Sunday, December 17, 2006

Top 7 Chinese College Students

Ma JiajueYunnan UniversityKilled five roommates, and lived with the bodies for days
Zhang LiangliangFudan University'Fudan Scissor-hands' Abused dozens of cats, took eyes
Wu YingyingBeijing Normal UniversityFake Resume to a never reached extreme
Liu HaiyangQinghua UniversityRain SO2 to bears in the Beijing Zoo
Xiang HaiqingShanghai Marine UniversityDefraud charity and government money for poverty education
Song HanmingBeijing UniversitySlayed kitty in school library
Li QianniShenzhen UniversityUse government to force graders watch movie made by her

HOPE Project Funds and Beijing University

September 29th, 2006 Beijing University awarded a May 4th medal to the widow of Li Zhiqiang, a gangster who was accidentally killed by a peddler. Li was hired by the local government to maintain the order of the street. On August 11, 2006, Li led a groups of mobs assaulted peddler Sun Yingjie, who failed to render a protection fee in time. Li was accidentally killed on the scene.

Beijing University made a mistake to award the 'May 4th' Medal, because 'May 4th' represents an 100 years tradition of young Chinese intellectuals in standing up against mafia ruling. In this case, Li was a contracted gang member, presenting a mafia government.

It was also reported that the metropolitan associate director of the HOPE Project Foundation, Mr. Xuan Deng presented 30,000 RMB to the deceased gangster's family. Regardless the nature of the death of the gangster, it is wrong to misuse donated education funds.

According to its project, HOPE Project Foundation is a registered charity to improve education for kids in poverty. When you make donations to the HOPE project next time, think about where is the money going.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cell Paper Retracted

Professor Ban-Yang Chang of the National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, China retracted a paper published in Cell. It was the first time a Taiwan based research group had paper published on the privileged journal.

A Russian Biology student noticed some of the figures of this paper were obviously photo-shopped, including repetitive pattern of copy & paste and clear edge looks like a result of drawing. A discussion on the Unknown Space (MITBBS), an oversea Chinese students online community revealed many of the group's previous publication on varies journals questionable. Cell requested the original test image, but the group failed to provide. After a committee recommend the retraction of the paper, Yu-Chan Chao, the Dean of the College of Life Sciences of National Chung Hsing University called the episode an "unfortunate case" and added that "the university will take this as a serious lesson for ethics education at all the colleges in the future." Professor Chang insisted on the conclusion of the paper.

Professor Chang set two No. 1 record among Taiwan based research groups in this incident: the first paper published in Cell, and the first paper retracted from Cell. The incident is also a rare case in the academic world when a well acclaimed study was taken down not by contest from established groups, but by questions raised anonymously on an online forum.

The paper in question was published by Cell on Oct 20, 2006. Hsin-Hsien Hsu, Kuei-Min Chung, Tsung-Ching Chen and Ban-Yang Chang, Role of the Sigma Factor in Transcription Initiation in the Absence of Core RNA Polymerase, Cell.

A time line of the incident assembled by ID 'sanger' of the MITBBS:
10/20/2006 The paper was published by Cell;
11/16/2006 ID 'yuuli' posted on MITBBS alleging academic fraud after his Russian lab-mate noticed the forgery of a key test image Figure 2C was doctored;
11/18/2006 ID 'motif' posted on MITBBS alleging another paper published by the group in JBC also used a doctored photos; ID 'tataat' alleged another paper published by the group in J Gen Virol (87, 1357-67, 2006) faked test data;
11/21/2006 Professor Chang denied the allegations, and accused mainland students lack of ethics and integrity education, which agonized the situation. Oversea mainland students frequent MITBBS 'Biology Board' called Cell for an investigation;
11/22/2006 Kuei-Min Chung, the first author of JBC paper published a rebuttal, in which he claimed the questioned photo was a result of compression, not forgery;
12/3/2006 Kuei-Min Chung acknowledged doctoring of photos;
12/13/2006 ScienceNow Daily News revealed the retraction of Cell paper

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cat Killer Update 2, Tintin's Picture

More pictures of the slain kitty surfaced on the Internet. We also learned her name, Tintin. Tintin was a three months old white kitty living by the Beijing University Library. When she went into the library, she was killed by an angry medical student of Beijing University Song Hanming. Song first stretched Tintin with one hand holding Tintin's tail and the other hand holding Tintin's head. Then Song smashed Tintin to the wall in front of a crowd of hundreds faculty and students. Tintin's blood and brain tissue was all over the giant reading room.

The cat killer Song Hanming is a student leader of Beijing University. He is in his 5th of medical program, and currently serves as a resident doctor in the University hospital. The University responded to a press frenzy that Mr. Song was an exemplary student with excellent grades. Song's mentor at Beijing University, Professor Li said Song was a model student, and that this was only an effective technique to release pressure often used by medical students at Beijing University. Beijing University asked the press to leave the student alone to his study.

The pictures were taken days before Tintin's death.

cat killer, update

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Manufacturer's Cost of A Made-in-China DVD Player

Although China made the most DVD players in the world, it does not own any of the core patents in this technology. After the MPEG group announced an extra $2.5 per piece patent licensing fee in May 2006, the patent licencing cost per made-in-China DVD player exceeds $20. In other words, the Chinese manufacturers pay more than $20 for each DVD players they made. And the licensing cost is still keep raising. Philips just submitted another batch of related patent to the Chinese patent office.

Consumer's final cost of a DVD player found on Froogle today:

Insignia™ DVD Player with MP3 Playback/JPEG Viewer $25.45Best Buy
Coby Compact DVD Player - DVD207 $29.99Target
SpectronIQ 1-disc Progressive Scan DVD Player $29.99Sears

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cat Killer Update, PKU fought back

The PKU library and the door of the room where the kitty was abused and killed when its head was smashed to the wall and left blood and brain tissues all over the place. PKU stated that Song was an exemplary student leader, a pride of PKU.

PKU alumni and alumnae around the world fight back the accusation that one of its medical student was heartless when he abused and killed a kitty in the school library in front of hundreds students and faculty.

Many reasoning have been suggested in the debate, including:
1) The initial handling of the kitty by the student Song Hanming, stretch the kitty with head in one hand and the tail in another hand was the typical training a medical student at PKU received in their first semester at school to kill, though it was regrettable that the student was not skillful enough to kill the kitty with one stretch;
2) A difference must be drawn between the behavior of a medical student and that of normal people, because a medical student would have to face death of animal and patients alike on a daily basis. Regardless the way Song abused and killed the kitty, it was only a reflection of Song's dedication to his career as a doctor, which requires no emotion in such circumstances;
3) Many people died of varies causes, and the death of a kitty really shouldn't have been raised to a level of public attention;
4) Animal killing is an essential component of higher education to instill confidence and self esteem;
5) Cat is not protected under current Chinese law;

Christmas Tree Removed from Seattle Airport

Reported by ABC News, 15 Christmas trees that had decorated the entrances of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for the last 25 years were removed last weekend under the looming a federal lawsuit of a Jewish advocate group.

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky requested the airport authority to put up an eight-foot menorah and hold a lighting ceremony in celebration of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, otherwise his group would sue the airport in federal court by making a connection between the menorah and the Christmas trees that had been put up by the Port Authority. The request made by Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky and the subsequent threatening of federal lawsuit were part of a otherwise successful campaign that had installed some 6,000 highly visible menorahs in public places across the country.

The president of the Seattle Port Commission, Patricia Davis, calling the tree-clearing 'regrettable'. She told the press: "We tried to come to some accommodation or some resolution and could not," she said. "They issued us several ultimatums and finally said they would sue is in federal court. … The time deadline was 10 a.m. Friday. … We were faced with the choice of spending unknown amounts of the public's money on litigation, or, in the next few days, trying to figure out how to accommodate all the cultures in our society." Craig Watson, chief lawyer for the Port of Seattle added, "We're not in the business of offending anyone and we're not eager to get into a federal lawsuit with anyone". Airport spokeswoman Betancourt said, the port did not have the time or budget to put up a culturally sensitive and inclusive holiday display, and that the port didn't want to be in litigation with the Jewish community."

Harvey Grad, the Rabbi's attorney was set to file the lawsuit Friday morning on behalf of Rabbi Bogomilsky. "There is no debate on this anymore," Grad said. "The menorah is something the Port is legally obligated to put up." "The law is clear regarding Christmas displays in public places - anyone wanting to put up an alternative display must be accommodated."

Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Cat Killer College Student

A Beijing University student killed a 3 month old kitty in front of his stunned classmates and professors in the school library by throwing the head of the cat to the wall after abusing it repeatedly in he library.

Like the Fudan Scissorhands Zhang Liangliang(a Fudan University student who gauged dozens of cat's eyes out with a pair of scissors, and tauted himself as Fudan Scissorhands), this Beijing University student Song Hanming is a student government official and 'excellent' student according to spokesperson of the Beijing University. Song's mentor Professor Li of Beijing University told reporters of Shanghai based Xinmin News that the student was loved by his peers in Beijing University.

Song Hanming 宋韩明 enrolled in the medical school of the Beijing University in 2002. He is a resident doctor at the Beijing University Hospital when he abused and killed the kitty in the school library in front of the crowd. According to Professor Li, medical students at Beijing University are under heavy academic pressure, and it was perfectly understandable to kill some animals, such as a couple of cats to release the pressure. Professor Li further pointed out that this had been proven as an effective measure in reducing cased of patients abuse committed by medical doctors produced by Beijing University.

Fudan Scissorhands, Update, Update 2

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dalian Court Postponed Jap Battery Case

An otherwise simple battery lawsuit has been sitting on the desk of the People's Court of the Zhongshan District of Dalian, Liaoning Province forever.

Two Chinese women were severely beaten by two Japanese businessmen on May 7, 2004 in the hotel they stayed. The women filed lawsuit on May 19, and the two Japanese were let go by the Dalian Police. Although the trail started on Dec 7th, 2005, the Dalian court put the sentencing on hold indefinitely. Although Dalian government is well know to be pro-Japanese business, but the stunning abuse of legal system on a simple assault case still amazed the Seagull.

Mr. Zhao Guosheng, the deputy chief judge of the court told reporters that there was no time limit on cases involving a foreign citizen according to the Chinese civil code, therefore, it is perfectly legal for the court to put the sentencing date on-hold forever.

In a separate incident, a veteran Wen Dianxin was mocked and humiliated in the People's Court of Jinzhou District in Dalin by the judges when he sued his employer, a Japanese company.

