Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Phony Diploma Discussions Censored

The CCP's propaganda arm has banned news media to cover the fomenting gossip on Mr. Tang Jun's fake diploma, PhD in E.E. from Pacific Western University a recognized diploma mill.

Tang, former General Manager of Microsoft China, and the 'emperor employee' of China with $150 million annual salary, was revealed to have his degree received from the diploma mill. The incident triggered a discussion on the relationship between financially success and personal dignity. However, Chinese Netizens soon realized Tang's incident was not an isolated case. The Vice President of China, Xi Jinping, was also found to claim a J.D. from a diploma mill in China, the Qinghua University. Xi's dissertation, which was published as a mandate requirement for degree recipients in China, was found to be a lousy essay in rural marketing economy and bearing no apparent connection to the degree granted.

Because Qinghua University is specialized in customizing advanced degrees for CCP's leaders, the gossip is immediately labelled as 'unhealthy' and 'inharmonious'. News agents were ordered to stay away, and online forums were ordered to delete all traces of the discussion.

Interestingly enough, the other well known diploma mill in China, Beijing University, is also found involved in Tang's case. The Pacific Western University, which does not have a campus, or even an office in the US, has a huge representation in Beijing, China. The PWU maintained a satellite campus on main campus of the Beijing University.

Chinese officials should, actually, relax and follow their US counterparts's suit. Although using phony diploma is a crime in some states (for example, The Texas Penal Code, Section 32.52), it is considered acceptable by Federal government. When approached by CBS News regarding senior officials, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, who held degrees purchased from diploma mills, Pentagon spokesman replied, 'Get Lost'.

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