约1:00 左右,贺又过来对我说: 2:00 电脑室会关闭,他知道有校园内有另外一个电脑室会在此时仍会开放, 他自己正好要过去,如我愿意的话,下班后可以顺便带路。在这里我根本没有邀请请他补什么课。 我进电脑室时,一个人用学生卡开的门,我只是跟着进入, 并没有注意门上有什么字。由于我在两点前确实完不成手头的事, 这个人是中国同乡,又在电脑室工作, 自然也就相信并赞同等2:00 时随他过去。

贺在2:00 时招呼我离开, 在去英语系Patterson Hall 的十几分钟里,他对我谈的是学英文的技巧和一些学习方法, 并再次说如果有困难他愿意帮助我。我十几年没进校门了, 入学后对很多事都不清楚,确实要咨询的事太多了, 又遇到了一个“热心’的中国人,因而对他这些话题很感兴趣。贺在初接触时确实给人的印象是热情实在的, 如果不把他在不同场合说的话来比较, 也确实不容易发现他的欺骗。 不仅我当时没有怀疑他的用心, 后来不是他用谎言编织的故事也欺骗了一些人吗?

我随贺来到 Patterson Hall, 因为他一直在说:你有什么问题要问的话我可以帮助解答。我这时感觉功课可以晚一时做,花一点时间问些学业方面的问题倒是必要的。 他领我来到一个教室, 摆好手椅让我坐下。 因贺当时在商学院读MIS硕士(他对公众一直说是经济学博士),和我同一个专业,我问了他几个关于专业方向方面的问题和几个课本中的语法问题。

没多一会,贺说我问的问题太枯燥,建议劳娱结合,一起出去看电影。 我回答说: 不想去。 贺又说可以带我去商店,我说没有什么东西要买。最后贺说:那去校园外好不好? 我说:我真的什么地方都不想去, 我压力很大,在忙于功课。很短暂沉默后,我正在考虑去电脑室, 贺突然说:你很美,你知道我很喜欢你。并把手放在我肩头。 我感到很害怕, 对贺说:谢谢你,我已经结婚了。 祝你好运。 说完就往出跑。贺拦住我的去路,我吓的直哆嗦,哭着求他放了我。 贺根本不听,我与他抗争约一二十分钟, 三个衣扣被解开,由于蓝色纤维长裤的隐形拉链在背后,贺在动态中没有找到,所以状态还好。贺也没有达到目的。 当我借机逃出教室后, 贺追出来, 在楼梯口挡住我的去路并威胁说: 不要把今天的事说出去, 否则我不会放过你。

我平生第一次遇到这类恶性事件。 当我哭着回到家里, 刘教授在厅里看电视, 我直奔自己的房间, 拨通了我先生在亚城家中的电话。他的室友告诉我他不在家, 并会转告我先生。 一个多小时后我先生打来电话, 我把所发生的事情告诉了他。 我先生当时建议报警,安慰我不要伤心, 他会尽快完成手头的工作, 请假回来解决。(电话帐单上有号码显示。政府控告人没有去调电话帐单, 在法庭上让贺的律师钻了一个空子)。 在我先生尚未回来的几天里, 我感到天昏地暗, 不之所错措。五天后星期五晚(10月16日)丈夫回来时, 我身上浮肿的部分已经消除, 但肢体上的淤血瘢痕仍然可见。 第二天(10月17日)我先生在盛怒之下去学校警察室报了警, 后被告知当事人需要到场, 又接我一起去叙述详情。

事件发生后, 贺曾经给我写过email, 甚至打过电话。报案后的第二天早晨(10月18日), 我先生接到一个电话,对方说的英文, 但对我名字的发音很准确。 经学校调查,值班人员叙述打电话人是一东方男子,除眼镜有所不同,其他特征与贺绍强相同。(见学校法庭纪录)

10月19日,校方及警方对性骚扰事件进行了调查。 先同贺谈话,之后学校的官员向我了解情况,看了我的伤势,纪录了受伤的状态, 但没有拍照。这个失误也让贺的律师钻了空子。

贺绍强一边在警察局的自述里说我有精神病, 向他借钱, 诬陷他等, 并欺骗美国警察说在中国妇女在事件发生24小时内不报案, 警方是不予受理的。(见贺的陈述)另一边又请一些人找我谈话,要求和解,并请我撤掉这个案子。