Mafia Bank Prepares IPO

The 'Mafia Nation' instilled $30 billion to prepare the 'Mafia Bank' for its IPO. The tax money will be used to pay bad loans and non-performing loans. A public available report shows by the end of year 2005, the Agricultural Bank of China has a bad loan ratio of 26.31, and that its non-performing loans topping $100 billion.

Now, in additional to robbing from its customers, the Agricultural Bank of China robs directly from people whoever unfortunately stuck in the mafia nation.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Nightmare in Nanking, A Documentary

Over 250,000 civilians were murdered, raped and slaughtered by Imperial Japanese Army after the then capital city of China, Nanking, fell in 1937. Now a documentary video on this event is available at, and the producer Dr. Rhawn Joseph's website

Awarding winning writer and historian Iris Chang's book 'Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II' can be purchased at bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Top 10 Chinese Internet Events in 2006

    Top 10 Chinese Internet Events in 2006
  1. Great Fire Wall accomplished;
  2. Government further tightened control over Internet communications;
  3. HYSIS scandal and Cell paper retraction
  4. Oversea Chinese students use Internet in fight with school administrations;
  5. MIT Chinese students protested Academic Fraud of Asian history professors;
  6. College students villains haunted down by Net mobs;
  7. A daughter accused her father of having mistress;
  8. Celebrity Blog Wars;
  9. Fast-made Internet Beauties;
  10. Net cop lost defamation cases;

Japanese Dragon Dancing

Dragon dance is a form of traditional dance often seen in festival celebrations in Chinese culture. In the opening ceremony of the Doha Asian Game however, audiences were surprised to see Dragon Dancing team representing the Japan.

Dragon is an imaginary creature in Chinese culture that rules the rivers and oceans. The Chinese emperor is often seen as dragon in another life form. Like Korea and Vietnam, Japan was heavily influenced by Chinese culture.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Key Player in Largest Scientific Scandal Promoted by SJTU

The No. 2 person in the largest scientific scandal in history, Dr. Fu Yuzhuo (homepage at SJTU) was recently promoted to full professorship from associate professor by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) for his dedication in organization the scandal, as well as in the cover up and clean up process after the scandal was revealed by newspaper.

Dr. Fu Yuzhuo graduated from the Department of Computer Science at the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), and received a PhD in Computer System and Architecture from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2001 under advisor Fang Binxing. Dr. Fu is the Associate Dean of the School of Microelectronics at SJTU. His major achievement is the notorious Hanxin DSP chip, a 10 years Hoax where a DSP chip was claimed to be made, but rather used a re-labeled Motorola chip to cheat billions of research funding from the government. Dr. Chen Jin, the director of the group was sacked after a high profile media coverage of the scandal. However Dr. Fu the co-founder, co-director and chief 'architect' of the non-existent chip was promoted by the SJTU for his excellent job in covering up and damage control.

It was also revealed that the Department of Computer Science at the NUDT cheated the government 3 year Y80 million research funding to develop an Operating System KYLIN. They downloaded an open source FreeBSD system, and presented it as their research fruit.

HYSIS Hoax, updates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chinese Government Does not Trust Made-In-China

Hefei government published an air-conditioning purchase announcement on Nov 16, which explicitly excluded any made-in-China products in participation, not even those with foreign brand and only assembled in China. Lack of technical specification, the announcement only required that the air-conditioning must be imported in its entity (not in parts and then assembled in China). Actually, this has been the case for years. The Chinese government does not trust made-in-China product. Whatever they say on the newspaper and TV, they do not want to use made-in-China product themselves. The Party Boss Mr. Li of the Bureau of Homeland Resources told the reporters of Anhui Business News that they must use the 'best' product.

What's even more ironic and drama is that the Hefei government just signed a deal with the Gree Air-conditioning Company to build a manufacture base that will produce 30 million air-conditioner per year, or one thirds of the world market.

Hefei is the capital city of Anhui Province in Central China.

Monday, November 20, 2006

President Hu's Gift

Chinese President Hu Jintao started his India visit today. He brought with him a gift, an unearthed Buddhapada stone made in China 1500 years ago. Buddhaim spreaded to China as early as 200 B.C. Lack of authentic scriptures, people had been using liberty in interpreting the true meaning of Buddhism. Monk Xuanzhuang went to Inida in 627 A.D. to study Buddhaim and bring back sutras. This Buddhapada was made by Monk Xuanzhuang.

The issue at stake is whether the CCP boss has the legitimacy to give national treasure as gift to foreign government?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Indian American Better Educated and Wealthier

According to figures recently released by the Census Bureau, 68.2% of the Indian American population hold bachelor or higher degrees, while only 52.4% of Chinese Americans hold bachelor or higher degrees. The median household income of Indian American families is $73,575, while the corresponding number for Chinese American families is $59.571.

Indian also has more students studying in the US. Last year, there's 76,503 Indian students studying in the US, while the corresponding number for Chinese is 62,582 (mainland).

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tianjin the best city for investment

The World Eminence Chinese Business Association released the list of Top 100 Chinese Cities for Investment in the Year of 2006. Tianjin topped the list with an overall score of 26.80 (the lower the better). Also in the list, Shanghai scored 31.91, Guangzhou 32.00, Beijing 34.27, Shenzhen 60.27, Zhengzhou 64.00, Xi'an 78.27, Kunming 81.18, Yangzhou 96.82, Wurmqi 99.30, Lanzhou 117.91, Haikou 123.45, Guilin 133.18.

The overall index is comprised of economic development, infrastructure, human resources, consumer environment, and living environment.

Moment of Truth in Communism Propaganda

Recently a Chinese propaganda official told the press that Chinese enjoyed the most freedom of speech as most western website did not allow readers to leave comments while most Chinese website did. Probably so.

Look at this Youtube video on the high profile L.A. police brutality. Even though Youbute does allow visitors to leave comments, actually visitors comments are what makes Youbute the $1.6 billion business, the comment function of this particular heavily visited video is disabled.

Internet has become a main Chinese for Chinese to release their unhappiness on social issues. It seems the government intentionally leaves the channel open so that less people will actually go on the streets. Thanks to cheap labor cost, thousands of Net cops were busy working to delete inappropriate comments. Still, Chinese Netizens get to enjoy moment of shout out on the Internet. On the other hand, although Google's video sharing business model is built on community comments, Google decides it's simply too risky to allow any potential criticism on government that they prohibit comments on sensitive topics. Or maybe, 'censorship' is just too evil a word for Google's taste, and 'shut up' sounds much nicer.

Stated in Google's own Code of Conduct, "..our most important asset by far is our reputation as a company that warrants our users' faith and trust." Google made its name and market share not only by its technically superior search engine, but also because of its 'being different kind of company', evident by clean user interface, and non-commercial rankings of search results, etc. However, the core value of Google has been put into test repeatedly as the company 'evolves'. So one day it may read 'All animals are equal', and the next day it may evolves into '.., but some animals are more equal then others'.

Just another case when the Mafia Nation is laughing at the Police Nation. Google, "Don't be Evil!"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Power of the Youtube

Yesteryear's historians would be amazed on how a 61 seconds video clip had changed the world. on the Nov 7, 2006 midterm election day, voters in Virginia voted incumbent Republican Senator George 'Macaca' Allen out of job. Virginia is the last State to finish the counting because of a close contest. Thanks to this final seat, GOP lost its control of the US senate by 1 seat.

George Allen was a top GOP presidential candidate for 2008 before the Youtube video told the world what kind of a person he was. An arrogant racist, that is. It's a personal tragedy for Mr. Allen to lose his senator seat, but its a priceless gift for the people in the US to know the fellow before sending him to the presidency.

Bravo Youtube! Bravo Web 2.0! Bravo Virginian People!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chinaman v. Imus at MSNBC

Even after corrected by a co-host, MSNBC radio host Imus insisted on repeatedly using 'Chinaman' instead of 'Chinese' in his on air program Imus in the Morning yesterday. In the English-speaking world, calling a Chinese Chinaman is as bad as calling an African American nigger. Despite all the controversial and protests, MSNBC keeps Imus on their program on the air. This is absolutely unacceptable. Until MSNBC apologize and do the right thing, the Seagull will boycott MSNBC.

Down the racist fascist MSNBC!

Mafia Nation

The mafia bank took its own customers' savings, then had the customer who dare to ask his money back jailed for 29 months. After serving his jail time, the customer sued the mafia bank in the mafia court. While acknowledging that the bank took the money, the mafia judge presiding the case announced that the mafia is not liable for the lost of money.

The mafia bank is the Agricultural Bank of China, and the mafia court is The Intermediate People's Court of Jiaozuo of the Henan Province. The customer's name is Li Zhizheng. The case is now in the appeal process in the Superior Bank of Henan Province.

The mafia bank, aka The Agricultural Bank of China is the second largest bank in China, with assets of $605 Billion by the end of 2005. It has branches in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The moral of the story? The Agricultural Bank of China is going IPO soon. Better grab some, a mafia bank will never loose money in a mafia nation. However, better not to put your life savings in it too.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chen SB was charged Corruption

Prosecutors of the Republic of China believed Mr. Chen Shuibian stole government money and forging documents. Because of the immunity associated with his presidency, Mr. Chen Shuibian was not changed. However the accomplices, his wife and three staff members of the President's Office were indicated. Chen will be prosecuted after he left the office in two years.

The pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Chen SB have been strangled with a range of scandals since Chen SB took office in 2001, with new scandals emerging on TV almost every evening. In the case cited by the prosecutors, Chen SB used forged forged receipt and invoice to steal secret government funding. Chen claimed those funding was ultimately used in secret diplomacy while the prosecutors found to be untrue.

On the other hand, this is just one other reason that people in Taiwan should cherish their democracy, and resist the reunification pressures until the day when the same could be seen happen on the mainland.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Those Mainlandness

A Youtube video clip of how TV hosts portrait mainland travellers on Taiwan TV.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cheap Made-in-China Products Cost Environment

Cheap made-in-China products filled discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Target around the US. They are also making the record-high trade deficit between US and China. Although Chinese has a large population with more diligent an better educated workers, but one key factor that contributes to the low manufacturing cost of made-in-China products is the zero liability of environment damage.

Mr. Ma Jun, the director of the Research Institute of Public and Environment, an Non-government organization, provided a list of 33 foreign invested companies, who took advantage the ignorance of environment in the rush to making economic progress in China.

