Saturday, April 28, 2012

Goddess of the Great FireWall

Jane Wangjia Yan, educated in the University of Pennsylvania, becomes the new chief of the Great FireWall, succeeding Mr.Fang Binxing. Rumor has it that Fang was sacked because of his involvement in a coup conspiracy.

Yan is a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC, roughly corresponding to the Senate, or Upper House).

Yan is the founder and CEO of Venusinfo Technology Ltd since 1996. Yan's official resume claimed she earned a PhD in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania in 2006. However, many of the propaganda materials released by the official news agencies described she studied at the Wharton School. It is not clear why or how Wharton, a business school, awarded a PhD in Computer Science to Yan.

According to propaganda materials, after graduating from Temple University with a Master's Degree in Computer Science, Yan went on graduate study U Penn under Dr. Moore. 21 years old, she became the head of the Analyst Group, and operates the Wharton Computer Center. Her responsibility include "planning, management of the entire business school network, hardware and software acquisition, data and system security, business data transmission encryption, and networking and communications around the world over various security measures and heterogeneous platforms."

Yan's successful company with ties to the State Information Control Center hosted many important guests. President Jiang Zemin visited Yan's company in 2000. President Hu Jintao visited in 2003.

Yan likes jade. She filled her office with pieces of jade. She looks beautiful. Thanks to this western educated, good looking southern woman, 1.3 billion Chinese were kept in digital darkness behind the Great FireWall of China.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

University of Chicago Professor Vocal in Chinese Politics

Professor Zhao Dingxin of the University of Chicago recently wrote about the micro-blog service in China. Sina's weibo is a knockoff of Twitter, which is banned in China. Zhao pointed out that because of the implementation differences in technical details, weibo is more dangerous than Twittter in subverting a government.

Chinese government recently arrested over a thousand people for 'spreading rumors' on weibo. This week, many outspoken celebrates found their weibo accounts closed.

Zhao also joined network criticism to youth leader Han Han. Zhao accused Han Han of using ghost writers. Han Han is believed the most dangerous voice against government corruption in China, and the most influential among young generations.

Filipinos Have a better Embassy

Well, not exactly, not the building for sure, but they do have a diplomatic delegation who actually cares for their benefits.

The Philippines ambassador to the US condemned former D.C. mayor Marion Barry's offensive remarks on Filipino nurses in hospital the capital area. Marion Barry, a Democratic party member, said in a public hearing that 'If you go to the hospital now, you'll find a number of immigrants who are nurses, particularly from the Philippines'. He went on to urge the University to train more 'black' nurses. The National Federation of Filipino American Association also blasted Barry's remarks as 'racist' and 'bigoted'.

A few days ago, Barry called to drive Chinese stores out of D.C., and replace them with black shops. The Chinese ambassador ordered the entire embassy and local Chinese leaders to hold their breath and not making a sound. Barry is a frequent of the Chinese embassy in D.C., and is referred to as an 'old friend' of Chinese people.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Credit Card Fraud and Tempering with Witnesses on the side of a Rape Case

New rumors surfaced regarding the Peng Tang rape case in Iowa City, first appeared on the Renren, which alleges:

  1. Tang's roommate was sued by Tang for stealing his credit card shortly before the rape incident;
  2. After Tang's parents arrived in the US amid the rape change, the roommate advised Tang's parents, who were not familiar with US laws that they could pay the rape victim for lesser charges;

Network rumors has it that it was this same roommate who tipped the police the negotiation between Tang's parents and the rape victim. Subsequently, both of Tang's parents were thrown behind bars.

Chinese Talent Died of Suicide

A gifted Chinese engineer hanged himself in his own garage on April 6, 2012, according to online report.

Qinggen Wang was a principle engineer at PayPal, a company often known for good benefits and low work pressure.

Wang was a star even before he entered College, when he earned a Gold Medal in Chemistry Olympiad held in Paris in 1990. Chinese President Jiang Zeming and Premier Li Peng met with the winning group.

After graduated from Nanjing University with a B.S. in Chemistry, Wang continue to earn a PhD in Chemistry from Stanford University in 2001 and a Master's Degree in Computer Science. In nine years at PayPal, Wang climbed his way up to Principle Software Engineer. An online ID hodge80 posted a message at 10:32 on April 29, 2009 that he/she heard from the No. 3 County Hospital that Wang developed mental illness in the US. Another ID xiaosanzi007 echoed a few hours later that he/she also heard of that rumor.

