Monday, July 28, 2008

There is no Terrorist in China

There could be many interpretations for the exact meaning of the Chinese government's response to the bus bombings in Shanghai and Kunming, but the real logic was that the CCP government dare not face the truth that the top military country in the world is behind those bombings.

The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) claimed responsibility of the coordinated bus bombings in Shanghai and Kunming on the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Their announcement can be found all over the Internet. In YouTube videos made by the separatist organization, it even threatened large scale bombing targeting the Olympics Games to be held in Beijing in a few days. They were also responsible for a ring of bombings of civilian targets in the past two decades. However, the CCP never acknowledge there was a problem of such.

Some of East Turkestan Islamic Movement militias were captures in Afghanistan by the US army while they were fighting along the Al-Qaeda. Despite protest of the Chinese government, the US released them so that they could continue terrorism attacks on China. The ETIM established a government on exile in Washington D.C.

If the Chinese government recognize the bombing of the ETIM, then there's the moral responsibility to protest its citizen against the terrorism attacks sponsored by the US government. For one thing, it will make corrupted officials risk their income and an retirement in the US. That's why the Chinese government when answering reporters question on the ETIM's claim of responsibility of the recent bus bombings claimed that there was no terrorism activities in China.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Who Owns Information

Civil rights activist Mr. Huang Qi was arrested by police on June 10, 2008. Mr. Huang together wish another volunteer was helping the earthquake disaster relief when both were arrested. According to the volunteer who was released a few days later, police questioned him specifically on their investigation of the poor building quality of public schools.

Huang's wife went to the Bureau of Public Safety of Wuhou, Chengdu to inquire the condition of Huang. She was showed a warrant for "Illegal Procession of National Secret". This is about Huang's visiting of victim families connected to collapsed school buildings.

There had been many cases of people arrested for 'Leaking National Secret'. With a broach definition of 'national secret', one could be thrown into jail for mailing a newspaper, or an openly published book. Still, those are about something written or compiled by someone else, even after they were put into public domain. It's often ridiculous to say a newspaper is national secret, but still often, the prosecution will claim that they see it as a national secret. In this case, however, none of such 'published' or 'compiled' materials exists. The said 'national secret' is the numbers and cases Mr. Huang collected from victims' families. There is no leakage either, since Mr. Huang had not had a chance to put this onto his personal website. Therefore, the alleged crime "Illegal Procession" of national secret makes you chill.

Who owns information?

An ancient Chinese saying is "a person lost innocence if he carries a treasure (庶人无罪怀璧其罪)", regardless where does he find the treasure". It's an reflection of a doctrine that everything under the sun belongs to the King. Now, everything in the world, tangible or not, belongs to the CCP.



Monday, July 21, 2008

Yet Another Olympic Fake Show

A Chinese student of Stanford University set sail across the Pacific Ocean to cheer for the Beijing Olympic Games. Not long before she admitted in her blog that she did not even have enough money to go beyond California coast. Rather, she was hoping someone would take over the project after the PR stun. The student claimed to be a resident of former Shunde, a rural county in Guangdong province, and the act was to promote for name recognition of Shunde.

Shunde became very prosperous after being designated as a test area of the 'Reform and Open Door' policy. It was also known for sweat labor factory and business fraud. The stun pulled by the student is yet another fake show associated with Shunde. If Shunde people truly believe any publicity is good thing, at least they got another bad name this time. Shunde has been an affluent community thanks to it's low tech junk and illegal slave worker business. Many people use products manufactured in Shunde without realizing it because most stuff made in Shunde would not labeled as such because it is either too bad a product itself or an illegal knock off. Now, it is finally put on the map.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chinese People not Allowed Access to Warship Opening Day

DDG 167 is one of the modernized guided missile destroyer in the PLA Navy's arsenal. The ship is named after Shenzhen, a Guangdong Province city next to Hong Kong.

DDG 167 has been the PLA Navy's showcase warship, and has visited all continents. Photo showing DDG 167 entering Apra Harbor of Guam in 2003. During this visit, a standard agenda item is always an opening day to hosting Navy and local residents. A few months ago, DDG 167 visited Japan and opened to Japanese Navy and people.

However, the only way for a Chinese civilian to step on the warship would be on a foreign water. For the first time in history, DDG 167 visited city Shenzhen, its namesake city on July 14, 2008. Only Communism Officials and their relatives were allowed to visit the ship. Ordinary Chinese were shut out citing 'military secrecy' concerns. Rather, they were bused a tour far away from the harbor, during the trip the warship can be seen from a distance for 2 minutes. It's understandable as the PLA genuinely distrust Chinese people but favor it's own communism party members. However, it's mind boggling as why a warship that opens to hostile navy regularly, but shut the door to its own citizen in name of military secrecy concerns.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Matter of Degrees

Qinghua University and Beijing University top the rank of colleges graduates who contributed most US doctoral recipients. U C Berkeley dropped to No. 3 on the list and Seoul National University of Korea follows at No. 4. University of Michigan is at a distant No. 5. The rank was based on Cpst Analysis of SED, 2006.