Riding the bureaucracy, corruption, and greedy of local government, these foreign invested companies were able to omit any environment issues they would have to face in their home countries, or practically anywhere else in the world. Not only they enjoy the much looser regulation, if any exist, on environment in China, but also they can get away from ignoring them. Many foreign companies have become the biggest pollution makers in China. Among the list:
Shanghai Panasonic Battery,
Changchun Pepsi;
Shanghai Nestle;
Shanghai 3M;
American Standard;
Shanghai Pizzahut;
Xiamen Noell Crane Systems;
Zhejiang Purolite;
Hunan Yamah

Ma Changbo, Xunan, Investigation of Pollution Produced by Foreign Companies, Nanfang Weekend, Oct 26th, 2006;
China Water Pollution Data Center

Why We Fight: The Battle of China

Why we fight: the battle of China can be viewed on Google Video, also available at Amazon. It's a film which explains what, why and how of the Chinese resistant against Japanese invasion, as well as the US's assistants to the war, which became an essential part of the second World War.

Monday, October 23, 2006

China Second in Overseas Mail Back Money

The United Nations "International Migration and Development" said overseas Chinese mailed $21.3 billions back home in 2004, second only to Indians, who mailed back $21.7 billions.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Father is My Hero


Oct. 16, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing a response to the article "Manifold Destiny" in the New Yorker magazine. As the son of Shing-Tung Yau, I felt compelled to write this letter to help correct the utterly biased and inaccurate representation of him given in the article.

I would like to speak about my father from a personal perspective. My father's influence on me has been enormous; I am a graduate student in biology today because of him. I consider him to be my hero both as a researcher and as a moral individual. He has exposed me to many intellectual subjects, and most importantly, taught me to truly enjoy what I pursue. This is what I see in my father: his love for mathematics is pure, and not for the glory it can bring him. He has supported my scientific love in the best way possible, introducing me to exceptional scientists and exhorting me to read the scientific literature. Moreover, he taught me to be thorough in my research. Although experimental work is not easy, he has been a constant encouragement to me and his own determined work ethic has inspired me to do the same. I can only hope to follow in his footsteps.

I can say that my father has lived his life with the highest ethical standards. A motto he instilled in me is to never take what you did not earn. Whether it is reminding me to give due credit to fellow scientists or giving my full effort in the laboratory, he always emphasizes the importance of working for your achievements. Like any father, he has taught me many basic moral principles, and I can testify that he is a person who teaches by example. In relation to other people, he is unselfish, going out of his way to help students and friends.

My father's generosity is most evident in his teaching. I have met quite a few of his students over the years, at his office and in our home. I believe his approachable and caring attitude has established him as an excellent mentor to all his students. He spends a significant portion of his time with them, and supports each student as fully as any professor could. Numerous other letters from students and colleagues attest to this. In terms of mathematics, I know that my father is fully interested in the advancement of young students in basic research. This is evidenced by the innumerable students who over the years have benefited from my father's training and have now become world-class mathematicians.

My father is passionate about China, and is devoted to its improvement in basic research. Although a mathematician, my father also has a love for Chinese history, culture and literature. In fact, he reads poetry avidly and has even composed poems himself. Recently he wrote a comparative essay on the beauty in mathematics and the beauty in Chinese poetry. After our family spent a year in Taiwan, my father enthusiastically taught my brother and I Chinese language and history every week for several years. In college, I consulted my father many times when I was taking classes on Confucian ethics and Chinese literature. In many aspects, my father possesses a deep love for China and this has carried over into a real interest in the betterment of mathematics in China.

In China, my father has held round-table discussions with university students and given talks to high school students to inspire them to achieve their highest. I hope these young people can view him as the role model he has been to me. Scientists from China that I personally know and many others have talked about their appreciation for the critical voice my father has given to the benefit of Chinese academics.

In the past few months, my father has been genuinely excited about the Poincare conjecture. He has spoken about it to us in our family conversations, but has never ever claimed credit for it. Furthermore, I never heard him say anything negative about Mr. Perelman. He was pleased for Professors Cao and Zhu and hoped their work would encourage young mathematicians in China. His excitement was not for the prospect of personal gain, but for the field of mathematics.

I am shocked by how the article twisted my father's dedication to teaching and to the advancement of mathematics into a play for power. He has received many honors, and I am proud of him for that. But he is not a man who strives for those things. He is a true mathematician and a noble person, as any of our family or friends can testify.


Isaac Chiu

Ph.D. Candidate in Immunology

Harvard Medical School


Monday, October 16, 2006

Variation of the Chinese Population as its Percentage of the World Total

According to a post on the Tiexue (Cold Blood) Forum by zhengweiRENSHEN, the percentage of the Chinese population in the world total population has been relatively stable throughout the past 2000 years.

Chinese acupuncture can cure 461 diseases

China Daily reported that Chinese acupuncture can cure 461 diseases.

Acupuncture can cure 461 diseases
Updated: 2006-10-15 09:07

Chinese acupuncture can cure 461 diseases, said an expert with Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Research Center in north China's Tianjin city.

Du Yuanhao, 43-year-old doctor, gave the conclusion after four-year's study on the acupuncture functions together with his team.

According to Du's findings, most of the diseases to which acupuncture is effective are in the nervous system, the digestive system, the genitourinary system, muscles, bones and skins, such as stroke, diarrhea, enteritis, dementia and skin rashes.

The points for acupuncture are in flesh, and that is why the treatment can be effective to diseases in muscles and skins, Du said. "Besides, points are rich in nerves. Thus it can also cure diseases in the nervous system and other systems whose functions are directly controlled by nerves."

Although acupuncture is convenient and with less side effects compared with other forms of medical treatment, it couldn't cure every disease. As for these 461 diseases, Du noted, its effects are different.

The professor is now working at classification for the 461 diseases. "I am going to categorize them into three levels -- those could be cured solely by acupuncture, those to which acupuncture is the major treatment and those with acupuncture as assisting treatment.

Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine with a history of over 2,000 years. It involves insertion of fine metallic needles on the body to relieve pain and cure diseases.

Tianjin is a major center of Chinese medicine research in the world.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Korean Claimed the Originality of Chinese Characters

Koreans are claiming the originality of the Chinese characters, actually, they are claiming everything Chinese to be Korean.

There are little similarity between modern Chinese and modern Korean in written language. However, people of the two countries had been using the same language for thousands of years, the Koreans finally realized that Chinese languages to be too sophisticated for their brain. A king in Korea invented a phonetic system Hangul around 1444 to replace the Chinese language.

With the rising of economic status of the Korea. Koreans around the world feel the urge to fabricate an origin of their culture, which has not been lucky to be traced more than a couple of years back. Inspired by the fast accumulating national wealth, but frustrated by the absence of culture identity. Korean historians took the task to advance their history by 'whatever it takes'.

In a recent bid, Korean successfully claimed a traditional Chinese festival a Korean heritage, and registered it with the United Nation. One step further, the Korean government talked the Chinese government to suppress any history study by Chinese professors that is untoward the Korean's taste. Now, they are claiming the Chinese characters were invented by the Koreans.

Whatsoever, do we care about some clowns yelling in the street? It's like flies, annoying, but most of the time we don't even bother to stop what terminate it with a single hand. Well, we do see their desperation.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tianjin most dustiest city in China

According to a 2002 World Bank survey of 110 cities around the world (with a total population of 530 million), Tianjin was the most smokest and dustest city in China. It also ranked No. 3 in Asia, and No. 4 in the world.

Most polluted cities in the world

City population thousands
Particulate matter
microgram per cubic meter
Sulfur dioxide
microgram per cubic meter
Nitrogen dioxide
microgram per cubic meter
New York18,49823222679

sources 1, 2, 3

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Death of Yang Dan


The story has no eye-catching plot. A little girl Yang Dan(in white coat standing in the front) suffered from heart disease died after her parents failed to raise money for the surgery.

However, the heartbreaking details could sicken any reader: the girl was in Beijing, a city of 10 million with per capita GDP of $4000. Local residents not only refused to help, but they also tried to stop other people offering a hand because they believed all beggars were cheaters. Many fund raising events had been held. Many charities had been contacted. Many people had been involved. In the end the 7 years old girl died. She could have been saved if a critical surgery could have been performed.

The cost of the surgery? A mere 20,000 RMB, or $2,500.

No price tag should be attached to a human life. But I have to admit, if it were $25,000 or some amount that out of reach of 'ordinary' people, I myself might have been less disturbed. This $2,500 killed any confidence left of the Beijing people, as well as the government of course.

sources: Autumn - For a Girl in My Memory

Grace China is a website set up by Mr. Zhang Renjie, the author and photographer of the article referred above. Living a poverty live himself, Mr. Zhang committed on a mission to help other underprivileged people. From a 5 square meters rented room /office in Beijing, he helped many.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Chen Liangyu in Big Trouble

Chen Liangyu, the Party Chief of Shanghai was removed from all positions as Xinhua News announced today. This is viewed a result of political struggle between Hu Jintao-Wen Jiabao and the Gang of Shanghai, of which Jiang Zemin being the big boss. However, literally everyone in China applauded for the swift action by Hu. Some people even recall the joy after removing the 'Gang of Four' in 1976.

Following is from Zuo Zhijian's blog. Zuo made his name as the hero journalist who uncovered the HYSIS scandal.



然后赶到办公室,开始求证,问上海市新闻办,答曰正在求证。看来不完全是空穴来风了。中午12:03分,凤凰网挂出简单一则消息。我看到时已是 12:33分左右。在办公室大叫一声,把地址传给了同事,未几,全办公室都知道了。大家都很高兴。然后马上联想到房价,大家都认为应该要下跌,因为陈良宇和相关官员在楼市有利益集团,这次反腐败可能能够击溃这个利益集团,让宏观调控真正起到实效。








2、为一些不法企业主谋取利益。这一点也很清楚,张荣坤收购上海路桥股份时,闯了不少红灯,但他写的“情况说明”把陈良宇写进去了,说2002年3 月26日那次签约是陈出席的。另外张收购上海路桥,最终还是上海市政府批的,这一点市长很难说没有责任。另外一个不法企业主则是周正毅。周正毅农信社旧案显示,周一笔贷款被硬搞成坏帐了事。周最终只获刑3年,甚至至今不引渡香港,这在国际上的影响相当不好。















Saturday, September 23, 2006

What Else Did Armitage Leak?

Richard Armitage, a hawk in the State Department was recently revealed as the source of the leak of formal CIA employee Valerie Plame. The incident ended her career as a CIA operative, and put more CIA agents' lives in danger. Armitage, the then deputy secretary of state will not be charged of any crime, as it 'happened' that he did not know Valerie Plame was an under cover agent. At the time, it also 'happened' that Ms. Valerie Pleme's husband revealed his report that the 'intelligence' cited by the president as an argument for the invasion of Iraq was baseless.