Wang is survived by his wife and two kids, age 10 and 7.

An online ID posted on Huaren that Wang's depression was a result of work pressure, and that Wang's boss was very rude.

One poster 'linuxbeginer' of MITBBS said his boss was an Indian. Another poster 'frid' of HUAREN indicated his boss was said to be a Chinese. Other posters confirmed his boss being a Chinese, who joined Paypal a few years later than Wang.

Co-workers and friends remember Wang as an 'extremely' nice person, who never hesitate to offer a hand to anyone who asks.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Titanic of China

While Cameron released a newly remade 3-D version of his classic Titanic, many Chinese movie goers still have fresh memory of DASHUN, a 9000 tons ferry who sank on Nov 24, 1999 near Yantai, Shangdong Province. Of 304 on-board, 283 did not make it alive. Only one female passenger were among the 22 survivors. No seniors nor children were rescued from rough sea.

In addition to blunders made by the ferry company, the performance of PLA Navy and Air Force was criticized by observers. It took more than 8 hours for fire to burn down the 9000 tons ship merely 1 mile offshore. Through out the time, the Navy and Air Force refused to dispatch airplanes for rescue, even though the Fifth Wing of PLA Air Force, and the Northern Sea Fleet of PLA Navy were only stationed at distance of a stone's throw away.

At 19:30, top brasses in Beijing ordered five ships of the PLA Navy Rescue Fleet to respond. Unbelievably, one reported engine failure, thus couldn't start. Another lost power before leaving the port. The third one barely sailed out the port before it got lost. The fourth one reported high wave, then returned to safety. A lonely 686 carried on in the journey.

At 21:38, DAXUN sanked 100 meters away from PLA Navy 686. None onboard 686 attempted to rescue except shooting life ropes down the sea. Of the 22 survivors, none were saved by PLA Navy. Contrary to reports of a severe snowstorm often cited as the main obstacle in rescue, the weather was at a mild 7 Celsius (44.6 Fahrenheit), and there was no snow until 8 o'clock the next morning.

Much can be blamed on training and ethics of the PLA soldiers and officers. However, the maritime tragedy carried an undertone of a bigger issue, both political and philosophical of the PLA Navy.

While the ferry company and local government asked the PLA Navy to send large ships for assistance in rescue, they were told all larger ships were out training. However, given the geographic location of the area, obviously that would not be the case. The PLA Navy has the tradition to keep larger boats away from any risks. As a result, all five boats, 681、683、684、685,686 are 300-400 tons gun boats, sub hunters and even a tug boat.

On January 19, 1974, six Chinese sub hunters defeated a South Vietnamese task force of 3 destroyers and 1 frigate. At the time, China had many destroyers, but rather opted much smaller sub hunters.

On March 14, 1988, in another conflict with Vietnam, Commodore Chen Weiwen ordered three Chinese warships open fire. Six islands were recovered, but Chen was blocked from promotion till he retired in 1995.

It seemed no picture was left of the capsized DASHUN. Can Chinese people count on this navy to face off against regional rivals such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan or India?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Practicing of Journalism Demonstrated by an AP reporter

Greg Risling is a reporter with the Associated Press. In the AP story authored by Greg Risling, he described the car the two slain Chinese students were riding was a 'brand new $60,000'. The '$60,000 BMW' reference has a heavy undertaking in both US and China.

In the US, in the middle of the deepest recession in any people's memory, wealthy kids riding $60,000 from foreign countries, especially China, the largest lender to the US economy and the often demonized communist regime, the victims can expect little sympathy. Perhaps worse, should have feared for their lives in the first place. For example, 27 year old Vincent Chin was beaten to death in 1982 in Detroit by a group of American. Chin, a Chinese, was killed on the street because he was mistaken as a Japanese. At the time, Japanese cars gained market share in the US. The killers walked free from both federal and state courts.

In China, in an era when wealth is the alias for power abuse and corruption, the wealthy class is hated by the general public alike. A victim from a wealthy family will receive no sympathy, but ridiculing and mocking.

The 'brand new $60,000 BMW' in AP's story was indeed a 2003 3 series purchased by the victim with 77,418 miles on it.

Many people familiar with the victims wrote to Greg Risling regarding the erroneous reporting. However, Greg refused to issue a correction. In an email exchange with a Chinese journalism student which is posted online, Greg wrote, AP wouldn't issue a correction until 'the story has fallen out of cycle'.

