Saturday, May 31, 2014

Woman Beaten to Death in McDonalds in Shangdong

A female customer was beaten to death in a McDonald's restaurant in Zhaoyuan, Shangdong Province.

According to witnesses's account, a group of family members of friends started asking cell phone numbers from customers in a McDonald's restaurant in downtown Zhaoyuan city on May 28, 2014. When a woman refused to give them her cell phone number, the group was annoyed. The group of six men, women, and youth started beating the woman was a stool in the restaurant, then with an iron bar (until it broke). Although the woman was heard begging for her life, and willing to give her cell phone number, she was beaten to death after her head was smashed to pieces.

Many witnesses called the police, but they did not arrive until the woman was killed. The police did not stop the group beating the dead body, even after they arrived at the scene. The incident was covered up by the local police and the traditional media until someone uploaded a cell phone video to the Internet.

The video went viral instantly. Chinese netizens criticized the police's handling of this incident because:

  1. The tragedy took place in the most popular Jinbai Plaza in the city, and the nearest police squad is only 400 yards away. How come it took so long for police to respond?
  2. Why the group were able to ignore the police after they arrived at the scene and kept beating the obvious motionless body?
  3. In a police report which was released after the video had gone viral, the police stated it was a result of an oral altercation between customers of the restaurant, despite the video cleared showed that was not the case.
  4. The official report said the victim died in the hospital, while the video cleared showed that was not the case.
  5. The official described the incident as a brawl, while the video cleared showed that was not the case.
  6. The police refused to release the identities of the group.

Witnesses said the group was driving a Porsche Cayenne. The victim was said to be a 37 years old mother of a seven year old boy, who just got off her work shift in the plaza and was waiting to go home with her husband.

Many speculated the background of the group of six. However, more likely they are just some uncharacteristic 'common' wealthy people with some connections to the local government. Because it has grown to a national incident, the Party will not allow any questioning to its authority, not even under such extreme situation. The Party will see any reaction to people's demand a reflection of its weakness. Any demand of justice is seen as a challenge to the Party's ruling. Therefore, the Party will unfortunately see it the only way to survive is to side with the murderers.

And that's how things have been going in China.

It's a real terror, as a girl could be killed when eating a fast meal after work at the McDonald's in a busy city plaza a few hundred yards away from a police squad, just for not giving her cell phone number to a group of strangers.

In the mean time, the Central Propaganda Ministry has already identified two perfect targets: the McDonald's and the underground Churches. Millions of net police had been mobilized to post on the Internet claiming the girl's death was McDonald's fault. More are instructed to label the gang of six murders as preachers of underground churches who were collecting telephone numbers to spread the gospel.

As the Chinese social networks websites started blocking this incident, some Chinese netizens looked outside and asked President Obama to intervene by filing petition at the White House 'We the People' site.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chicago Police: Chinese American Citizen Not American

In a video released by the Chicago Sun Times on May 19, 2014, a group of Chicago police officers were shown raided a store in the city in July 2013. A petite 32-year-old Chinese American manager was seen handcuffed behind her back and kneed on the floor, while police officers kept smacking her in the head.

The 110 lbs Chinese American manager Jianqing "Jessica" Klyzek was heard saying, I am a US citizen, I need a lawyer.

The Chicago police officers were heard saying, 'you are not fucking American'. An officer continued, "I'll put you in a UPS box and send you to wherever the fuck you came from!"

Jianqing Klyzek is a naturalized American Citizen of Chinese origin.

While the police officers were beating the woman, one was heard saying, "I'll take this building. You'll be dead and your family will be dead."

Obviously, according to Chicago Police force under Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama's White House, Chinese American Citizen is not 'Fucking American', whatever that means.

The police took all the surveillance video during the raid. However, the surveillance video was simultaneously remotely stored at an off-site location.

It has been close to one year after the incident took place. After reviewed the video, the Chicago police spokesman Adam Collins dismissed it as 'alleged' comments.

A large group of undercover officers as well as uniformed police officers were at the scene, as shown in the video.

Monday, May 19, 2014

They Said

It's a demonstration of loyalty (to the Party), rather than a reflection of cold-blood conduct, to renounce one's father in the Great Cultural Revolution.

--Zhang Yimou (artist), in an interview in May 2014.

The fact that you are allowed to stay alive proves the inclusiveness of our government.