People in Pakistan were on the street last time protesting Mr. Armitage's threatening of Pakistan after 9/11 in 2001, which was revealed in an interview of Mr. President Gen Pervez Musharraf. Armitage told Pakistanaise that they would be 'bombed to the stone age' if they did not 'cooperate' with the US in the war.

After the meeting of the two presidents at the White House on September 22, 2006, Bush said he was not aware of the threat made by Armitage.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thinkpad on Fire

"So we're waiting for a flight in the United lounge at LAX, the flight next to ours was heading to London and in the middle of final boarding, when suddenly this guy comes running the wrong way up the jetway, pushing other boarding passengers out of the way, he quickly drops his laptop on the floor and the thing immediately flares up like a giant firework for about 15 seconds, then catches fire. About a hundred other people in the lounge jumped up and began a mix of gawking and general panic, I clearly heard a few fleeing individuals saying something about terrorists. The fire burned for a minute while everybody just stared at it, then another flare up, this one much larger than the first, drove a larger group of gawkers away. Eventually, the high intensity flaring calmed down and a larger fire kicked in, all the while letting off a thick cloud of white smoke that was slowly filling the terminal. Finally, an employee came over with a fire extinguisher and put it out of its misery."

Dell recently recalled 4.1 million laptops with battery made by Sony. Although Lenovo also uses Sony batteries, a Lenovo spokesman Bob Page stated that there would be no battery recall. He told reporters that the battery fire problem of Dell brand laptops was caused by complicated reasons, which 'are not present' in Lenovo's systems.

Remember September 18th, 1931

Japanese army attacked the Northern Garrison (Beidaying) in Shenyang, the headquarter of then Northeastern Command of Chinese army on September 18th, 1931. The incident was remembered in Chinese history as 918 Incident. September 18th was recognized as the Day of Shame of China. Commander General Zhang Xueliang ordered the troops 'do not resist'. The order was to lock all weapons in the arsenal, and stay inside rooms. The Chinese soldiers were told that they would 'sacrifice for the nation's benefit'.

The 10 years from 1927 to 1937 was often referred as the 'Golden Decade' in Chinese history, while the economy was booming, and infrastructures were built. Leaders of China (Chiang Kai-shek, etc.) did not want the fast growing to be disturbed by anything, such as a war with Japan. One prevailing theory at the time was that once China became prosperous and strong, Japan would no longer dare to invade.

History proved them to be wrong. The invader would not wait for the day when China became strong enough to deter external challenges.

Remember September 18, 1931, and remember the 30 million Chinese killed by the Japanese invasion.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Admiring War Criminals is Morally Bankrupt

'Paying one's respect to war criminals is morally bankrupt and unworthy of a great nation such as Japan, said Congressman Tom Lantos, the ranking Democrat on the Congressional International Relations committee. Republican Congressman Henry Hyde, the chair of the committee joined to criticize Japanese leaders for the shrine visit, as well as history textbook revisions to downplay atrocities committed by Japan during WWII.

Japan's prime minister Junichiro Koizumi led annual official visits to the Yasujuni Shrine, where convicted WWII war criminals were honored.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HP Chairwoman to Step Down

Patricia Dunn, the chairwoman of Hewlett Packard, who contributed in firing then CEO Carly Fiorina will step down in January 2007 in the wake of the illegal investigation of her own board directors.

Dunn is No. 17 among Forbes the 100 most powerful women in 2005. No 16. is Zoe Cruz of the Morgan Stanley; and Marjorie Scardino is the No. 18.

The investigation authorized by Ms. Dunn employed illegal techniques to obtain private phone records of HP directors and journalists who cover this topic in order to conduct a cross-matching. Director George Keyworth was blamed for leaking information to journalists, and was asked to resign. Unhappy with the way the investigation and the disclosure had been handled, director Tom Perkins quit in protest.

HP submitted a brief notice to the SEC regarding Mr. Perkins's resignation, without revealing the reason. In a letter to HP, Mr. Perkins wrote: '...... my disagreement concerns probable unlawful conduct, improper board procedures, and breakdowns in corporate governance, it constitutes a disagreement 'on any matter relating to the registrants operations, policies or practices' requiring disclosure to the SEC under...the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002." Perkins also warned that he was "legally obliged to disclose publicly the reasons for my resignation. This is a very sad duty."

Ms. Dunn's secret operation violates California state laws regarding protection of privacy and unauthorized access to computer database.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Journalists on Government Payroll

Mr. Juan Manuel Cao of Channel 41 followed Cuban leader Fidel Castro to Argentina this summer and tried to score by throwing cute questions. Mr. Castro responded by calling him a “mercenary” and asking who had been paying him.

At least 10 US journalists were found on the payroll of a US propaganda agency. They receive money for writing anti-Cuban articles. Nothing new, Pentagon had hired journalists to write articles on Iraqi issues, as we all knew. We also knew that Armstrong Williams was paid to say good things on Bush's no child left behind project, which had been criticized by many educators.

One of Bush's top propaganda officers, Mr. Joe O’Connell of the International Broadcasting Bureau said there was "no ethics code" for the contracted journalists.

On the payroll there are:
  • Pablo Alfonso of El Nuevo Herald
  • Wilfredo Cancio Isla of El Nuevo Herald
  • Olga Connor of El Nuevo Herald
  • Juan Manuel Cao of Channel 41
  • Ninoska Perez-Castellón of Radio Mambí
  • Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Domestic Disturbance

    At least one protester was beaten to death by the police, dozens seriously wounded and hundreds were arrested in Ruian, Zhejiang.

    It starts as a seemingly yet another tragic domestic disturbance case, in which a depressed wife, jumped out of the window for no reason at all. Ms. Dai Haijing, a 29 years old high school teacher, who is loved by her friends and her students fell down two floors and died. It was the more than obvious non-falling caused wound on her head that told a different story, and angered everyone who know her, and thousands who have a heart.

    According to police, Ms. Dai Haijing had been suffered a kind of depression that nobody else could tell from her behavior. She jumped from her home on the third floor, and there's no other obstacles in the scene. She fell upside down with her head hit the ground. The would on her head was caused by the impact on the ground. Give me a break, we taxpayers spent so much each year on the police, they could have used a better story.

    Ms. Dai's husband Mr. Xie Deyong is one of the most wealthiest and most connected person in the area. According to Internet 'rumors', the family has a long trace of violence. Close friends of Ms. Dai told press that Ms. Dai had been beaten by her husband many times before. The government swiftly announce the death was a result of suicide without bothering checking the crime scene. Although it's still in the summer recession, thousands students in the school she taught paraded in protesting the handling of the case by the local government. Photos of the scene were spread to every online forums in the Chinese language Internet community.

    Yesterday, the Ruian government mobilized police forces, SWAT team and even military police to shut off thousands of protesters on the unfair judgement. All online discussions were deleted.

    September 10th is the official 'National Teachers' Day' in China. Tens of thousands of people in Ruian showed their ultimate respect to Ms. Dai Haijing with their blood, and some with their lives. Most of these dead and wounded had never of Ms. Dai before, but they felt a need as a Chinese citizen to contribute their blood when it was called for. Great ancient philosopher Laoze (570 - 470 B.C.) had said, 'How can you scare people with death when they are no longer afraid of death?' The government officials of Ruian, Zhejiang should have read that in high school textbook.

    An English Petition Letter by the students in Ms. Dai's class (from source 5)

    High school students Protest in China

    Why do students demonstrate in China? First of all, please remember that high school student demonstrations do not happen that frequently and so there must be something extraordinary.

    Banner: "So many doubts! Where is justice?"

    Here is the translation of the students' open letter to the public :

    On August 18, when we heard the bad news that our teacher has committed suicide, we could not believe that such a bright person would be so stupid as to kill herself. As a university graduate in English, how could she be so psychologically feeble? On the day before she died, she told us that she will be giving us dictation the next day. She is a reliable person, so why would she lie to us? She told us that life is like a coin, and we should see the good side instead of being stuck under the dark skies all the time! ... So how could she have killed herself? She has a son who is only two or three years old, so how could she abandon him alone in the world! Does she not know that a motherless child is lonely and helpless??

    The incident took place two days ago. Why has law enforcement refused to investigate? Why is the legal doctor late? Why are the people's guide -- the media -- also late? We don't understand! In a society under the rule of law, something infuriatingly unjust has happened! Our rights become so pale and powerless in the face of money!

    Here is a summary of our doubts:

    1. Before the day of the incident, our teacher asked us to memorize the nouns because she was going to give us dictation the next day. She patted the head of one student and smilingly "warned" him that he better memorize the nouns. How could a suicidal person tell such a joke so light-heartedly?

    2. If she wanted to kill herself, would she be wearing only her underwear??! Our teacher is a pretty woman who wants to look well. Would she want to die in such indignity?

    3. The teacher's child is so young and she loves him so much. Would she abandon him?! Besides, a suicidal person should have made some arrangements beforehand. But our teacher did nothing ...

    4. Afterwards, we read the teacher's diary. She wrote that she will not rely on others. She will only rely on herself and she write that she will be strong. She wrote that she is a mother and she is the world to her son. Motherly love is so great! Would she give up life so easily and abandon her young child?

    5. When we saw the body of our teacher, she had bruises everywhere. Although her limbs were intact, her cranium was burst open. She died a horrible death.

    6. Our teacher told us that the High School Third Year Class teachers work very hard. She said that she will not be satisfied if we get into the universities. So why would she choose suicide?

    7. The law enforcement department refuses to intervene in this matter. Justice is so pale and powerless in front of money. How will the people ever trust the government again?

    Therefore, we ask all righteous people to extend your righteous hands to give justice to our teacher! This is on behalf of all the teachers under the heavens! May our teacher rest in peace!
    The entire class of students of the Third Year Class, Rui'an Number Three High School, Zhejiang province, China

    You may say that this is a ho-hum matter that will not get anywhere. Ah, but you forgetting the power of the Internet to strike emotionally! How so? Read the above and see which of the seven points has the most potential of being emotionally overwhelming? There is nothing more from the child. So that leaves the manner of death (number 2 and number 5). So here is the famous (WARNING: GORY) photograph that has been going around the Internet. While it violates the preference of the teacher (according to number 2), this may be the most direct way of seeing justice served.
    Therefore, we ask all righteous people to extend your righteous hands to give justice to our teacher! This is on behalf of all the teachers under the heavens! May our teacher rest in peace!

    The entire class of students of the Third Year Class, Rui'an Number Three High School, Zhejiang province, China

    sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Friday, September 08, 2006

    Armitage Ratted out the CIA Spy

    Richard Lee Armitage, one of a few core neocons who served the Bush administration admitted that he leaked out the identity of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak. The Bush administration launched a smear campaign against Ms. Wilson's husband Joseph Wilson, whose report on the connection between Iraq and nuclear material yellow cases did not support Bush's Iraqi War rationale. Mr. Wilson was assigned by the CIA to investigate the issue and he did not find Iraq in the process of building WMD before the war was launched. His report was presented to the Bush administration but was chosen to be ignored.