贺太太曾经多次骚扰我,撒泼似的打电话, 到电脑室与我纠缠, 甚至在法庭门外威胁我。

11月27日,我先生回孟城探亲, 我们象往常一样带室友去购物。 在大中华超市遇到贺夫妇。 由于他们一直骚扰我, 我先生想当面警告他们停止骚扰。 双方争吵起来,贺竟然报警说我先生打了他们。警察到达后问明情况, 看到没有任何打架的情况发生, 便把他们的地址交给我们,并叫双方离去。 后来就是贺绍强为了扰乱局势,逃脱罪行,把贺太太送进医院留观一夜, 制造了一个所谓被打打出血,陷入经济困难的骗局。


1)所谓被打打出血, 造成经济困境。

我先生根本没有动手打他们。 贺绍强在不同的地方有不同的说法。 对学校说罗秦被打翻到在地上( 学校有记录存档); 在警察局的起诉书中说罗秦被打撞在shopping cart 上, 在医院的记录上显示, 罗被两个男人攻击, 撞在石头上,他在媒介上的说法更是版本不一. 更有甚者, 罗秦在法庭听证会上, 向法庭展示了血迹斑斑的内裤, 说是被打大出血造成的. 这么严重的“伤情”又有这么实在的“证据”, 难道法官是白痴吗?贺还在警察局的起诉书中说他们有现场证人, 但到了法庭又截然全无。

罗秦到底是否被打大出血?事实上,法庭及律师经过调查得知, 其一,商店的售货员证明双方确有争吵, 但无肢体接触; 其二,法庭调出罗秦的病历, 医生检查证明罗秦没有阴道出血, 没有任何被打的痕迹. 留院观察一夜的原因病例上写的很清楚,是严重的滴虫性阴道炎(severe trichomonas vaginitis)。因此法庭在听证后根据这两点撤销了对我先生的起诉, 更没有把这个荒唐的案子送到陪审团审理的事。

我们一直在咨询, 如何出示罗秦的病例才算合法。 这是贺绍强欺骗公众的一个主要环节, 也是牵连贺的几个案子的主线。 如果我们展示了罗的病例, 他们会告我们侵犯个人隐私。 不公布吧, 永远也无法让这个强有力的事实来证明他们欺骗的恶劣行为, 揭示几个案子的真相。 贺绍强之所以造此假案,一方面想让警方感到性骚扰受害的一方的丈夫做事很恶劣,另一方面试图以此博得警方对罗秦同情,从而放弃对他性骚扰的追究, 以便逃脱刑事惩罚。当然也为后来的贺梅案找了一个非常恰当的借口和理由。 如果人们同情贺家是在他们欺骗的前提下, 那真相大白后,不仅同情者会感觉到心灵的伤害, 最主要的是贺家后果是极其可悲的。 我想至少从两个地方可以搞到罗秦的病例:医院及法庭。朋友们应该去这两个地方取证,报社应该重新报道关于罗秦被打大出血骗局。

賀紹強曾说对此案表示异议。他說﹐打人案是陪审团即將开审前忽然被撤销的﹐原因不明。不过,他的律師认为法院的做法不合法。他目前仍保留对齊曉軍的丈夫提起訴訟的权利﹐包括刑事訴訟和民事索賠。按照贺的说法,即使法院撤销有陪审团的trial也是发现了什么重要的线索, 何况法院从未安排过trial,贺只是欺骗公众而已了。如果说法官在听证会上掌握充分的证据证明罗秦没有被打,法庭怎么可能会安排判决庭(trial)呢?再说刑事案只有判决了之后,案子不能重审, 原告无法上诉(例如贺的性骚扰案,我是无法上诉的, 只有眼泪往心里流); 所谓被打大出血案根本没有上trial, 他们确实可以重提此案,我们期待着法院能把调查结果,听证材料及证据公诸于众。但可悲的是贺的这个假案子永远也不会赢,因为事实证明他们没有被打,那个假案是他们诬陷,造假的证据。


贺绍强称我为了帮助我先生而不惜尽一切力量告贺绍强。不错, 是我们一直坚持上告性骚扰案, 为此坚持了四年, 后来终于走到了trail. 而企图和解的不是我们而是贺家. 就他动用的官方人士就不下两三个,中国使馆原教育处的李光明先生就是其中之一。李光明先生在1999年初给我打电话,让我不要压力太大,问我是否可以私下处理此事;贺还托他的律师John Walt与孟大协商进行要求和解(mediation)。在此我们出示学校律师给我先生的信作为证据. 大学法律办公室的官员Ms. Story 找我和我先生谈过话, 并反复转达贺绍强要求和解的愿望。贺的另外一位律师Mr. Walton 曾经给我们的律师写信要求和解, 有信为证。 一直是贺在要求和解, 为什么到了媒介上说我们要求和解呢? 我先生陷入的假案子在贺编造后一年多被调查撤销了,而性骚扰案我们却坚持了四年。