--Zhang Xiaoming (CCP Party Boss in Hong Kong), in answering a visiting city counsel's question on whether a pro-democratic candidate can run for city executive office. September 2014.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hua Chunying Comment on Chinese Killed in Vietnam

Reuters reported 16 Chinese had been killed in the anti-China riot in Vietnam. Companies and factories owned by Chinese or Taiwanese were looted. Dormitories were set fire while Chinese workers hiding inside.

This round of nation-wide riots broke when the coast guards of the two nations

The riot had occupied the social and political discussions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. As Vietnamese can not tell apart, their properties were destroyed too.

The news were strictly blocked inside mainland China. There is no single word mentioning the wide spread riot on any traditional media. All posts on the Internet posted by Netizens were promptly removed.

At a news pre-scheduled routine news brief, in respond to a reporter's question as to why Chinese media turned a blind eye to the loss of lives of Chinese workers in Vietnam, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry Ms. Hua Chunying said, "in your day to day life, you have frictions with your friends, colleagues and co-workers, do you want to get over it and move on with bilateral conversation or do you want to shout out in a speaker for propaganda purpose?"

The candid answer reconfirmed many common understanding of how things work in China.

  1. People's lives really mean nothing comparing to the Party's interests;
  2. All media in China is under the Party's tight control;
  3. Anything that were actually reported by any Chinese media were indeed, propaganda.

News briefs by the Foreign Affairs Ministry is a worthy event for foreign journalists, because their many beautiful spokeswomen have been known to offering straightforward wisdom you wouldn't read in the People's Daily.

In a news brief on March 3, 2011, spokeswoman Jiang Yu threatened foreign journalists that they would not be allowed to use Chinese law as their shield against state persecution.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quotas Are Illegal in the US Education System

One common misconception on Affirmative Action is to equate it to a quotas system. As a matter of fact, quotas are explicitly prohibited by law in the US.

The Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution (1865) is often cited as the legal root for equal protection. The US has come a long way since then on its record of race-based systematic discrimination. Women had not been allowed to vote until 1920, and segregation continued in many southern states well into the second half of the 20th century. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 makes Chinese the only ethics group to be legally discriminated by the federal government in the history of the US.

Quotas system sets aside a specific fix amount of seats for a specific group of people by skin color, religion, country of origin, gender or sexual orientation, etc. Quotas System was designed as a tool of discrimination in early 1920s in the height of antisemitism, echoing the hate sentiment in Europe. Elite universities such as Harvard and Yale set quotas for Jewish applicants. Regardless of their dedication to education and hard working, Jewish students were capped to a fixed ratio for twenty years.

Throughout the US history, Quotas system has been use as an effective way of systematic discrimination against some ethics groups or practitioners of certain religion. In the wake of the Civil Rights movement, quotas system was mistakenly used by activists in higher education to promote African American representation. In Regents of the University of California v. Baake (1978), the Supreme Court ruled specific quotas, such as the 16 out of 100 seats set aside for minorities by the University of California Davis School of Medicine, was unconstitutional.

The Affirmative Action was a policy introduced in the form of an Executive Order 10925 by President JFK in 1961. Affirmative Action is not a quotas system. Instead, it encourages government and employers to promote minority representation in a specific area.

In other words, the Affirmative Action allows a school to make additional effort to take racial into consideration into setting a goal of fair representation. For example, a university may set up a basketball team to 'attract' African American students, however, it is illegal to admit an unqualified African American student to displace an otherwise qualified white student. In Grutter v. Bollinger (2003), the Supreme Court ruled the admission procedure used by the University of Michigan was unconstitutional because it assigned a fix points to minority applicants.

In the domain of K-12 public education, the Supreme Court ruled in Parents v. Seattle (2007) that assigning students to schools partially based on their race was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court called the method extreme means of 'discriminating among individual students based on race by replying upon racial classifications in making school assignments'. Chief Justice Roberts authored the majority opinion, in which he likened Seattle School District's policy of assigning students based on their race classification to high schools to boost diversity to segregation. Roberts wrote:

Before Brown, schoolchildren were told where they could and could not go to school based on the color of their skin. The school districts in these cases have not carried the heavy burden of demonstrating that we should allow this once again—even for very different reasons. . . . The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.