    Armitage was the deputy secretary of state when the leakage happened. He is also a close friend to Mr. Chen Shuibian of Republic of China. He is also an advocate of re-arming Japanese military forces, despite strong protest from Asian countries who had suffered in the Japan's invasion in the WWII.

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Chen Danlei to Live

    Chen Danlei was a Purdue University graduate student before she stabbed her husband He Lei twice in the chest around Christmas 2004. He Lei told the court that they were playing a scene in a movie they watched the night before in which the man was stabbed by the woman during a sexual intercourse. According to friends close to the couple, He Lei helped Chen Danlei in the lawsuit but did not had confident in continuing the marriage. Chen was due on August 26, 2005 for a court hearing on the assault case. Both of the couple graduated from Qinghua University in Beijing, China.

    On August 20, 2005 Chen Danlei shot He Lei on the bed, and then dismembered his body to be fit into 5 plastic bags later found in the trunk of their car. Because her own passport had been withheld by American court after the stabbing case, Chen altered He Lei's passport to board a plane back to China. Dressed in men's clothes, she was stopped by the Chinese customs at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

    Raised up in a single parent family, Chen was known to have trouble controlling her temper. One of her college classmates recalled Chen had problem communicating with friends and professors. In one instance, when Chen's advisor told her to conduct some experiments, Chen replied 'why do you ask me to do these since you've already known the answers?' The professor completed the experiments for Chen. Chen also got into odds with her adviser in the Purdue University, and had to quit from the PhD program.

    The Shanghai First Middle People's Court sentenced Chen Danlei to 2 years suspended death on 9/4/2006, with $55,000 compensation to He Lei's family. In Chinese legal system, this sentence equals a 10-15 years minimum jail time.

    Other sources: Shanghaiist, Shanghai Daily, Lafayette Police

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Fucker Handbook Might be Work of Performance Artists

    The Western Fucker's Handbook might be a work of a group of performance artists, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

    Chinese Internet users are raging against the anonymous author of a blog they say insulted China with its purported accounts of a British teacher's sexual exploits among Shanghai women.

    However, a person responding to an e-mail to a contact address on the site said the authors were a group of performance artists who had fabricated its content as an investigation into online vigilante behavior.

    "We did not anticipate quite the level of anger this would raise," said the message, which said the authors behind the cyber name "Chinabounder" included a British man, an Australian woman, two Chinese men and a Japanese woman.

    The message said the blog had been closed out of concern for the safety of the group's Chinese members and ordinary expatriates in Shanghai.

    Technorati Profile

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    Journalist Bowed Capital

    The Shenzhen Middle People's Court have been facing fierce criticism for its illegal seizure of the journalists personal property at the request of Foxconn Electronics Inc., a Taiwan-based company where iPods are made. The move was considered by many legal expert as a deface of Chinese legal system as it not only violated the Chinese civil court, but also was not heard of before. The Chinese law system is by and large a continental system, where a judge must follow the code. Chinese civil code does not allow suing a reporter personally as a protection of free speech; also it does not allow seizure of personal property before the trail with specific rare exceptions in cases of personal safety, national security, etc.

    This is about a case reported earlier. Foxconn was blamed by media around the world for slave labor.

    Question is whether Apple is behind this, which could be a reasonable explanation on the weird move of the Shenzhen Court, as they have a record of bulging pressure from overseas capitals.

    Rumor has it that the national security sector of the central government got involved, and the Foxconn has released the journalists' personal properties, but added the news agency as a co-defendant.

    What puzzled people is the reaction from the journalist being sued by Foxconn. Mr. Wong Bao told news media that he still respect Mr. Guo Hongjin, the boss of Foxconn, and he would like to present his suggestions of the development of the company to Mr. Guo if giving a chance.

    Not only do we know that it's hard to win against the capital, but also we know in a chilling fact that even the journalists do not want to fight the capital, even when its about their own interest.

    The Seagull heard the this from an article by Guo Songmin.

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Oh My Dog! Mr. David Hsu

    发信人: HYINCHEN (abt.david.hsu), 信区: Overseas
    标 题: 我的爱恨情愁,祭奠我失去的青春,兼揭露一个丑恶的男人
    发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Aug 29 07:26:36 2006)




    徐雄伟(a.k.a. david hsu, hsiongwei hsu ,上海著名学府上海中学毕业,USTC 814 81级毕业)先生和我是在网路上认识的。 2002年的春天,我已经拿到美国几所大学的Offer正在踌躇选择之中。那个时候很闲,经常在网上逛。那个时候的 sina英语聊天室很热闹,常有在海外的学生,我在那里得到了很多有关留学的建议,当然也收获了一生最大的梦魇:徐雄伟先生。

    徐先生开始和我搭话的时候,很不同,"显得"笨笨慢慢的,好像很少进聊天室的样子。得知我将到美国去学习,他很兴奋的说自己就是 NYU (new york university) 毕业的,问我为什么不申请NYU。(当然后来知道他这个NYU ,也是自封的,为了更靠近名校,他把自己就读的 CUNY (City University of New York)技巧性"合并"到NYU 了。)话题从读书开始,发展到生活的各个角落。很快我们就熟悉了,从网上发展到电话。后来他很"碰巧"来N城办事情,就见面了。不得不承认,徐先生是个很有味道的男性,年纪很成熟但看起来年轻,非常有女人缘。我直今还清楚的记得他那张给我带来一生梦魇的笑脸。但当时他的"成熟成功"男人的气质却足以让一个从来没有严重感情经历的小姑娘昏头。他当时关于感情方面的自我介绍是由于一直忙学业和事业,所以虽然有不足道的小花边但从来没有真正爱过,非常的渴望真爱。

    那个时候,我正在准备签证,徐先生作为过来人给了我很多的意见,还亲自陪我去N城签证,这点我要感谢他。后来,他又多次来 N城"看"我。校园里那些懵懂男生的暗示,怎么及得过他这样直接而热烈的追求呢?虽然身边有善意的提醒,我已经完全迷失了。认为自己终于找到真爱了。和徐先生在一起的时候,真的很幸福,他会让你觉得很贴心,给很多好像很现实的承诺,当时他告诉我要亲自送我到美国,帮我在学校好好安顿,还给了很多学业上的建议。后来这些承诺全部没有实现,当然他回来见我的时候有着非常充足的解释,还身陷爱中的我,继续信了他足足 4 年多。当然我知道我这4年,在他所欺骗的众多女性中根本不算什么,但那是我生命中本应该最年轻灿烂的4年呀。每每想起来,还觉得私心裂肺的痛。那是一种由心理牵动生理的痛,一点点的撕碎裂开,到无法呼吸。


    在徐先生一次一次提出要安排我到美国的行程之后,我不得不答应了,毕竟自己男朋友嘛。但是看到 bbs 留学版上一批一批人订票,一批一批人发贴找同行出发者时,我有点着急了。徐先生一再保证,一定没问题,他电话旅行社一下就可以了。但是终于等到不能再拖的时候,他却消失了,我电话也找不到他,只知道他在Z城出差。没办法,只好自己手忙脚乱的订了票,等我都搞定了,他的电话也终于打过来了,解释是他在做一个很大很重要的项目,实在没时间。而且他已经帮我联系了直达的电子票,还担心我会不会用。我还是选择了自己订的票。


    一次次的失踪 失望 我的沉浮

    等我到了学校才真真傻了眼,还要在门口迎接我的心上人呢,可我连门都找不到。由于没有象别人一样事先联系好,特别是由于我来的太晚了,我真的是连住的地方都找不到。我是晚上到的,第二天就去上课了,别说 orientation没参加,连倒时差的时间都没有,整整一个星期,人好像踩在云彩里。


    拜徐先生所赐,我读书的第一年里充满了这种令人难以置信却又欲罢不能的离奇感觉。他会在电话里一次次承诺保证,马上、 couple days就会来,甚至连 confirmed的itinerary都会给我发过来。但我还是一次次的失望,从开始的焦急,担心,到后来的神经质。每次承诺之后,他会马上消失,电话也找不到人,email也不回,把你一个人扔在那里担心他到死。然后估计你"折腾"的差不多了,他再出现,先是安慰道歉,然后解释他为了和你在一起多么的努力,情况多么的严峻,他是多么的不得以,总之最后你反而会是内疚的那一个,太不懂事了,小孩子脾气,然后他会很大度的原谅你,他的原话" I promised that I will love you and I will keep the promise." 象这样的话,在他给我的email里有很多,我保存着我们交往以来的通信,本来是想成为甜蜜的回忆,没想到却成了the constant reminder of my miseries 。

    本来我可以把这段的来来回回写的很具体的,但是一看到过去那些信,整个人就会失控。我当时傻到把他给我的电话留言也一个一个折腾到电脑上存起来,当时只觉的惆怅,太想念了,觉 得爱的太艰难了。而且在他的谆谆善诱之下,学会了' follow my
    heart',丝毫不舍得怀疑这份感情。他常常和我说的话是:人要有信仰 (You gotta have faith!) 。我倒是对爱持着信仰了,反讽的是到头来发现他的faith不过是追逐女性和肉体交流时的快感。这是我对他的信仰能找到的唯一解释了,在我后来发现他和一个又一个五花八门的女性交往之中,这是我所能找到的唯一共同之处。


    我最最难熬的时候是临近考试的时候,徐先生会突然来一次失踪,他这一手屡试不爽,我被这样的爱情折腾的生不如死。美国的学制和国内不同,一门课也会project, presentation,大essay, 小 essay的,每一项都要算进最后成绩的,在加上不时的大考小考,徐先生失踪的游戏经常和这些考试完美搭配,每次折腾完都让我筋疲力尽。

