Sunday, May 31, 2009

Muderer of Yang Xin Facing Legal Procedure

The murderer of Beijing girl Yang Xin is certified with first degree murder. Judge Gino Williams sent the case to Grand Jury on May 29, 2009.

Yang Xin was met by her predator in a cafe downstairs in her dormitory on the VT campus on January 21, 2009. The two were seen talking. Minutes later, horrified customers and management of the cafe witnessed Zhu was chopping Yang's head off. A campus police officer Nicole Irvine who arrived the scene within 2 minutes said she saw the murderer walking toward her 'with a head in his hand'. She said the murder dropped the head when she ordered him to freeze.

The police office Irvine also testified that later that night Zhu commented in the present tense that Yang was not his girlfriend yet.

'Numerous' defensive wounds were found on Yang's hands and upper body. However, a witness testified, Yang was not making a sound when she was being murdered.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Open Letter by the Husband of Beaten Reporter

Underneath is an open letter written by the husband of a reporter beaten by local officials while covering the Deng Yujiao case. The reporter who was beaten by the local official was Kong Pu of "New Capital Daily (Xin Jing Bao)". Her husband, Mr. Yang Jinbin is also a reporter working for the "Southern Weekend (Nanfang Zhoumo)".

In the letter, Yang accused of the Communists Party's Central Propaganda Department the behind-the-scene force of mass violence against reporters after the Deng Yujiao case.

Yang revealed that the CCP's Central Propaganda Department issued a written command remove all reporters from Badong. When his wife along with some other reporters continued to cover the case, they were beaten by government employees pretending to be Deng Yujiao's family. Deng's family were at the scene and said they didn't know any of them.


In another development, as many as 26,000 QQ Groups were shut down on May 28, 2009 for discussing the Deng Yujiao case. QQ is a popular messenger service among mainland Chinese Internet users.

Historic Waterway Blockage

The water way between Yichang and Badong was closed for the first time after the Japanese invasion in WWII by the government, so the petition groups from all over the country could not reach Badong, the crime place of the rape case of Deng Yujiao.

After being sexually assaulted and beaten by three government officials and Communist Party members, Deng stabbed one of the officials with a pedicure knife. The official and party member died later. The police, headed by a special task force directly from the Ministry of Public Safety, had charged Deng Yujiao with first degree murder, which enraged people across the entire country. Dozens groups of volunteer lawyers went to Badong from major cities to provide pro bono defense for Deng. Tens of hundreds of reporters flooded the little remote town of Sanguan, where the crime took place. In addition to mount petitions and protests in major cities, many ordinary people are rushing to Badong to show support.

Because of the geographic location, the only easily accessible path to get in and out Badong is through the waterway from Yichang. The waterway is closed by the government from May 28, 2009, so that outsider couldn't come. This is the second time in Chinese history this particular waterway was closed, after the anti-Japanese invasion war in WWII.

For Communists Party, the ordinary Chinese people are their worse enemy than Japanese imperial army. On the other hand, the Deng case was a perfect case to draw people's attention away from the 20 years anniversaries of the Tian'anmen Massacre. Ironically, the CCP government determined that the regime could only be saved by pigs and rapists.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lawyers Dismissed

Two pro bono lawyers broke into tears at a press conference after they met Deng Yujiao, the 21 years old who killed a communist party official when she was attacked by three of them.

Lawyer Xia Lin told reporters that he had obtained direct evidence of the crime on Deng's bra and underwear. Xia also appealed publicly to his alma mater, The Southwestern Law School a prominent law school, to step in this apparent injustice case.

In an following up interview with the South Metropolitan Daily, the director of the police bureau of the Badong County, Mr. Yang Liyong stated police had no interest in examining the evidence presented by the lawyers.

On May 22, 2009, the Badong County news conference said the two lawyers violated laws by disclosing information after meeting Deng Yujiao. The only clause in current law against leaking information is about national secret. The badong County government is telling the world that the rape case has been escalated to national secret.

The dismissal of the two lawyers was full of drama. The government announced the two lawyers were fired by Deng's mother in the press conference in the morning. The two lawyers were then contacted by Deng's mother, who was surprised by the news. Deng's mother told other media she didn't fire the lawyers and she did not knew what happened. Then Deng's mother was abducted by the government for a few hours. After being released in the afternoon, Deng's mother told the media she had fired the two lawyers. The two lawyers were dismissed subsequently. Deng's mother was reportedly placed under control of the police. In a similar case in Shanghai, Yang Jia's mother was placed in a mental facility for six months. Without delay, two local lawyers contracted by the local government was hired by Deng's mother to represent Deng Yujiao.

