Thursday, October 29, 2009

Capitalism on Deadly River

Three college students drowned when they were trying to rescue two kids from icy water. Chen Jishi, He Dongxu and Fang Zhao are all freshmen of the Changjiang University in Xiangfan, Hubei. In the afternoon of Saturday October 24, 2009, around 30 classmates were holding a picnic on the bank of Yangtze River. At 2:10, suddenly they heard crying "Somebody fell in water!" Two teenage kids were struggling in the river. They rushed to the scene. Most of them do not swim, so they formed a human ladder to reach to sinking kids. They saved the two kids. Moments later, the 'ladder' was broken by a wave and three of them lost their lives.

The place was a popular tourists destination. It was in bright day light. Many fishing boats were around. When one of the bodies were found, it was within three yards of one of the fishing boats.

A investigative report revealed fishermen refused to safe the drowning college students. They refused to throw a life jacket or even a wooden board when asked by other students. They were waiting.

They were waiting because at running rate, the price tag to lift one body is 12,000 RMB ($2,000). They were waiting to make some money. When University officials came, they were promised the money, but they only recovered two bodies. Then they stopped, and waited for a cash payment before they would recover the third body.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chinese Education and Children Charities Led in Facebook Giving Challenge

OCEF (Overseas China Education Foundation) and OSCCF (Save Chinese Children) are leading in the Facebook Giving Challenge. Both organizations were actively involved in the Sichuan Earthquake relieve. Both organizations boasted zero overhead, as all formal members work on volunteering basis.

You can give to support education and well being of Chinese children, our future.

Friday, October 23, 2009

To Hell with LSU

The student government at the University of Mississippi passed a resolution to change the chant at the end of football fighting song from "South will rise again" to "To Hell with LSU". The old chant is seen by some as having implication in racial relations. A few years ago, the University quietly removed it's mascot of a Colonel Rebel. A black student commented to the Clarion Ledger, "You know, the South won't rise again."

The Ole Miss game has always been the biggest rivalry for LSU. Any incoming LSU coach is informed in orientation that they won't afford a loss to Ole Miss. However, With former head coach Saban jumping boat to Alabama, now the biggest rivalry is leaning to the Tides.

The two teams will play on Nov 21 in Jackson, Mississippi.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Should China Suspend Spending on Great Firewall (GFW)?

With help from US companies (Cisco, for example), the security ministry of China developed the most sophisticated and technical successful Great Firewall (GFW) project to block Chinese Netizens from obtaining and spreading information from the Net. Sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Picasa, Blogger are blocked, along with others.

In the past 10 years, a conservative estimate of the cost of the project is around $20B RMB ($6.5B). If considering the majority of Chinese people online didn't care about the outside world, then the cost on individual Netizen is an astonishing $30,769 RMB ($5,000) per capital.

If you are one of the Chinese who flipped the 'wall' to read this article, you should feel satisfied after knowing that the government had spent $5,000 on you.

The study was done by Li Huafang.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You don't need to know Chinese to read these photos

If you are still wondering how come made in China goods are so dirt cheap, often even before cost, here is why: polution.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tangshan Couple Jailed One Year After Kneeing to the National Flag

Liu Shuoxiang and Liu Fengqin are residents of Liuguantun Viliage, Liyuan Town, Kaiping District of Tangshan, Hebei Province. Feeling wronged by local officials, they went to the Tian'anmen Square, and kneed down to the national flag as a gesture of asking for justice on June 5, 2009.

They were arrested at the scene, and both were sent to labor camp by the local police for a one year term, starting July 31, 2009. Under communism legal system in China, police has the authority to send anyone to labor camp bypassing legal procedures.

The wife, Liu Fengqin was said to died of heart attack in the No. 1 Labor Camp of Hebei Province on September 25, 2009. The widowed husband is still in jail in the same labor camp. Relatives were not allowed to see her body, nor had they received any written notification on the death.

Chinese people enjoy the freedom of showing off their love to the communist regime most of the time, with exceptions. Memory recalls that shortly after the bloodshed crackdown of students protesting on the Tian'anmen Square in 1989, singing the national anthem and the communist party anthem was prohibited, because many students and Beijing residents sang the songs with confronting military troops, believing in they themselves represented the core value of the communist beliefs.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Internet Cafes Suspended in Shangdong

All 21 Internet Cafes across Guanxian had been suspended by the Communism Party as a preemptive measure after a mother and her infant were killed by local 'Family Planning' officials.

The woman was about to deliver the baby when government officials rushed to the deliver bed to inject lethal drugs to kill the infant. The mother fought fiercely to protect her baby, and it took eight communists and three injections to kill the baby. The mother bled to death in the process.

Both Phoenix Net (Beijing backed) of Hong Kong and the China Youth Daily in Beijing reported the suspension of public Internet cafes, with no mentioning of the death of woman and her infant. Some traditional media blamed the brutal practice of the 'family planning' agencies without elaborating details (West China Metropolitan, Info Yunnan. Details of the incident had been posted to every corner of the Chinese online world, such as Tianya. Spokeswoman of the Communist Party stated the local government acted within its legal power to regulate Internet Cafes, which had become a major distraction to school children from their coursework.

Chinese Premier Sat in Classes in Middle School

Premier Wen Jiabao sat in classroom through five classes at a Beijing Middle School in September. This week, he authored a paper on education. The paper is based on his classroom observations, and covers a broad range of topics, including pedagogical methods and scientific discussions.

Some critics sensed the incident a signal that Wen had been kept out of loop in the power circle. With nothing else to do, Wen went back to middle school. Actually, Wen was able to pick up a theoretical mistake in the Geography textbook.

In Chinese government architecture, Wen is the head of the central government. In the Party ladder, Wen is No. 3 or No. 4 (behind Hu Jintao, (Jiang Zeming,) Wu Bangguo.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Awakening Desire among South Koreans

Koreans had been known for their wild approach in sex in history. When Japanese occupation walked out of their barracks 100 years ago, they were shocked to see every Korean women had their breasts revealed in their entirety, though otherwise clothed. The Japanese swiftly issued an ordnance which effectively ended a thousand years Korean culture.

When Hyundai competes directly with Toyota and Samsung ravels SONY, Koreans are picking up their national confidence.

They used bomb to demolish a most magnificent palace built during the occupation a few years back. Last year, an official national committee sorted through historical document to compose a list of Korean 'collaborators' during the occupation. Those people and their decedents were prohibited from bidding for government contract. This year, a first ever 'nude beach' is set up to rock the Japanese as the capital of sex in the world.

All nude stage plays have become a new fashion that every Korean must see. On the menu next month, it's the all nude drama "When Professors Met Female Students". Commercials bragged out bright illumination on private parts with spot lights.