    当这一切已经慢慢成为我生活中的常态的时候,徐雄伟先生又一次失踪了,这一次他决定来个大动作。那个时候我还没买手机,去上课的时候就接不到电话,所以我为了能及时接到他的电话,一下课就回家,就这样还是常常接不到他的电话,不知道为什么他总能找到我不在家的那段时间打电话!这次他先给我电话留言,语气很严肃,中国的生意发生了很严重的问题,他要消失很长一段时间,将没办法给我打电话了。我当时都傻了,从小家里的乖乖女,哪儿见过这场面呀,哭了多少就别提了,人已经不能正常运行了。就这样,我还是担心他比较多一点,因为知道他在中国一 个据他说黑道势力很强的省做生意,特别是他又追加了一封email告诉我他"have to run ",我就更没魂了,逃命呀这是,我还以为他得罪了什么道上的人呢。当时他所有的电话都已经完全打不通或者没人接了。六神无主的时候,我想到应该找人帮忙,我知道徐雄伟先生有个过去最好的同学还在美国,记得他来中国开过会,我只知道他的英文名字,反正费劲了九牛二虎之力终于在网上找到了Z先生的工作电话,冒冒失失就打了过去,没想到等待我的将是这样一个噩耗。 Z 先生先是安慰我david没事的,他总是这个样子,总能自己照顾好自己的。然后问我多大了,因为我声音确实听起来很小孩子。然后他说听david提过一个在这边读书的女孩子,应该就是我,又问我是不是david帮我办来美国的。天地良心呀,我要靠他连开学都差点耽误了。接着他很犹豫的问我,知道不知道 david结过婚还有孩子。我真的是当时直接就咣铛了,我都不知道是怎么把电话挂上的。几分钟后Z先生还又打回给我一次,可能是怕我出事情,我只是和他说自己现在不能讲话,我要挂电话了。

    后面我自己是如何痛不欲生的,做了多少疯狂的事情,我已经不想回忆和形容了。因为多回忆一边就是多痛一边,我只是觉得难以置信 ,难道从前他所说的,所做的都是虚空?知道我的父母在知道我和他在一起之后强烈的反对,我在电话里讲到这里控制
    不住哭的时候,他在电话的那一头急得不知如何是好,那一声" what did they DO to you!"是如此的揪心;我们在 N城街头牵手漫步,常常不知不觉的走出很远很远,他会语重心长的告诉我到美国后要做好学业上吃苦的准备;在每一次在机场接他和送行的时候,他会在我额头上轻轻的印一个吻,那么的自然而然的流露着爱。。。难道这都是假的?那么我所付出的感情又是什么,我信仰的爱情又成了什么呢?


    他的回信很简单 " a simple question. do you really feel that i love you? love you as always"

    其实如果当时勇敢一点,或者多一些历练的话,坚决的分手,不再去看他的信,不再缅怀可能也就不会有后面的故事了。但女孩子第一次经历这种痛彻心扉的感情的时候 真的是无法自拔,我承认自己是一个冲动而又不够果断的人。我在 email上又和他来



    或许我是真的爱徐雄伟先生的,但是这样的爱是一种罪。又一个夏天到来的时候,我用疯狂购物来发泄自己,那个暑假我和一个好朋友几乎天天逛 mall,开车两小时之内,大大小小的mall都被我们逛遍了,屯了一堆只穿过一次的衣服,后来搬家的时候由于
    徐先生说没用的衣服就不要了,都捐掉了。我如此的郁闷,是由于放春假前我大病了一场,当时差点坚持不住,就在准备休学回家的时候,徐雄伟先生居然又打电话来了。期间我搬过家,换过电话,虽然没有告诉他我的新电话,因为觉得没必要了,但这对他来说并不是问题。我那个时候有一种死而复生的感觉,一个以为一辈子都不可能再有音信的人,居然又出现了,他的声音在耳边响起的时候,我浑身颤抖。真的象做梦一样,是真的吗?他告诉我给我打了很久的电话都打不通,已经发了 email给我,他也生病了,梦到我们两个象过去一样,手拉手的笑,心都融化掉了,所以终于控制不住打了电话。他现在在N城,很顺利,马上就可以解决所有的问题来看我了。但是他没有,直到放假都没有,因为他在中国的情况又恶化了。

    新学期刚开始的时候,我又搬家了。徐雄伟先生突然来电话,要我不要打电话给他了,太危险,他会电话给我的。然后就经常是在我凌晨的时候打来,还是要对方付费那种,我听了要认可同意付费才能接通。他告诉我,他现在很危险,要逃出中国,但是没有钱。由于权利斗争,他从公司里被人踢出来,而且还被陷害,中国国安局的人在抓他。让我帮他查一下机票的价钱。后来又很严肃的问我能不能汇点钱给他。态度很sharp, yes就yes, no 就no. 还一再强调他的命就在我的手里了。我真的是一点儿都没

    终于在 2003年的9月,他真的来了,以这样的一种方式。还是我到机场去接他,由于没有地方可去,他暂时在我的学生公寓里安顿下来。


    我问过徐雄伟先生他在中国到底有没有孩子和太太,他的回答是 "it's my business, i took care of it. remember, i live alone." 然后是更多对我们在一起的未来的承诺。刚刚在一起生活的时候,很幸福,虽然那个时候特别的穷,都靠我一个人的奖学金,但穷开心。紧接着的却是更多的恶梦,期间经历了很多不好的事情,包括一个女人最最不愿意面对的事情,然后徐先生以要继续在中国发展寻找机会的理由,再次回去了。当然他做的很漂亮,当时给我的感觉就是他为了我们的将来宁愿出生如死,再回去那样一个危险的地方去。我只有感动和支持的份儿。虽然从那个时候开始他不会长时间的失踪,但他的一切还是那么的神秘,那么的不可琢磨。其实我非常犹豫这一段写出来会对我的生活造成什么样的影响,我已经无法也无力再去回忆了,我宁愿选择失忆。我只截取过去我和徐先生的通信一则带过:


    我不知道你现在在哪里。非常的担心你。你不想让我知道到底发生了什么事,我就强迫自己不去问。但我却控制不住地要去想你。因为控制不住自己的胡思乱想,没办法专心的做事,没办法入睡,没办法吃东西。所有的一切,我都没办法进行下去,这样的感觉真得太糟糕了。我又有好像第一年一个人来到美国的那种可怖的预感,好像你越来越远,我越来越看不清楚你,然后一下子,你就不见了。那一年是我一生中的梦魇,没有哪一天是真正开心的,一个人坐在公车上都会不知不觉地掉下泪来,每天每夜,不管我怎么祈求,怎么祷告,都没有你的消息。本来以为那种感觉已经永远的过去了,平时下意识的感觉到,也强迫地告诉自己,忘记吧,过去的事情忘记了就好了,可是现在他们又都回来了,是加了倍的排山倒海般的反扑过来。我就这样在绝望的边缘数日子,心中还是期冀能够再次见到你,有的时候又想,不如就这样算了吧,一个人悄悄的死掉,因为即使再次见到又怎么样呢?这种发自内心的不安全感,真的是可以治愈的吗?幻想过很多死的方式,查了很多资料,才发现真的要成功的自杀也是那么得不容易。我还能做什么呢?你说过,如果我真地想要死的话,就不会告诉你,即使现在你也还是不相信吧。可是如果,我的死能让你马上回来看我一眼,我真的真的愿意。怕的是,我身体冰冷之后,你却不知躲在世界的哪一个角落。你会回来看我吗?会替我收拾残局吗?你有勇气面对我父母的责问吗?我为什么还要提起我的父母呢 ,我又有什么脸面再去见他们呢?在我下定决心追随你而把他们抛在脑后的时候,我就已经预料到他们将会伤心的结局了吧。爸爸曾经认真地对我说过,他和妈妈对于我和姐姐最大的期望就是我们自己能生活的快乐。我为了追寻自己的快乐而抛弃了他们,也许因了我的自私,才正有现在这样的感受吧。和你在一起的每一分每一秒都是快乐的,可是这样的快乐背后又有多少无法言说又不可预计的痛苦呢?

    有些事情是不能去想的。也是不该我想的吧。如果,只是如果,真的可以不想,生活就会简单,快乐也会容易吧。 控制不住的时候,就一个人哭一下。你也许会笑了,在电话里哭的还少吗?可是真正恸哭的时候你又在哪里呢?最最悲伤的时候,原来是哭

    去年11 月,当决定拿掉我们第一个小孩的时候,我没有哭。 哭有什么用呢。 记得问过你,有没有孩子,你说不要问,只要记得你是一个人生活得就好。那么好,我不问,可是心里是明白的,你只是不要我的小孩吧。是我太懦弱,太自私,也太无耻。为了和你在一起,什么样的妥协我都可以。 排队手术的时候,觉得真可笑。旁边有个越南女孩,脏脏的,一身粉红衣服,纹了很深的眼线,一双手因为干活糙得不能看,一直在哭。她男朋友跑进来安慰了好几次,因她讲不好英文,特别的关照了医生和护士。再到里面,他便不得进来了,那女孩子坐在我的身边,一直的哭,也不换衣服。周围美国人,让我告诉她换手术的衣服,大概因为看我也是亚洲人吧。只好笑着解释我们的语言也不通的。看,我还笑得出来呢!看看周围的人,都是孩子一群一群,奇形怪状的黑人,墨西哥人,这些人居然把我和一个越南妹看作一类,难道不好笑吗?手术完了,从轮椅上醒来,觉得过了好久好久似的,被抬到床上休息的时候,给了饼干和橙汁,好像小时候吃的动物饼干那种,橙汁是冰的。当时真地想哭的,还是忍住了,因为对身体不好,为了让自己有点力气,努力的吃下饼干,咽下橙汁,对自己说将来还是会要孩子的,要我们的孩子。你不是说过我们要 4个小孩吗?2男2女,名字你都想好了的,不是吗?