However, until today, Deng's mother hasn't officially fired the two lawyers from Beijing. Legally speaking, the two new lawyers had already violated the 'Act of Lawyers' for knowing signing on the case before the original lawyers were terminated. The two 'bad guys' here are Wang Shaopeng and Liu Gang. Both Wang and Liu made their fortune by representing corrupted officials in bribery cases.

The State Council News Office informed news websites and portals, they should immediately 'cool down' the coverage of the Deng Yujiao case. Specifically, related news should not be placed on the first page or headline area. Only the official New China (Xinhua Agency)'s article could be posted. Readers' comments must be controlled, and approved case by case. All information about grassroots 'open letter', 'petition', 'invite for participation' about this case should be deleted. Any attacks to the Dear Party and the government and communist justice system, advocate to democracy, human rights, should be deleted.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Legality Issue in Deng Yujiao's Case

Twenty one years old Deng Yujiao is a staff in a small town resort in remote eastern Sichuan, until the evening of May 10, 2009. Three local officials, after dined with a local business (treated by the business because they helped to suppress a labor uprising), arrived the place and found Deng washing her clothing in the laundry room. The officials asked Deng to perform 'Special' service (sex). Deng refused. Then Deng ran to employee lounge to hide. The officials followed Deng to the lounge. One of the officials used a big stack of money bill to slap Deng Yujiao's face, and firmly demanded special service as a self-claimed 'wealthy customer'. Deng tried to run away, but was blocked by the other two officials. The first official lost his patience, and pressed Deng Yujiao to the bed. Deng managed to get away. The first official again pressed Deng Yujiao to the bed. While the second and the third officials pressing Deng Yujiao to the bed, the first official raped Deng. After the first official got off from Deng, Deng managed to grab a pedicure knife she used at work and struck the first official four times. Deng Yujiao called police while fencing the officials with her pedicure knife. After police arrived, the first official fell, and died later.

Shen Zhen Red Song Club, a left-wing Maoist group will dedicate its weekly gathering on May 24 to 'Heroine Deng Yujiao'. This is one of few moment when left and right in China's political composition agrees and recognizes a common ground. Outside the political turmoil, people are outraged. The entire online presence of Chinese language are covered with petition to honor Deng Yujiao as a hero.

Yet the police, under guidance of a special task force of the central government, charged Deng Yujiao with the most serious and absurd crime, premeditated First Degree Murder. The central government is sending an unambiguous signal to its base, the 7 million strong government officials, that the Party will take care of them, if they take care of the Party.

After Deng called the police to report the (rape) crime, Deng was placed under police control in a mental facility. Nobody, including her mother and lawyers, could visit her even after repeated petitions. Yet, police arranged various party to 'examine' and evaluate Deng Yujiao, and have TV station to air some of the footage they took showing Deng being bond to the bed. The Chinese police not only feels comfortable using mental facility, but is also proud to show off it's power to everyone who might challenge the system. The message is clear: the smallest offense to the lowest officials must be punished to the extreme.

It is particular shameful, and sad, to see Beijing University Director Sun Dongdong advocating the mandatory power of police by claiming ninety-nine percent (99%) of persons who disagree with the government are suffering from mental problem, and that the most humane thing to do is to lock them up. After dozens years of evolution under the Communism ruling, The Beijing University has matured into an active and proud in house slave of the communist regime.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tenured Professors Let Go in a Mass Lay Off

70 faculty, including tenured professors were let go by the Clark Atlanta University, a Historically Black College, in the middle of Spring semester. The bland invasion to the tenure system did not raise eyebrow of many college professors in the US, although the AAUP had launched an investigation. The consent seems to be a minority institution could get away from any bazaar things it did, as long as the act to be quarantined within the HBCU circle.

The black community, including many of CAU's current students and alumni, defended the administration's act as an ordinary cost-saving measure in the corporate America. However, they failed to realize the difference between a college and an ordinary business corporation.

At a bad time everybody suffers, including educators. However, for a country and a community, investing in education is the way of getting out of adversities; for an education institution in trouble, the moral of their teaching faculty is key to make a turn around.