我们有什么必要与其和解? 不可能。 2001年4月,我们的律师通知我,贺绍强要认罪( plea guilty), 我当时很高兴。 当时法院的Mr. Blackwood处理认罪的案子。 据说是被告一方提出申请, 经Mr. Blackwood报到法庭, 被告才被安排去认罪法庭见法官。 这件事贺对媒介说了吗?贺说他的律师都建议他认罪,和庭,他本人不同意。但为什么我们一次又一次接到他要求和庭的请求?难道这些律师都违背贺的意愿, 在不同的时期,背着贺与我们联系的吗?当贺看到我坐在听众席位上时, 他与其律师交谈, 并改变了认错的主意。贺为什么在和解目的未达到时,有认罪的意图呢? 这些事实在法院应该不难被调查出来吧?贺的这种颠倒黑白的行为, 恐怕连他自己也会感到滑稽吧?


在我们报案后, 贺绍强的计策之一就是从人品上诬陷我, 以便让人们认为我是性骚扰和贺梅案罪魁祸首,其实贺是害人必害己。


我和先生当时在找到工作之前与清华大学的刘教授和租一套两居室。 刘教授是我先生两个要好的同学在中国多年的同学和同事。先生的同学托我们帮助刘教授,特别是每周带上他去商店买菜和生活用品。刘教授人不错,我们一直和睦相处。我先生找到工作后,我们不好意思也没理由让人家搬出去,而搬出去后在每周去商店时接来接去的更是麻烦。 当时此地这种和租房子的例子很多。

贺却对众人说我与刘教授同居, 说什么不知我身上的伤痕是他在下午2:00造成的还是晚上8:00 造成的, 因为我的室友是男性。从这一点也不难分析出,如果同居的话,还会有伤痕造成吗? 事实是罗秦在大中华现场要求刘教授站在他们的立场上为他们作证,刘教授说如果作证就叙述事实。 而事实是她未被打,罗秦怎能对刘教授的回答满意呢? 罗秦怀恨在心, 曾经在学校听证会走廊上破口漫骂刘教授, 一方面侮辱他, 另一方面想激怒他,造成真的被打的事实以取得同情。 贺绍强更是嫁祸于人的高手,让外界听了之后对原被告的人品各打五十大板。 受害人本来就受到了很大的创伤, 若再让人们认为其品行不佳, 更是苦上加苦。 贺害人之手段是非常毒辣的。

诬陷之二:关于贺诬陷我请他辅导生理卫生课, 和要借款$500.

请调查一下, Memphis 大学MIS专业本科有生理学和生理卫生课吗? 贺在有些媒介上改口说是生理学, 请查一下我毕业后的成绩单和学校课程要求, 请把法庭的纪录调出来,谎言是一目了然。 编造这种谎言要说明什么?无非是想说对方在勾引他。 我相信以前贺绍强的同学和同事, 特别是对他有较深了解的人都会知道他的人品吧? 尽管初次见面不能看出,即便他的伪装曾蒙蔽了那些善良的人们的眼睛, 但他的恶本性难移。 而且在案件后来的交涉中看到了贺的恶劣本质。即便是少数相信他的人, 今后也会对他的本质有不同的认识。

贺的室友谢玲玲女士在校听证会上作证说我打电话向贺借钱。我当场质问她你怎么知道的,她说是贺太太告诉她的, 她其实没有听到任何电话交谈. 我说:那你知道的一切信息都是从贺太太告诉你的了? 她回答: 是的。这种由涉案当事人单方面口授的信息的可信度本身就有问题,更何况这是无中生有的捏造!我很赞赏和佩服那种为朋友作证的勇气,但是,即便是给朋友作证,也要尊重事实,绝不能撒谎。如果以情妄法,是要付法律责任的。

据说ABC成功地找到齐向几位男同学借钱的“证据”, 他们是哪几位, 贺绍强在法庭上怎么没有出示这些证人? ABC 真的有此“证据”, 还是贺对我的又一个栽赃? ABC为何不大张旗鼓地报道此事,而对此无声无息呢?难道所有ABC电视台会引用贺谎言吗?贺的险恶用心不难看出吧?