    告诉了护士你的名字,她寻了你几遍都不得,我说自己可以走的,她不放心,陪我到waiting room里,刚走到门口,便见你靠在窗边,睡得正香,阳光洒了一身,那个样子看得我心里暖暖的,眼泪又差一点掉下来。 还是忍住了,走过去,摇醒你,你抬头,
    看见的是我的笑脸。回到暂住的酒店后,你下午还要工作,走之前替我泡了一碗面,当时真的觉得好饿,一碗方便面吃得津津有味。第 3天的时候,你便要离开了,走之前的时候,你还是要我,我并没有拒绝。我太爱你了,却不够自爱。还记得我讲给你听的一个梦吗?我怀孕了,你要我拿掉小孩。当时你笑着说不可能,如果我真的有了孩子你会高兴还来不及,可是事实就是这样不留情面的给了我们一记耳光。记得在诊所的时候,旁边一个白胖粗壮的西人女孩子一面比划,一面说到ultrasonic的时候看到孩子有指肚大小了。我的孩子有 7周了,我没勇气看他,不知道在变成齑粉的那一瞬间,那个小小的胚胎,会不会痛。从没有告诉过你,其实等你回来陪我上医院的那几天里,自己看得最多的是bbs上的育婴版,一边幻想或许可以生下来的,一边说服自己现在不是要孩子的时候。可是后来,在你后来租的公寓里,我在你的衣橱里发现你的离婚纸的时候,所有的一切才被证明,原来你真的有孩子的,原来你真的只是不要我的小孩,你第一个妻子在国内产下你们第一个孩子的时候,你们也是没有结婚的吧,你还是在远隔万里的大洋这边吧。我知道两者之间没有什么可比性,可是我不明白,真的不明白。即使这样,我还是不断地用自己的小幻想来满足自己,或许他是被原来的婚姻伤害得太深了吧,我自己也真的没有准备好当妈妈呀,而且他是真得很爱我呀。是的,你总是说我不明白你到底有多么的爱我,说我没有听你的安排做这个,做那个。我明白,我真得明白,如果不是因为明白你的爱,我不会坚持到现在。我也好希望你能看到我的努力,我真的尽了自己的一切所能来爱你。

    有很多的伤害都是在无意之间造成的,或许小到对你来说并不值得一提,但我不是你,我们之间 16年的年龄差距虽然无法阻挡爱情,但是在现实的面前又是那么的不堪一击。我太青涩,太无知,又太过敏感。记得那次在纽约,第一次一个人在公寓里等你下班,电话响了,我犹豫了一下还是接了,是你干爹,听了我的声音他愕然,只说打错了便挂断了, 2分钟后电话又响,还是他,没说话便挂断了。当时我便明白了,好后悔,自己为什么这么多事呢?说是"我们"的公寓,就真地把自己当作主人了吗?还没来得及多想,你的电话便追来了,特别叮嘱以后再有电话不好接了。我能说什么呢,怯怯的答应了。几分钟电话果然又响,这回乖了,愣愣的看着,直到不出声。当时心里那个羞辱,无法形容,很多次我都想问你,我到底是你什么人,真得这么见不得人吗?当时好想理了行李走掉算了,可是我还是留下来了,因为真的害怕没有你的日子,可能我真得很无耻,记得你说过我shameless,当时自己还生了气,现在想想,实事求是有什么可气的,自己不争气,别人看不起你也是活该!后来我还自己安慰自己,自己苯苯的话都不会说,你干爹就是见了也不会喜欢的,何必惹大家不痛快呢,而且不论怎样,你还是爱我的呀,地下的爱情没有责任,更轻松,你那么累了,我就不要做你的包袱了吧。每一次,我都是这样告诉自己说,你还是爱我的,也知道我对你的爱,爱情从来都不是平等的,不要去计较,多包容一分,或许你便会多爱回我一点。我一直希望,自己所作的一切你都是明白的,你知道我有多么多么的爱你吗?

    我知道自己的不完美,做错了很多事,不该偷偷翻看了你的旧文件,更不该进你的邮箱。因为实在是没办法了,想确定你还好好的,看看你的邮箱活动,起码能知道你还自由,还活着。才知道你还有个岳母,不知道这是你第几个妻的母亲。原来她也病了。可是我还是没有计较,因为那个时候还是相信你还会回来的,不是吗?你在电话里一遍遍地告诉我多么多么的想念我,多么的爱我,我不在乎别的所有的一切的不真实,只要你爱我。但是当你一次又一次的推迟归程的时候,我渐渐明白,我的爱情是多么的无力。你的父母双亲是你的责任,你的家庭(到现在我都无法确认那是怎样的一个家,他是否真真切切的存在)也是你的责任,你的事业也是你无法抛弃的,那么你对我的承诺又是什么呢?是我自己太看轻自己,凭着爱甘愿这样一次次的妥协。但是我真的不知道还能坚持多久。其实你不用害怕,我无法给你的家庭带来任何的伤害,如果你真地了解我的话会知道那也是我不屑去做的。更何况你把他们保护的是这样的好, tony sopranos的情人还寻了电话,打到家里来了呢,我只能对这空气发呆。还记得sopranos里,他的情人惹怒了他,他掐住了她的喉咙,她没有挣扎,反而祈求"kill me! kill me!" 是的,这就是我多少次梦里的情景了,就是死我亦宁愿死在你的手里。

    我不知道为什么要写这样一封信,我知道你看到信的时候或许就是一切结束的时候。要知道那是我最最不愿面对的时刻,可是,我又没法强迫自己安静下来,太多的话,在心里藏了太久了,以至于当我真正想要诉说的时候,竟然有一种失语的感觉。我常常会回忆我们在一起的时光,从开始到现在,每一个细节都慢慢想过,甜蜜的痛苦的,一遍又一遍的重新经历,因为实在是舍不得就这样丢开手。而且,不知道从什么时候你已经成了我生活的重心,以至于我的一切,如果没有了你,我将怎么活下去呀!我还记得在机场里等你的情景,不论是原来在 N城,还是现在。好怀念你在我额头上轻轻的一吻,怀念眺望出口处时忐忑不安的心情。在N城的时候,几次去接你天气都不好,坐在机场巴士上,我竟有一种天昏地暗的感觉,难道一切已然注定,我们从开始就没有得到上天的祝福吗?告诉自己忘掉这种不开心的想法,天气只是天气而已。最快乐的一次,是第一次在这边的机场等你,心里还是惴惴的,那种兴奋却是无法言语的,那么久,那么难,还是让我等到了!现在想想,原来还是惘然。我已经那么那么用力的来爱了,甚至学会在每一次妥协的时候告诉自己不要觉得委屈,爱是没有回头路的,爱上你我从来没有犹豫,从来没有后悔过,难道这样也错了吗?我从来不介意和你一起吃苦。你刚来的时候,我们一起挤在一张小小的单人床上,一起睡硬硬的地板,我觉得快乐的不得了,虽然对未来也有忧虑,可是心里是踏实的,因为有你在身边。可是现在,是不是我又一次失去了你?我不知道自己做错了什么,可是我好怕,真的好怕,我已经在这里过了两个孤独的圣诞节了,虽然不是我们的节日,但那种别样的清冷和寂寞,却足以给一个原本悲伤的人雪上加霜了。我真的好害怕,今年又是这个样子。或许注定了我一生必然孤单,那么为什么,为什么又让我遇到你,为什么又让我们这样的相爱?


    love you till death,




    性格越来越怪异,本来你就不让我化妆,电头发,我索性邋遢起来。发展到最后,我连上课都不去了,每天最大的挑战是起床,醒来睁开眼睛就发呆,混混沉沉要斗争很久,等爬起来的时候已经下午 4、5点了,洗澡随便吃点东西之后就是等着你的电话,电话铃响过之后,再用这边的电话卡打回给你,因为这样比较省。如果你能多施舍我几分钟,我一天的心情就会好很多,如果哪一天没有你的电话便会坐卧不安。我已经完完全全的失去了自我。身边的朋友看到我这个样子,离我越来越远了,我已经懒的回email了,后来连邮箱都不敢开了,我害怕老师会来追问我,我成了孤家寡人。


    我知道你还在和中国的太太联系,我们常用的一个电话卡帐号里,我查过,每天都有给中国几个固定的电话的记录。其中有一个,我非常肯定,那是你在中国的家。但我又能怎么样呢?我当时 那个样子回去中国,是没法面对父母的。徐雄伟先生你这边,家里又这么多我搞不清楚状况的病人,难道我要专挑这个时候和他闹吗?

    但是你知道我的挣扎吗?有过多少次,我服下大剂量的安眠药,知道自己不会死,因为美国的 OTC安眠药的致死量靠口服是很难达到的,我只想让自己睡的久一点再久一点,但是每一次沉沉睡去之后,严重的排异反应又让我不得不爬起来,不知是精神上的受虐导致了生理上的受虐感,还是什么,那种坐卧不安,辗转反侧的痛苦可能真的让我暂时忘记了生活中的苦恼。


    这样的日子不知过了多久,终于挨到毕业了 。



    毕业之后,我又搬家了,没有看到你给我承诺的 graduation gift,就连你以前说是为"我们"租下的"高级"公寓也不见了,因为那间公寓本来就不是你租的,你公司的大老板为了藏娇已经把它占用了。我只得按天租的旧家庭旅馆中分租的小小一间,就连你

    我真的忍受不了了。面对我的质问,你说不是我表面看到的那个样子,你太太知道你在外面有人已经要和你离婚了,你告诉我,在中国你是实在没钱了才会回家去住,以前都是在外面住的。你这样做都是为了我们呀。你太太因为需要太多的钱,还要现金,你拿不出来。据你说,由于我的原因,你已经彻底和太太分局了,搬出来和父母住了。我当时真的好内疚呀,终于做了自己所不齿 的那种人!

    但是还有更荒唐的,你以前叫我给中国Z 城的一个人wire过几次钱,你说是你在中国的工程师。但其实呢?是你在 Z城欠下的另一笔风流债而已,那个女孩子从19岁开始跟着你,连孩子都生了。结果呢?

    如果不是你这次急吼吼的要回中国去,我还会继续蒙在鼓里呢。你真的是去和venture谈判吗?怎么会一家7 口,老老小小的去烟台旅游呢?我打去电话的时候,你一定很吃惊吧,温柔的小猫怎么发威了。那是因为我真的心痛到爆炸了。我究竟变成了什么样子?连我自己都认不出了。你说我 push you to the corner,但你又让我置身何处呢?