In an Affirmative Action legal guidance issued jointly by the Department of Education and Department of Justice in 2011, it states, a school may adopt individual racial classifications based approach to achieve a diverse student body only after they can demonstrate a race-neutral approach would not be workable to achieve its compelling interests. In implementation, no student should be insulated based on his or her race from an assessment or comparison to other student applicants. In addition, a student should not be evaluated in a way that makes a student's race his or her defining feature.

Over decades, the Affirmative Action policy has helped minority to realize their dreams in education and at workplace. Recently, the quotas system, on the contrary, is advocated by white supremacists to discriminate against real minorities, such as Asian. The 2010 demographics composition in the US sees about 72.4% white, 16.4 Hispanic or Latino, 12.6% African American and 4.8% Asian (notice that the total is more than 100% because one can select multiple options). White supremacists employed quotas system to counter the effect of the Affirmative Action to suppress Asian who are considered working too hard. Although quotas system is still illegal in the US, the undercurrent is gaining popularity among many racists working in the government and education systems. If the Asian community does not put up a fight, it could be institutionalized in a short time riding a conservative drive in era of grass-root politics.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Journalist Charged on Seven No Say

A seventy-year old journalist was arrested. Ms. Gao Yu was charged on alleged crime of 'illegally provide national secret to overseas'.

The document at question is a CCP's internal doctrine [File No. 9: A Report on Current Situation in Ideological Domain, issued by the CCP's Central Committee Chief Staff's Office], also known as the 'Seven No Say'. Specifically, it cautioned party members, 80 millions strong in China, not to use or mention following phrases at any time:

  • universal value;
  • freedom of the press;
  • civil society;
  • civic rights;
  • CCP's past mistakes;
  • crony capitalism;
  • judicial independence;

A former college professor Zhang Xuezhong posted this rumor online in May, which was immediately removed and blocked. Zhang was fired by East China University of Political Science and Law in December, 2013. For a long time there had been debate and speculations online regarding whether the rumor of this Seven No Say was true, until today. The charge said Gao Yu translated this document in its entirety by herself and forwarded it to Hong Kong based Mirror Monthly under Der Spiegel.

The charge itself is problematic. For one, the literal translation of 'illegally provide national secret to overseas' begged the question of whether that is a legal way of providing national secret to overseas.

The awkward choice of wording of the charge might stem from difficulties to frame the journalist of leaking a national secret, because she has no access to this 'secret'. The document was faxed to her by someone anonymously, who could be a conscious citizen or a rival political leader inside the CCP.

A prosecutor will have trouble to prove actual damage or potential damage to the nation in the court trial, because what was revealed was not any specific. If the Party has a mind, then this equates to what the Party was thinking. It is an assessment of the political eco-environment as well a style guide for Party members.

When a communist believes everyone is his enemy, it's hardly a crime. It may not even amount to a secret because no action has been taken; a privacy issue perhaps. When he recites his thinking loudly in a hall full of people, you may argue his tongue leaked a secret of his. At this point, once it came out of his own month, it is no longer anything confidential or secret. However, instead of arresting his own tongue, the communist arrested the old lady who happened to have heard his recital and passed on to another person.

Born in 1944, Gao is a veteran journalist. She worked for China News Service, and was former deputy Editor-in-Chief for the Economics Weekly. She had been arrested twice before in 1989 and 1994 on similar charges. Gao served jail time 1989-1990 and 1993-1999.

Gao had been reported missing since April 24, 2014 by family and friends before the official news agency Xinhua News confirmed that Gao was arrested on May 8, 2014. Xinhua News Agency said Gao confessed the crimes she had committed, and that Gao was very regrettable over what she did. Xinhua stated Gao said she felt guilty and sorry, and that she would be happy to accept punishment for her crimes.

Monday, May 05, 2014

The Princeton Dude Needs to Check his Facts

A Princeton freshman found himself under the liberal bombardment because of a paper he wrote on his family past. In the paper, Tal Fortgang, a grandson of Polish Jewish immigrants who worked their butts off with a clear vision to support their family and see their children success. Tal did not understand the bias against white people who earned their success through hard work with a deep believe in education and family value. Fortgang concluded his paper "Checking My Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege" which was published by the Princeton Tory journal in April with the sentence ".. I apologize for nothing."