4) 关于贺对法庭材料事实方面的欺骗


事实上性骚扰案从未 dismiss. 既是在文件丢失那次, 法官还特别对贺强调案子不是终止, 而是需重新从听证开始再审理。他的信在哪里?去法庭调查一下有无此事。 贺伪造的东西何其多!

賀紹強对多維社及不同的媒介說我出示了染有其精液的牛仔裤, 及称打断一条肋骨等。 他是想说我出示的证据不真实,未被法庭认可, 所以判他无罪。 贺绍强不是有律师吗? 他们可以把性骚扰案的法庭纪录搞出来。我的政府控告人除了出示了我的一条深蓝纤维裤子, 其余没有任何直接证据。 而那条裤子也是为了证明拉链及不易找到,贺的目的未遂。 正因为没有直接证据, 无法判其有罪。纪录纪录hinesenewsnet.com)賀紹強說齊曉軍和他就性侵犯案共同共认了兩名目击者﹐即事发時看管Patterson Hall機房的研究生Michael Bodary和英語系終生教授Charles Hall﹐并说兩人已先後作證﹐当時沒有看到异常情況。

事实上我没有提供任何目击证人。Charles Hall 确实到庭为贺作证, 只证明没有听到声音。 Michael Bodary 根本就没去法庭。 没有听到声音就说明事情没发生吗?Charles Hall 在法庭上证明没听到异常声音, 遇到贺时也不知贺从哪来. 因此完全不是外界报导的“进入时遇到Charles Hall.” 因为我当时吓坏了, 只是哭着求他放我, 不愿让别人知道, 故没有喊叫. 我在3层, Dr. Hall 在2层, 他怎么会听到呢? 我的案子就是吃亏在于没有目击者和直接证据,无法给贺判罪。零号口供(即没有证人的证词)无论在中国还是美国都是很难以此给对方判刑的。尽管如此,贺对我性骚扰的事实还是客观地发生了,存在着!


贺对公众说由于学校撤销了他的奖学金并失去身分。 我们在这里可出示学校律师给贺的律师并转发给我们的信。后来在事实证明贺在没有结婚前就到孟大外国学生办公室(International Student Office)骗取了I-20, 添上罗秦的名字并带回中国将罗办到美国。他们在中国根本就没有结婚。 如果已婚,来美的中国人有几个拿不出结婚证的?这种欺骗行为使得该办公室的官员非常气愤, 此事报到移民局, 并通知贺不可申请OPT, 当然也就失去身份了。因为性骚扰案孟大只是没有发他学位。 贺失去OPT的申请机会是因为他的移民欺骗。为什么说我害了他家,贺是要公众恨我, 认为他被害,经历坎坷,而同情他的案子。其实大多数中国人的眼睛是雪亮的。

贺氏真的在拼命打工吗? 很多次,甚至在他们把贺梅送出去之后的初夏, 我在电脑室看到贺在用计算机,贺太太一边看中文报纸,有时还向我狞笑挑衅。你们可以到校网络室查到贺上机的纪录。后来我忍无可忍到学校讲了他们挑衅的事, 贺的密码才被停用,看到他们的次数也减少了。


事件发生在1998年10月, 学校的听证会在1999年的9月举行。 其间贺绍强以各种借口更换了两次法庭。 因为不同的法庭是由不同的人组成,每次校方都要组织人选, 安排时间。 贺明知开庭的结果对他不利, 一面拖延, 一面向我们要求和解。我们坚持没有和庭。 在法院审理期间,法院需要时间调查, 贺绍强开始曾借口没有律师,后来又与自己的律师闹矛盾, 换律师等原因拖延出庭时间。 2001年12月trial 已经定好,开庭后由于听证会的录音带丢失,只得再从听证开始审理。 事后证明贺绍强有听证会的录音带, 此案一拖又是一两年。

而我们多次催促自己的律师帮助定trial的时间, 因为我2001年5月要本科毕业,并去亚特兰大与先生团聚。

7 关于孟菲斯大学是黑手

贺多次说法庭及大学都在舞弊,校方开始搞错了,取消了他的工作。 事实上在调查此案期间停了他与学生直接接触的工作,案发很久以后, 他还在图书馆内作整理书架的工作。

学校没有舞弊。正因为我与贺的说法不同,法律办公室的官员每次与我谈话时都对一些问题反复提问我。后来他们认定我是诚实的,贺是骗子。他们的调查都有纪录,备案,并且校方调查了很久,因此几个月后贺才被送进监狱, 送上法庭。贺很会利用人们的心理。当他在逻辑推理和事实验证下败露时, 就把大前提搞乱,还有其偷换概念的招数确实是一时有效。如果孟菲斯大学怕贺起诉的话,为什么在判贺无罪后仍不肯恢复他的学籍?