    我爱你到失去自我,失去一切,结果又怎么样呢,不过是更多的谎言 。






    最糟糕的是和他在一起,常常不得不配合他虚荣伪善的表演,明明自己没车没房,开一辆二老板白送的二手车,和女朋友挤在临时旅馆里,还要告诉所有的人自己住在犹太人的富人区,当然爱清洁把快 10年的免费旧车打扮的光洁一新是好习惯,值得表扬。自己升级"读"名校不算,嫌女朋友工作不在大公司,干脆直接让我继续"读"名校了。用他自己的话,他早就是犹太财团的合伙人,但是那个公司常驻人员只有两个老板加两个合伙人的儿子各一个,还经常全部不在办公室,哦当然还有徐雄伟先生这位身为契儿的重要"合伙人"啦,但不知道为什么他拿不到分成,不知道从什么时候开始连工资也没有一分了呢?徐先生总是教育我,要做事要善始善终,但是借我的 social开了移动电话,打出了几千块美金的欠费他就忙的没时间替我善终了,当然他忙也是为了"我们"的明天,我应该理解配合,"cuz no big deal"将来有钱了 "couple hundred bucks, an attorney can settle this!" 为了做生意光鲜,去off saks和nordstorm买suits, burberry,calvin klein 和joseph abboud 是搞定了,付帐的时候为了省钱,(saks有很大的first time discount),要女朋友开store 的 account。因为徐先生自己的credit 是肯定过不了关的,以前欠帐被 collection company追的上法庭,但还是咬着牙没还钱。连checking account都不敢开,因为一开就被冻住,已经两次了,当然冻住也没多少,每次余额不超过500块。要不也不会要我去给中国Z 城的W 姑娘和他们共同的女儿汇钱,当然告诉我的时候W已经摇身变成他雇佣的工程师了,造人工程师乎?至于他每回中国必戴的犹太人yarmukles小帽子不过是他的心理护身符罢了。他有一张戴着yarmukle的照片还上中国报纸了呢,上海商报 2005年 11月3日,星期四 A23版,有兴趣的去瞻仰一下,当然这张照片距离全面展示他的风采还差的太远。而且这距离他的梦想登上Times 的Cover 还差的很远,但在他和他众多亲爱的记者朋友的努力之下,也算向着目标迈进了吧。实话实说,他可以说是个独具风神的男性,也确实有点才华,但是做人就太哎呀了。又扯远了,不过终于大澈大悟之后,多点感慨也正常吧。很多时候,身陷其中的时候不察觉,突然醒悟后,往回看看过去的一切又是那么难以令人置信的滑稽,当然我早已痛的笑不出了。转回话题,还是希望下一个不幸被他俘获的猎物能鉴定一下,徐先生是不是至少从外观可辩的形式上 converted to jewish 了。据我这个外行所知,大多数的犹太教派对circumcision还是要求的吧?当然他回来美国就不带敢戴yarmukles了,到了犹太人聚居的大城市更是连下飞机时本来戴的好好的也要摘掉,因为有很多正统的orthodox jewish ,被看到不合规矩的行为是会被围起来羞辱吐口水的(我自己没见过,是他讲给我听的哦)。令我最最尴尬的还是当着我的面,在他唯一的好朋友 Z先生面前替我搬家到高尚住宅区,升级到名校,连作业paper都替我安排好了!我真的无言以对呀,找地缝儿又没有,只能傻笑,真的很抱歉,其实您没发现我当时已经结结巴巴举无错了吗?也顺便非常抱歉一下自己在冲动的时候给别人造成的很多不便。

    呼呼,傻女的这样一场恶梦终于醒了。我知道徐雄伟先生在看了这篇东西之后会怎么形容我,甚至我可以想象在他的下一个猎物发现这一切的时候,徐先生在试图挽回的时候会怎样的声情并茂的把我归入众多个毁掉他一生的 evil女性之中。言犹在耳呀!可我没有别的选择,被他"push to the corner"的时候,我只能从"恶"如流。


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    发信人: madisonwolf (麻婆豆腐), 信区: Overseas
    标 题: Re: 我的爱恨情愁,祭奠我失去的青春,兼揭露一个丑恶的男人
    发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Aug 29 20:34:53 2006)

    干爹的公司也在GREAT NECK,NY
    名称 RIMCO. LLC 很小的房地产公司


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    alternative source

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    University of Beijing

    Beijing University's English professors suddenly noticed a big problem of the name of the school. According to an August 28, 2006 Huachen News article, Beijing University will 'formalize' its name to 'University of Beijing'. Study by Beijing University scholars showed that in English, 'Beijing University' sounds like an oral simplification, while 'University of Beijing' sounds formal (and prestigious).

    The Seagull found this very funny; but the sad part of the story was that it's not a joke. The Seagull learned this news from XYS.

    Monday, August 28, 2006

    Revenge of the iPods City

    The Mail on Sunday articles 'iPod City' on June 11, 2006 and 'The iPod's Incredible Journey' on June 15, 2006 portrayed an unbelievable chilling working condition where iPods were made in a mainland China company run by Taiwan based Foxconn.

    Apply launched an investigation, and subsequently found 'no problem' based on it's suppliers' code of conduct.

    On June 15, 2006, a Chinese Business News (CBN) article detailed violations of Chinese labor laws in the Hon Hai Precision Industry's Foxconn plant.

    On August 18, 2006, Apple found the plant violated it's code of conduct.

    Even though the Taiwan-based Foxconn admitted labor law violations, it went on to take the two Chinese journalists, editor Wong Bao and reporter Wang You, to the court, asking 30 million RMB Yuan. As a procedure of the civil lawsuit filed at the Shenzhen Middle People's Court, Foxconn had the court freeze personal properties of the two journalists.

    The whole case was bazaar in the sense that CBN was not the news agency originally broke out the story (which was the British media), nor is it the only Chinese media ran report on the overtime work situation at Foxconn. It was targeted anyway. Even more, Chinese law protected journalist from legal retaliation by only allowing the news agency, not the individual to be sued (article 6 of the Supreme Court's 'Opinion on defamation cases' in 1993), but the journalists was sued as individual anyway in this case.

    The Hon Hai Precision ranked 206 in this years Forbes 500. Foxconn has partnership with Apple, Motorola, Nokia, IBM and Sony, etc.

    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    A Journalist's Conjecture

    A professor of business journalism at the Columbia University, Sylvia Nasar has been known for her emotional writing style, as evident in her award winning book 'A Beautiful Mind' on American mathematician John Forbes Nash. However, her recent New Yorker article on the grand prusuite of a proof of the Poincare Conjecture was a controversy on journalism ethics. The article was titled MANIFOLDDESTINY---A legendary problem and the battle over who solved it. It was published on August 28, 2006.

    Probably resonant on the lonely journey of Nash, Nasar felt an obligation in proving the deserveed credit to a reclusive Russian mathemacian Perelman. Perelman drew attention around the world after he posted on Internet three notes in 2002 and 2003. The Poincare Conjecture is a foundamental math problem with broad applications. It is also one of seven millennuim problems selected by the Clay Institution with a one million dollors award each. Many mathematicians consider Parelman's notes, although incomplete, elimiated the last obsticle in the path set by Hamilton. Parelman declined the Fields Medal awarded to him by the IMU. The Fields Medal is seen as the equivalent of Nobel Prize in mathematics. Not to metioned that he lost his position at a St. Petersburg research institute not long ago.

    Although people agree the importance of Parelman's notes, not everyone agree on the weight of the importance. Parelman did not give a idea on how to solve a key issue of the proof, but did not give any detailed work. As a more than 100 years old problem, other people also contributed to the proof. Among them, Yau, Hamilton and Thuson are the pomient ones.

    Yau, a Fields Medal receipent, is a founder of string theory. Hamilton developped the Racci Flow, which was immediately noticed by Yau to be a long-awaited tool to solve the Poincare Conjecture. Yau encouraged Hamilton to work on the Conjecture. Yau also advaocated among his Chinese followers to work on the Conjecture with Racci Flow. Parelman's notes pointed out he actually solved the problem with a smart technique on Racci Flow. Mathematicians around the world had been excited on Parelman's notes, but few could tell whether it's correct or not. In 2003, two independent groups of top mathematicians contracted by the Clay Institute to study the correctness and completeness of Parelmans's notes. In 2004, another group of mathematicians were sponsored by the NSF to join the effort. The third group C-Z was able to present a complete proof first in 2006 with a 328 pages publications on the Asian Journal of Mathematics, of which Yau is the chief-eidtor. Yau considers C-Z's finished the last brick in the building of mansion. In science, people often say the details is the devil. Many common sense has never been pproved by serious proof, or may never be.

    Nasar disagrees. In order to give all credits to Parelman, she has to remove Yau from the picture, which would be hard. In stead of confronting Yau's contribution, she lauched a smear campaign by throwing personal attacks and making up rumors. In an article presumbly about the Poincare Conjecture, Nasar threw in a lengthy story telling on personal disputes between Yau and one of his students, as well as Yau's ambitious to replace late Chern as Chinese leader in the math world.

    Nasar understood negative comments from Yau's enemies did not build a good case, and that she had to go the dark force. In a move doomed to stun the world, Nasar posed herself as a Yau's fans to approach Yau's friends and collaborators seeking their opinions on Yau. Their commenets were exploited in a smear compaign against Yau in her New Yorker Article. After the article was published, her interviewees were furious to find what's in the print. Alas, too late.

    Nasar devided her article into three parts, of which the thrid part was totally used on personal attackes on Yau, build on comments from Dr. San Stoock of MIT. In the interview when Nasar posed as a fans of Yau, Stoock told her that he was worried on Yau, because of his courage in fighting with corruptions. When the comments came to print in Nasar's article, it trunned to a total smear against Yau. No one explained it better than Stoock's own Statement,


    I, like several others whom Sylvia Nasar interviewed, am shocked and angered by the article which she and Gruber wrote for the New Yorker. Having seen Yau in action during his June conference on string theory, Nasar led me to believe that she was fascinated by S-T Yau and asked me my opinion about his activities. I told her that I greatly admire Yau's efforts to support young Chinese mathematicians and to break down the ossified power structure in the Chinese academic establishment. I then told her that I sometimes have doubts about his methodology. In particular, I told her that, at least to my ears, Yau weakens his case and lays himself open to his enemies by sounding too self-promoting.

    As it appears in her article, she has purposefully distorted my statementand made it unforgivably misleading. Like the rest of us, Yau has his faults, but, unlike most of us, his virtues outweigh his faults. Unfortunately, Nasar used my statement to bolster her case that the opposite is true, and for this I cannot forgive her.

    Michael Anderson of the SUNY Stony Brook was another victim of Nasar. Returnned from a Eurpoean trip, Anderson was furious finding his candit comments was misquoted by Nasar in her article:

    Dear Yau,

    I am furious, and completely shocked, at what Sylvia Nasar wrote. Her quote of me is completely wrong and baseless. There are other factual mistakes in the article, in addition to those you pointed out.

    I have left her phone and email messages this evening and hope to speak to her tomorrow at the latest to clear this up. I want her to remove this statement completely from the article. It serves no purpose and contains no factual information; I view it as stupid gossip unworthy of a paper like the New Yorker. At the moment, the print version has not appeared and so it might be possible to fix this still. I spent several hours with S. Nasar on the phone talking about Perelman, Poincare, etc but it seems I was too naive (and I'm now disgusted) in believing this journalist would report factually.

    I regret very much this quote falsely attributed to me and will do whatever I can to have it removed.

    I will keep you informed as I know more.

    Yours, Michael

    What exactly have been said behind that closed doors would probably be a Rashomon. That might be a tape recorder silently rotating, but we may not know the contents for another hundred years. There could be many cheap execuses such as third party privacy, confidentiality or simply protection of her source. But what's in the article has ireversably stired the otherwise silient world of mathematicians. Questions have been bouncing around nonetheless: "Where is the integrety?"

    Less than a month ago, the Reuters fired a contract photographer on a doctered photo with intensified black smoke rising from debrits in Beiruit after Isreal bombing. The one million dollor question is, do they teach Journalism Ethics at Columbia?