Many universities and colleges had adopted severe measures to battle the economy, a few involves staff and faculty cut. In most cases, any reduction in teaching force were conducted in a cautious approach, with consultation to faculty body on guidelines laid out by faculty handbook and AAUP advisory.

Teaching is a special occupation. An individual can be angry or sorrow but still be able to write a computer program, or fasten a screw. A teacher can't teach effectively in a demoralized environment, even if he tried. Managing a higher education institution requires a different skill set than, say, managing a regular business comprised of regular workforce.

Assuming a substitute teacher can be hired in the middle of semester to teach any course is insane. Each professor has its own specialty and comfort zone of knowledge. Usually the more depth it goes, the narrower it gets. A teacher can teach a course strictly by the scope of a textbook, or he can give students his own understanding and opinions. There are difference in day and night between the two in terms of teaching effectiveness. Ignoring this shows the total disregard of students interest by the administration. Who would send their kids to such a place?

The reduction of faculty and perhaps even further reduction in addition to salary cut may be necessary for the Clark-Atlanta University's very survival. We would not know without insight knowledge on its financial status. On the face, it is fish though. A decline of enrollment from 4300 in the Fall to 4100 in the Spring is typical in every college and university. Fall semester enrollment is always larger than Spring. The second reason cited by the CAU, fund raising campaigns, is also skeptical because the university is mostly tuition driven. There may be blunders and fumbles in financial management that the university is not willing to tell. Either way, the problem is not what must be done, the problem is how was it handled. The particular way the current administration is handling the situation is commiting an insitutional suicide. The administrators may get a golden parashute, but the students would be left in sorrow.

A minority-serving institution like CAU can not survive in a long run on hope of remaining it's reliance on non-mainstream feeding of incoming students. If the administraion counts on the traidtional wisdom that 'no matter what black students will come and federal government will assist', they are making a wrong bet against the historic trend. CAU need to prove it is a place for quality education regardless of race profile. Unfortunately, the current admininstration is doing the opposite.

Colin Power reported of telling then President Bush on invading Iraq, 'Sir, once you break it, you own it'. A higher education insitituion, a traditional primary black college Clark Atlanta University is an even more delicate and fragile system then a pottery barn. It is time to count the loss and clear up the mess. The administration who broke it, should be sued for the loss of faculty, college as well as students affected.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Swine Flu Enlisted Memory Dampening Agent

The swine flu has been enlisted by the Chinese Communist Party to blockade any memory of the 20 anniversaries of the Tian'anmen Massacre on June 4th.

Swine flu has been occupying every front pages of major newspapers, and jammed every channel of broadcast. Individuals in China is feeling the horror of dying from the terminator flu in a virtual reality created by the propaganda department. So far this has been very successful, but only time will tell how long will the force last. Every physicist knows that it demands extraordinary energy supply to support the virtual reality environment of this scale.

After twenty years of non-stop brain washing, the newer generation in China had little opportunity of knowing what happened on Tian'anmen Square in 1989. A few years early Harvard asked 5 of its incoming graduate students from China about the Tian'anmen Massacre, only one of them have heard of the mentioning of the term somewhere. Two years ago, a local newspaper in Chongqing was suspended because it published a paid commercial which 'solute to mothers of June 4 victims'. The youngeditor confessed that he though 'June 4th' was referring to a mine accident.

Exaggerating the flu made mainland Chinese not only unwelcoming any visitors from abroad, but also are more eager to report any suspicious persons not from local community.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheering for the Government Is Our Last Freedom

For those who unfortunately born in China, cheering for the government is the last freedom Chinese people enjoys. Knowing this is the key to understand many mysterious puzzles. Enjoy it while you still can.

In a recent Top Internet Commenter award ceremony, the Xinhua News Agency awarded 10 best Internet Commentators. Internet Commentator are people who are paid by the Communism Party's Central Propaganda Department to make 'harmonic' comments on the Internet while disguised themselves as ordinary Internet surfers. Many of them are full time employees of the propaganda branch, but many do have a day job in real life. One of the award winning commentator is nicked 'hailing' king, thanks to the dozens of comments he posted to the Internet with 'hail to' in the title, a sample of which are:

Hail to the decision to allow flights from Mexico to arrive Shanghai on time!
Hail to the highest leader to use urban languages in annual report!
Hail to the simple ceremony of the No. 1 dam of the world!
Hail to the confinement demonstrated by dear leader Liu Qi (mayor of Beijing)!
Hail to the complete success of Mr. Zhang Yimou (on Olympic Opening Ceremony)!
Hail to the intelligent response by the spokesman of Foreign Ministry on Shoe Attack!
Hail to the Communism Party Provincial boss' exploratory attitude!
Hail to the election success of Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun to be the Director General of the WHO!
Hail to the stage show based on 'Capitalism'!
Hail to the Chinese flag to be flying in the space!
Hail to the Dear Leaders to invite suggestions from experts!
Hail to the third generation of Chairman Mao's family not showing interest in politics!
Hail to the France president for making a right decision!
Hail to another great success!
Hail to no single family is jobless!
Hail to the elite mentality of the senate!
Hail to the media exposure of the representatives!

Internet Commentators usually get paid for .50 RMB Yuan ($0.09) for each article they posted on the Internet, which made them known as a nick name 'Wu Mao (five dimes)'. A dedicated Wumao produces hundreds, even thousands posts on a typical day. They are also referred to as 'Party of Wu Mao', because they usually launch coordinated attacks even they do not know each other.

Why Ordianry Chinese Glad to See Souter Gone

Justice David Souter's argument for local government to evict residents for chimerical development on eminent domain (Kelo vs City of New London) had been controversial in the US, but also frequently referred to, by the communists propaganda branches in China.

Many homes were evicted by force. Homeowners were kidnapped, beaten, thrown in jail, and in many cased killed so that their property could be used by private developers, often associated with corrupted government officials.

In a recent case in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province, home owner Zhang and his wife was bitten by dogs, then thrown in dog cages to be carried to a warehouse while the eviction took place. The developer was a state-owned enterprise in this case, the China Travel (Zhong-Lv) Group.

After his retirement, David would have leisure time to do some travelling. If he needs a specific destination, the aforementioned case happened at Budg 1, Region K, East Bridge (Qiaodong) Street, Yingze District, Taiyuan, Shanxi of China. By the time he got there, the victims homes should already been replaced by shiny new commercial development to appeal to his eyes. He should then have another reason to applaud for a swift resolution to sacrifice a little freedom to boost the economy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bo Guagua Named Top Ten British Chinese

Mr. Bo Guagua, the son of the CCP Politburo member Bo Xilai, was named top ten "Big Ben" Chinese British of year 2009.

Bo Guagua was the first mainland Chinese student (the Seagull: not true) to attend famous (the Seagull: not really) Balliol College of Oxford University. After the Sichuan Earthquake, he established (the Seagull: Bo Guagua was one of the organizers) a committee which raised more than 15,000 Pounds.

Others on the list: billiards player Fu Jiajun, producer and director He Xueyi, financial analyst Meng Mingyi, financial consultant Liao Jinyang, grommet expert Huang Jingyi, fashion consultant Guk Wen, representative Cheng Deren, viloinst Chen Mei, architect Fan Tie.

Bo Xilai is a typical example of the younger Chinese communist leadership raising to top political power riding through their parents influence. Bo Xilai's father Bo Yibo was a senior official of the CCP.

Bo Guagua's life so far has been a mirror of Bo Xilai.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Chinese Doctor Helps Kids Stay Away From Internet

Mr. Yang Yongxin is director of the 'Internet Rehabilitation Center' of the Forth People's Hospital of Linyin of Shandong Province. His center has helped near 3,000 kids to stay away from the Internet in the past 3 years. His weapon is the shock gun seen in the photo.

Kids who are obsessed in Online life are checked in by their parents, mostly local farmers. They will stay in the center for two weeks, during the period usually they would be shocked by electricity multiple times a day. A student described his feeling as 'you would rather die'. Some was shocked into vomiting. The Chinese word 'electric shock' was masked by a white cloth tape (as seen in the picture). The electricity range of this device is from 10 mA to 200 mA.

Although Yang claims the center has a heal ratio of 100%, there are many kids who have been checked in multiple times by their parents. Parents welcome the center. Some paid 2000-3000 Yuan RMB ($500) just to get in.

The host of the center, the Fourth People's Hospital of Linyi, was a mental facility. Although parents do not think their kids suffer from mental problem, they agreed with Yang's treatment. Many observed their kids started following their orders after being shocked by Yang. Some would ask for more shocks.