我们是真正贺绍强案的受害者, 因为犹豫报案, 校方没有给受伤部位照相, 没有现场证人, 陪审团无法判贺有罪. 在我从Memphis本科毕业前将近三年的时间里, 不仅要忍受学业的压力, 还要应付他们骚扰, 和流言蜚语。无数次法庭对我先生的传唤给我们的生活和经济上带来很大的麻烦,. 我无法开口主动解释, 只有把每学期的课报的满满的, 想尽快离开那里. 当时的处境大家是可以想象的.

2001年五月我通过了GMAT考试并回到亚特兰大于丈夫团聚, 我先生供我继续读硕士. 我什么时候说我们夫妻关系不好的?他们为什么要编造我和丈夫关系不好, 与人同居等谎言? 2002年八月初, 没想到在我即将参加硕士毕业典礼的时候, 贺把我推到媒介上, 企图打跨我的精神, 在受到他的侮辱后, 利用媒介对我进一步的摧残. 我先生被诬陷, 拘留一天, 虽然假案子被撤, 但这个贺一手制造的冤案, 给我先生带来极大的精神创伤. 贺家为什么要和被他们害的人“较量“?应该说是伤害无辜把?中国朋友们更应该关心一下我们的冤案。 受到诬告和伤害后我们该怎么办? 难道我们受到应有的法律保护了吗?反诉贺太太吗? 她既是受害者, 又帮助贺骗人. 我们想原谅这个没有多少文化妇人, 而我们的好心得到的回报是什么呢? 贺被判无罪就没有犯罪吗?贺绍强是迫害我们的罪人。

我们认为媒介的记者和律师都是才思敏捷的人. 报导事实是媒介的目标. 如果媒介无法调出法庭材料, 或无力作全面的调查, 现在有李兆阳法律顾问, 完全可以进行准确, 符合法律的全面调查. 我的案子其实很简单, 没有足够的直接证据, 无法判其有罪. 渲染了那么多, 还是这样. 那么为什么贺绍强如此的是非颠倒, 欺骗记者和读者呐? 这说明他有隐情, 不能说明真相, 只能靠欺骗. 贺家的四个案子除了性骚扰案,没有直接证据判他的罪,其余的是何结果呢?

我们认为人们应该帮助贺家,不要厌弃他们。 多为他们祈祷,劝他们承认事实,走正路。 靠欺骗博得同情, 事其必反。他的朋友应帮助他们净化心灵,在今后的人生道路上不害人, 自己也少走弯路。让他们明白害人必害己,恶人必有恶报的人生道理。如果伤害无辜,即使过的了人的审判,也过不了神的审判。

如报社及读者需要我列的以上事实的证据, 或核对其他的事实.欢迎和我联系. (很抱歉, 没有时间整理贺所有的谎言). 他们可以恶语重伤, 致人死地. 但我们不想与其同类. 如果我们在贺梅案之前告他们伤害诬陷, 人们会说我们想阻拦贺梅案, 之后会说我们落井下石. 我们甚至在贺梅案判决前都没有接出事实真相, 并承受了一切冤枉和委屈。 我们想,大多数人都看清了他们的骗局, 我们有必要再跟他们纠缠呐? 如果您站在我们的位置上该如何处理? 我们对人善良, 反得伤害. 象贺这种为达到他的个人目的,竟不惜挺而走险、视美国移民法的威严于儿戏、置中国人的尊严于不顾,用欺骗的手段骗取移民文件的伪君子,他还有什么人格可言?还有什么诚信可言? 很多朋友劝我们不要再理会这个骗子. 在这个世界上我们深深的受到了恶人的伤害, 一对自称基督徒的, 欺骗能力极强的骗子的伤害. 我们对贺梅案不想发表任何看法, 只是觉得不要再让他们为骗取帮助而伤害已经被深深伤害的人了. 真诚希望大家不要再上贺绍强的当.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Asian Stereotyping at Princeton University

The Daily Princetonian published an article which impersonated an Asian Name (okay it's rather a Chinese name). The article mocked the bad English of Asian people, then went on to make fun of the Asian American history when they were only allowed to wash clothes for white people.