Having a discussion is always a better scenario then suppressing any idea that is not officially endorsed. Mr. Fortgang is brave to touch a very sensitive and often volatile topic. However, the possible history or political science major needs some training in fact checking before speaking out in public. For one, if not thanks to Affirmative Action and Princeton University's distorted admission standard, Mr. Fortgang probably wouldn't even be able to find a seat on the privileged campus.

In the article, Fortgang recounted his parents's immigration to the US, "a country that grants equal protection under the law to its citizens". This history major should have heard of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a law passed by the US federal government and signed by the President of the United States, to specifically suppress Chinese Americans. No, there was never anything close to this to any other groups of ethnics, not Africans, not Hispanics, not Polish nor Jews.

Fortgang needs to look back no further than seven years, when a Chinese student Jian Li filed a civil complaint against Princeton University, after denied admission because of his race.

In response, the Daily Princetonian, who billed itself the second college newspaper in the nation to publish daily since 1892, ridiculed Li with a parody, which mocked Li's parents for doing hard labor in a Chinese restaurant to support their children's education. The article goes like this in an obvious broken English perceived spoke by illiterate Chinese Americans such as restaurant operators, and the Seagull quoted here

"I so good at math and science...My dad from Kung Pao Province....Lots of bulldogs here for me to eat."

It is worth noting that this piece of dog shit was endorsed by then Princetonian editor in chief Chanakya Sethi, and supported by a Harvard student journalist Sahik K Mahtani, both Indian. There is no secret that Chinese and Indian are the two groups who directly compete at all fronts in the US. Therefore on one side it's a pity Indians could go so low, on the other side, it's a shame the Princeton University knows how to play a house underclass to fence off a filed underclass.

The Princeton University tried to launch a smear campaign to throw the stereotype of first generation Chinatown Chinese restaurant workers on a promising young scholar. In the real world, Jian Li graduated top 1% from Livingston High School, which has been consistently ranked a top school in the US. Li scored 2400 on the SAT, as well as perfect or near-perfect scores SAT subject tests in Math Level 2, Physics, and Chemistry.

Recent peered reviewed academic papers showed that with all other factors equal, it took Chinese a whole 50 more points in SAT then white students to get admitted by elite universities because of the racially motivated quota system imposed by schools such as the Princeton University.

Mr. Fortgang and his peers alike at the Princeton University better take a good look at the reflections from the puddle of their own pee, and ask themselves this question: would they have gotten where they were, if it were not their skin color?

Friday, May 02, 2014

University of Massachusetts Student Acquitted

A University of Massachusetts student Wang Weilang was acquitted by a jury of 10 female and 2 male of all charges.

On February 19, 2013, eighteen year old computer science major Wang called the campus police to confess that he had raped a girl, a fellow UMass student from China whom he met at the orientation, and was subsequently arrested. Wang was charged with rape, indecent assault and battery. The jury reached their decision after a one hour discussion on April 30, 2014.

The jury believed that Wang conspired together with the girl to file a false police report to justify the girl's 'conversion' to him from her previous boyfriend who was in China at the time. What a twisted plot.

What was also worth mentioning was that during the trial, Wang showed the court his SAT scores with 'very low scores in English reading comprehension and writing'. Recall that it was Wang who called the police after the alleged 'rape', because the girl's English was poor. You would wonder what was the admission standard for the University of Massachusetts.

Readers may compare the verdict to the original media description of the crime:

According to court files, the alleged victim said she and Wang had been socializing for about a month before the alleged assault. However, she told Wang she had no romantic interest in him because she already had a boyfriend.

About 7:30 p.m. Feb. 19, 2013, the two were studying in his room when the alleged victim became tired and Wang offered to let her nap in his bed.

The woman said after about 30 minutes, Wang climbed into bed with her, began kissing her, removed her pants, fondled and assaulted her, according to court records.

The woman protested, and at one point Wang was sitting on top of her and gave the woman her cell phone so she could call her boyfriend and tell him what happened, which she did, according to her statement to police.

The woman told Wang she would contact police if he continued the assault, and he allegedly replied, “I’ll go to the police department with you,” according to court files.

Wang called the police himself and told them he wanted to speak with an officer because he “attempted to rape someone,” according to court records.

According to the woman’s statement to police, Wang agreed to call the police himself because she did not know what English words to use to describe what happened.

Wang waited with the woman for police to arrive, according to court records.

For most, this is probably an unnecessary rendition of Gua Sha.