In year 2008, the Chinese Ministry of Health recognized obsession of Internet Usage a mental illness.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tianjin Beat Kawasaki

Tianjin's TEDA soccer team beat Japan's Kawasaki in the Asian Champions League game. This is the first Chinese won among 4 participating Chinese teams. In the first round, the four Chinese teams did not even have one goal.

Numbers on Chinese American

Data composed by Qiao Lei at Sina Blog from Federal publications. 'Chinese American' refers to all Chinese who live in the US and report tax to the IRS.

1. 3.54 million Chinese live in the United States in 2007.

2. Income of Chinese American between age 18 and 64,
<$10K (19.3%)
$10K-$20K (15.2%)
$20K-$35K (18%)
$35K-$50K (12.7%)
$50K-$75K (14.9%)
>$75K (19.8%)
In other words, the largest age block of Chinese Americans earned more than $75K in 2007.

3. Educated Chinese Americans Earn Less than White Americans
Chinese White
High School $25,641 $32,693
College $55,571 $62,185
Postgraduate $85,805 $86,316

4. Second Generation Chinese American Less Competitive as 1.5 Generations
G1 G1.5 G2
High School: $24,906 $29,720 $29,720*
College: $54,195 $58,031 $55,725
Postgraduate: $79,906 $106,053 $101,281

Deconstructing The Sacking of Wang Zhiye

Wang Zhiye was the diciplainary secretary, No. 3 behind the secreatary, deputy secretary of CCP in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province. Wang was reprimended on a tin of dated tea.

The drama started in a morning of August 2007. Three padlers bought a truckload of waste from Wang's home, including a tin of dated tea which they paid 30 cents RMB ($0.05) for. Later they found a CD of over 2 million RMB ($400,000) inside the tin. Knowing the money must not be legal in the first place, the padlers neogiciated a deal to return the CD on 300 thousand RMB Yuan ($40,000) kick back. They were arrested by police and sentenced to jail.

On another thread of the develoopment of the story in September 2007, over monetary dispute, a mistress of Wang sent letters to seventeen agencies to disclose Wang's corruptive life style.

Wang survived the two incidents after a masterful covering up campaign. However, he was exposed by an 'internal reference' by the Xinhua News Agency's Henan Office. The Xinhua News Agency is not only a prapaganda machine, but also a secret agency in charged of monitoring the officials. Reporters of the News Agency write 'internal reference' that is available to only senior officials of CCP. Within 24 hours, Wang was jailed. It was revealed Wang took 4 million RMB Yuan in bribary in varies occations.

In a rare manner, the entire saga was published high-profile, for reason unclear. Wang was repelled from the Party, but otherwise undented. It is hard to interpret this as a message that the central government is using a heavy hand on corruptions of senior officials. On the opposite, it is speculated that publishing the handling of this case is to deter people from harrassing senior officials.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

East West Education

Korean government had its hand on another social target. This time, it tried to set a curfew of 10:00 pm for cram schools in Korea. Usually they would go beyond 11:00 pm, and sometimes even over the midnight line. Koreans are not known for hard working, at least not as Japanese students. However, New York Times (Losing an Edge, Japanese Envy India’s Schools) reported that Japanese parents felt Japanese students are not hard working enough yet, so they hired Indian teachers to teach their kids. Now, Japanese toddlers under Indian teachers are learning calculus in kindergartens.

The US has been getting away from its crappy public school system by harvesting talents from all over the world with lucrative financial support in graduate schools. Most of these foreign students stay in the US because of job opportunities. For example, the Washington Post article (U.S. Colleges Bask in Surge Of Interest Among Chinese) reported a uprising influx from Chinese high school graduates to apply for US colleges. Year 2008 saw a nearly double increment in US undergraduate enrollment of students from mainland China, from 9,000 in 2007 to 16,000 in 2008. The problem, it's unlikely they will stay this time, unlike what has been the case for decades. On one hand, the US is struggling with sky rocket unemployment rate, and politicians are making policies to make more jobs for US citizens by kicking out more foreign high tech workers. On the other hand, Asian countries are enjoying a more robust economic growth and flourishing career opportunities. It was reported that almost all 50 some member of the graduate class of Chinese students in the Duke MBA program this year are leaving to China. Taking away with them are the knowledge and experiences that they would need to fence off their US classmates in the real world in the years to come.

London Tower is Falling Down...