Princeton University is racist against me, I mean, non-whites

By Lian Ji
Guest Columnist

Hi Princeton! Remember me? I so good at math and science. Perfect 2400 SAT score. Ring bells?

Just in cases, let me refresh your memories. I the super smart Asian. Princeton the super dumb college, not accept me. I get angry and file a federal civil rights complaint against Princeton for rejecting my application for admission. They rejected me because I'm not blond or blue eyed and my name doesn't end with Ockefeller IV or Osworth. I try convince my mom and dad to change my name to Jack Bauer (they could keep their own last names if they wanted to), but they told me Jack only graduated from Berkeley. Not my faults. All I get is huffiness from Princeton admission office and even fellow Yalie Jojo M. T. Witts-Piley. The Daily Princetonian no help either. Only make funs of my unfortunate circumstances.

What is wrong with you no color people? Yellow people make the world go round. We cook greasy food, wash your clothes and let you copy our homework. Brown people are catching up, too but not before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Plus, two Princeton professors showed that racial preferences for black people and Hispanics hurt admission opportunities for me. I mean, Asians in general. The Great Wall Street Journal support my case. What more you want?

Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye say, "Anything that seems unfair is under scrutiny." Hello? Ni hao ma? Does Rapelye have any idea what unfair means? Did she have to be work on the Union Pacific railroads and haul ass? I don't think so. Woman.

Then she have nerve to say my outside activities were "not all that outstanding." What do you mean not outstanding? I make record for number of science fairs entered. I stay after school with Mu Alpha Theta eight hours everyday after school to memorize the 2,309,482,039,482,309 digits of pi. I play yo-yo. I memorize William Hung dance for college application video (See www.youtube.com for my peformance. Aleksey Vayner's dance scene almost as good as mine. Almost.). I play in New Jersey Youth Orchestra five years in row. Violin, piano, viola, clarinet and cello. All at same time. Not oustanding? Ai yah.

Princeton claims that it increase diversity by rejecting an Asian-American. You make joke? My mom from same province as General Tso. My dad from Kung Pao province. I united 500 years of Rice Wars. I invented Asian glow — new color, new race. Hey, what about yellow fever? Heard that's hot on this campus. This is as diverse as you can get.

Plus, no-color people all go to Ivy Club; I would have made Campus Club alive again. Plus, I would have created first Asian a cappella group. Plus, I would have starred in first Chinese Opera in McCarter Theater. Plus, I would have join USG, become USG president better than Rob Biederman. Who you think get better deals with Ivy Garden boss anyway? Plus, I know how to make bubble tea. Plus, I would have taken one engrish class and be liberal arts. Writing seminar count, right? Multiply, I make DDR varsity sport.

I not complaining though. Yale suck ... I mean, I love Yale. Lots of bulldogs here for me to eat. I can wear my knockoff polo shirts, and no one notice. Fake Burberry, Coach and LV? A-okay here. Plus where else can I get rob, beaten and mugs all in the same week?

Lian Ji is a member of the Class of 2010 at Yale University. He plans to be Princeton GS '14 if Princeton stop being so dumb. He does not hate white people and in fact would like to extend an open welcome to all races (including no-color) to his Chinese New Year celebrations held in Berkeley College.

As one of its reader Dale Ho '99 pointed out, "..., but it was poorly executed (Borat you're not), and it crossed the line between satirizing stereotypes and exploiting them for cheap laughs — which is also perhaps the difference between laughing at racism and laughing with it."

An Independent Taiwan Benefits China in the Long Run

The Chinese ambassador to Russia, Mr. Liu Guchang told Hong Kong based Phoenix TV in a recent interview that although new changes in the Russian immigration laws hurt some Chinese business, it will benefit to China in the long run.

Russia revived their immigration laws so that foreigners could no longer work in the retail sector. Currently, there are about 100,000 Chinese business people working in the retail sector. They will have until April to liquidate their stock and back China. Many faces bankruptcy while others loosing whatever they have.

If this will benefit the Chinese traders, then an independent Taiwan will also benefit China in the long run.

Unbearable Lightness of Chinese Citizenship

While many Chinese look for a better life in New York, Tokyo and Moscow, many overseas Chinese decided to keep their Chinese citizenship rather than become American, Japanese or Russian. However, it's never easy. Chinese citizenship comes with a burden, a burden that not many can withstand.

For example, Liu Fengjun of Osaka visited China last year. The Liu family has stayed in Japan for 11 years, all have permanent residency. All but one member of the Liu family choose to keep their Chinese citizenship although they had been eligible for applying Japanese citizenship. Their arrival at the Harbin International Airport was embarrassing and humiliating. For his 19 years old daughter, it was a shadow from the remote home country that would never be easily wiped out.