Top Ph.D. Feeder Schools Are Now Chinese
Jeffrey Mervis

A new study has found that the most likely undergraduate alma mater for those who earned a Ph.D. in 2006 from a U.S. university was China's Tsinghua University.

Science 11 July 2008:
Vol. 321. no. 5886, p. 185
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5886.185

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Korean Gangs Received a Slap on the Wrist in Shanghai

July 9, 2008, five Korean motorists gang members received a slap on the wrist for robbing pedestrians in Shanghai. The First Middle Court of Shanghai released the five Korean citing a hidden doctrine in Communism law that Koreans are superior race than Chinese.

The common tactic of the gang of five is rushing their motorcycle in extreme high speed from a distance towards a pedestrian on Shanghai street, then fleeing the scene in high speed. They also assaulted and battered many Shanghai women to rob their wallets on streets not open to motorcycles. Everyone on the earths knew that you can't count on a communism government to protect its people, but where had all the Shanghai men gone when their women were beaten on the streets in their hometown? Are there any male human being in Shanghai? Were they all neutered by the CCP?

What happened to the judges in the Shanghai First Middle Court? All castrated?

Toilet Stories

Indians who used to release themselves on open streets were paid to cover up when they were doing the 'thing'. In this CNN photo, "a slum resident in India uses a toilet that opens into the water below as children swim."

While the Beijing government tried to meet the peak of the Olympic tourists rush by building more public restrooms, Indian government are facing an opposite challenge. That is, how to attract residents, who had been used to the convenience of doing it on streets, to use toilets.

Reuters reported that Indian government were bribing Indians to use toilets instead of releasing themselves on the street. Indians could earn about $1 per month if they went to public toilets enough times.

Friday, July 04, 2008

people applauses bloodshed in police headquarter

A Beijing resident killed 6 Shanghai policemen, and wounded 4 others with a chef knife. When the words spread, the Chinese Internet community exploded with cheers and stand ovations.

Last October, Beijing resident Yang Jia came to Shanghai on a leisure trip. He rented a bicycle from a bike shop near the Zhabei rail station. Before he had a chance to tour Shanghai on the rental bike, he found himself in a jail room, beaten by several police, again and again. They wanted him to admit he had stolen the bike.

He was beaten so badly that the doctor told him he lost reproduction capability forever. He went back to Zhabei Police Bureau to complain. The Zhabei Police told him they would pay $2,000, but would not admit any guilt. When Yang pressed more, the director of the Zhabei Bureau told him he would throw him in jail again. Yang tried to complain to other government agencies and news media in Shanghai, but he was only laughed at.

He's no longer a male, but Yang decides to live and die like a man. Citizen Yang Jia had left with only one choice. On the day of the 87th university of the founding of the Chinese Communism Party, Yang pick up a chef's knife and came to the police headquarter of the Zhabei Police. He searched from the 1st floor to the 21st floor, for cops who had beat and threatened him, and killed them all. He did not hurt any female officers, and did not kill any other police who did not mistreat him.

A Beijing resident, Yang Jia lives in an old apartment building in north Beijing, just a stone's throw away from the 'Bird Nest' Olympics Stadium.

Fuck the Olympics!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Boycott Beijing Olympics, Shall We?

What happened on the night of the death of the 15 years old girl Li Shufen could remain a mystery forever, at least that's the impression after watching the broadcast news conference held by the Guizhou Government.

In the official account released by the Guizhou Government, the girl was asked out with two boys. They had dinner then walked to a bridge. Then one of the boy, the government stated he was the girl's boyfriend, a fact disputed by the victim's family, did some push-up and left. Then the other boy, friend of the former boy, started doing 'push-up' on the bridge. While he was doing 'push-up', the girl jumped over the bridge.

The government's conclusion was suicide. Too many high-profile cases in the past a few years ended up with the victims being suicided. 'To be suicided' has since become a popular Internet jargon.

Another joke point of the news conference was that the Q&A session was not only rehearsed, but also staged and played out by substitute actors and actresses. There were quite a few reporters from overseas media, such as from Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, all of these reporters spoke in a heavy local accent.

We had defended the Chinese government on Tibetan issues, we had cheered the Olympic Torch, but unless the government conduct a thorough investigation into the scandal and cover-up by high level officials in this candle, we will boycott the Beijing Olympics!