At the Chinese customs, passengers were divided into two groups as Chinese citizen and non-Chinese citizen. Non-Chinese citizen were let go, but all Chinese citizens were charged 99 RMB and were forced to take an AIDS vaccine. Foreigners do not have to do it, and those Chinese who naturalized to foreign countries do not have to do it. Chinese have no option, but to take the burden of a Chinese citizenship.

Liu's daughter asked Liu in tears, how could Chinese government abuse its own citizen like this? A question with no easy answer. The Communism Chinese government loves Japanese, or even Chinese Japanese; but not Chinese.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Death of Two Generals

More than 1000 Chinese generals died in the WWII defending the motherland. Among them, the two highest ranked generals are the commander of the 33 army group General Zhang Zizhong, and the commander of the 36 army group General Li Jiayu.

Days after the 11th Army of the Japanese invasion army launched the Zao-Yi Battle, General Zhang took all the troops he had at hand: two infantry regiments of 74D and one battalion of command guards to cross the enemy line and block their withdraw path. Before setting out, he sent a letter to General Feng Zhi'an, deputy commander of the 33AG, and asked him to take care of the troops. General Zhang loved the people and land deeply, but was not optimistic on the outcome of the war. In many occasions after the war started, General Zhang had expressed his eagerness to die for the country. The first day he assumed the commander of 59D in November 1937, he told his soldiers: "beyond killing enemies, my goal is to find a place to die for the country with you". In every battle, he would fight in the most front line. Some believed General Zhang finally realized his wish of dying for the country on May 16, 1940.

General Li Jiayu was a patriotic hero, who led his barely armed provincial army marched thousands of miles from inland to fight the Japanese army. When it's obviously the battle of Henan was falling, General volunteered to stay behind with his troops so that other troops could withdraw faster. General Li's scouts did not find the Japanese ambush until it was all to late. General Li's general uniform stood up among a few guards following him, which made him a primary target. General Li would love to live to see the victory, but he was killed by 2 bullets and 1 grenade shrapnel on May 21, 1944.

Two brave generals, one determined to sacrifice and one wanted to survive, both killed on battlefield in the war defending their motherland.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reporter beaten to death in Shanxi

Coal mine accidents kill tens of thousands of Chinese miners each year, most of which happen in Shanxi province, the major coal mining province in northern China. The actual number of workers die in mine accidents have always been a top secret that nobody knows. Mine owners hide the number because they are afraid of being suspended, or closed. Local government hides the number because they are afraid of being reprimanded by the central government. Families of victims will keep their mouth shut because of threatens from both owners and the local government.

Accidents still happen everyday, and people make money out of tragedies. Some reporters take money from mine owners and local government in return to cover this secret. Four journalists from top news agencies in China was disciplined for taking money from the mine owners after a tragic accident killed dozens of people. Some other people pretend to be reporters and then demand money from the owners and local government to keep the secret.

Lan Chengzhang of the China Trade Daily was beaten to death when investigating an unlicensed coal mine in Datong, Shangxi on Jan 9, 2007. Lan Chengzhang is a contracted reporter for the Shanxi station of the China Trade Daily. However, the miner owners quoted the station director that he had not been assigned the investigation. They suggested that Mr. Lan was not authorized the investigation by the station, but rather conducted it sideline to extort money from the mine owners. The China Trade Daily confirmed that Mr. Lan was a reporter working for the Daily, and vowed to protect its employee's benefit.

It's always hard to know the truth in China, especially to tell the truth in Shanxi. In 1988, a reporter of Xinhua News agency discovered Yuncheng government built faked irrigation projects to cheat funding from central government. The local government claimed that they used $40 million grant to build some irrigation system that benefit a 10 thousand acres. Actually, not only the system will never work because of local geology, but they only built many installments with one of the 4 walls, that is the wall facing the railroad so that officials of the central government riding the train would see it. Nobody knows how the money was spent. The reporter wrote an article on the People's Daily, the official communications of the Chinese Communism Party. Subsequently he was arrested in Beijing by Shanxi police, and sentenced 12 years in jail on fabricated charges. The case was highly publicized in the nation by journalism groups and human rights organizations, as well as by overseas democratic movement as a negative example of the communism ruling. Despite public pressures and help from more than 100 legal experts, the reporter served full term in jail. The name of the reporter is Gao Qinrong (in the picture, Gao Qinrong with his wife Duan Maoying).

According to Chinese law, Mr. Gao will no longer allowed a career in journalism as a convicted criminal, although the crime is what any report should do: reporting a crime.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Toys"R"Us/Babies"R"Us vs. Chinese American babies

Babies R Us held a contest of 'first baby in 2007', and the winner is a Chinese American girl born in a hospital in New York city. The prize, $25,000 US bonds for the girl's future education was withheld because the mother of the girl is an illegal immigrant. The prize was then given to an African American baby, the runner up.

The award in the form of US bonds is a scholarship that goes to the first American baby that's born at the starting of year 2007. The money will be available when the baby turns 18 years old.

The Seagull considers this a vivid case of discrimination on color. The money was intended for the child's education. The child is a legal US citizen. Her prize was taken away because of her mother's immigration status. This in fact created a second class citizen based on a person's parents, which is totally unacceptable.

After a month long protest and facing a lawsuit, Babies R Us decided to give equal prize to all top 3 babies. The correction was welcomed by some ethnic communities, while irritated some all through (as in the runner up baby's mother's words) Americans, and agonized criticism from some others, for example, Sean Hannity of the FOX News.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Something about New Orleans

I am a country boy by nature, and hate busy city life in general. New Orleans is one US city that I really wouldn't mind settling down in. It is very city, however very slow. It does have a large area of walkable downtown, unlike many southern cities that were built on the concept of highways and cars. Street artists are visible on every streets and every corners. Most people you met on the street will be tourists, who are as clueless to the area as you are. Local people are super friendly.

You can expect best French food, and of course Cajun food in New Orleans. Forget about Chinese food in New Orleans. On one hand, there's no Chinese restaurant servers real Chinese food; on the other hand, Cajun food is just better tasting for Chinese. Be sure to order some alligator appetizer in a Cajun restaurant. Taste like aged chicken but only available in the South. My favorite restaurants in New Orleans are all Japanese. Besides some chains, there are two 'Little Tokyos', one serves sushi buffet. It's cheap, but average among other sushi buffet places in the rest of US. The Little Tokyo on Causeway serves dinner. A good thing about the place is that it opens until very late. Food is good and chefs are cheerful. I especially like their 'love boat' for two. My best experience was at a sushi buffet place 'Kanpai' at 4116 Canal Street (at the intersection of Canal and N Carrollton). It's reasonably priced, but the food is at least twice as nice as some national chains that I have tried, such as Todai, etc. Although it's a buffet, the quality of food is on par or better than many upscale sushi bars.

You need daylight to 'see' the city. Those houses and small hotels in the French Quarter are quiet and photo like. Many locals sit on their second floor balcony, having tea and smiling to tourists when you look at them. The water front is also nice. You can take a trolley, or just walk around. Once place that is supposed to be must-see, but I didn't go is the city cemetery. Tour book said you should visit there only in group even in day time because of frequent robberies etc. You can book a late night cruise on the Mississippi. Mississippi is a surprising large river worth to see by itself. It's no longer or wider than Yangtze River, but in term of water volume, they are not even on the same scale.

Most people go to New Orleans are for the night life on the Bourbon Street. New Orleans is the only city in the US that allows bars to open until dawn next morning ( I think clubs in Vegas close at 3 or 5 by law). I am not sure about open bottle law, but I never saw police bother people with drinks in their hands. Actually the entire street smell beer and marijuana. Safety is not an issue at all. French Quarter is as safe as Vegas nowadays. On Bourbon Street and some adjacent streets, there are clubs for men, for women, and for 'both'. Five dollars drink and 1 dollar tip per dance usually last a long time. However, the dancers are not as good as those in Vegas. What you really shouldn't miss are those Jazz bars and Cajun music bars. Those in the French Quarters are all excellent; and some very nice ones scatter in the city and along the Mississippi.

The city had been trying to make French Quarter family friendly, which is stupid. But the result is that you will no longer see nude bodies or 'flashing' on the street. The police will arrest any girl dares to flash; what a disappointment. Try some local rum mix, such as Hurricane or Bloody Marry, cheap and mood boosting.;-) On the 'Royal Street' which parallels to Bourbon St, there are many fine art stores, perfect for window shopping at night.

New Orleans is safe for tourists. Almost none Hispanics. African American people in the South are generally friendly, courteous and polite, in a sharp contrary to those in the North. The police are not well regarded by the press, but I have never heard of any problem from Asian friends.