The AP story with the $60,000 BMW was picked up by numerous print media, radio and TV reports in the US, and in China. After many complaints by friends of the victims, the AP still refused to publish a correction. Even though Greg Risling was forced to admit the wrong reporting after a friend of the victim produced the registration of the case, the AP still refused to publish this information. Greg Risling threatened the Chinese journalism student at Columbia University not to inform the public his admission of mistake 'in any language'.

In a layman's eyes, this explicit manipulation of news to stir public interests is despicable. However, Anyone familiar with American journalism will not have trouble to find resemblance in WTVT-TV, v. Jane Akre.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiger Parents Jailed over Witness Tempering

Peng Tang of Iowa City was arrested on charges of rape and kidnap.

Not much details have been released by the police. Based on reporting of local media and posts on Chinese websites, Tang contacted a female Chinese student's apartment after reading her sublease advertisement on a local Chinese forum. Tang bound and raped the woman while she was showing him the room on March 29, 2012. Police said Tang arrived at the apartment at 8:00 pm, a little late for the appointment he had made with the woman for between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. Tang asked to view the bedroom. After entering the bedroom, Tang closed the door behind them and locked it. He grabbed the woman's hands behind her back and handcuffed them. Tang then stuffed her with a towel. After raped the woman and forced oral sex, Tang made her to take expressive poses with no clothes on. Tang took many pictures, with her face showing. He then threatened the woman that if she went to police or anyone else, he would post these photos online. "Don't do stupid things," Tang told the woman. "Today, you played along well, and we were happy."

Police recovered a set of handcuffs and keys, more than 10 pars of women's underwear, four bras, two bra straps, a knife, and Viagra pills from Tang's residence.

Iowa City Path reported it was unclear whether Tang was a Chinese national, because he was not registered as a student at the time. Posts on Chinese forums said the man was kicked out by University of Iowa.

Both of Tang's parents, 57 year old Xufan Tang and 49 year old Li Qiao, were arrested and placed behind bars after they were found to have made attempts to bribe the victim to change her story. After arriving on April 5, 2012, the couple of Qingdao, Shangdong Province, sought help from the local Chinese Church of Iowa City.

The parents obvious unlawful conduct, might have come from misunderstanding of the differences between the Chinese and American judicial systems. In China, the court would encourage the family of an alleged offender to contact the victim and offer financial assistance. The financial assistance would often be cited in the final ruling as a factor of consideration in criminal sentencing. Although Chinese laws also prohibit asking witnesses or victims to provide false testimony, but that is usually a natural consequence after a private deal is reached on the amount of financial assistance to the victim. The revision to the Code of Criminal Procedure, which was approved one month ago, recognized agreement on civil compensation as a factor for reduced sentencing in criminal procedure. This negotiation on compensation could be initiated by one of three parties: 1) the offender and the victim; 2) families, friends and attorneys of both sides; 3) the court.

On Friday, April 13, Tang entered a plead of not guilty on charges of first-degree kidnapping by a written arraignment.

Xi Jinping visited Iowa on his trip to the US two months ago.

Victim's Family No Common People

The woman victim, Wu Ying, of USC shooting was found to be no common people. The father, Wu Xiyong, is the captain of the notorious Political Team of the Wuling District Police Bureau in Changde, Hunan. The mother is also a state official.

The 'Political Team' is an elite force, dedicated to persecution of political dissidents.

Official media in China does not report Wu Xiyong's name, but instead used a fake name Wu Yongxin, when reporting the tragedy. Also Wu was reported by official media a common policeman, not a captain of the 'Political Team'.

In the past few days, the sentiment on Chinese websites within mainland boundaries had switched drastically from showing sympathy to praising karma. Many posted published past reporting of Mr. Wu Xiyong torturing political dissidents, some over 80 years old, citing official media reports in the form of recognition of Mr. Wu's loyalty to the Party.

Every life is precious, especially a 23 year old young woman. In this case, the girl was described by her friends and USC contemporaries to be smart, diligent and living a disciplined and prudent life. A student of lower level emotionally recounted how Wu helped him in life and coursework after Miss Wu's death. Also, Miss Wu returned her home late that night because she was working on a group project until after midnight.

On the other hand, it's a time for the ruling class, the communists party of China, and all enforcing personnel to reflect on the future. They of course, shouldn't set up an oversize wok, and only to find themselves in the middle of it the next moment.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mainstream Media in the USA Spin Over Death of Chinese Students

There is not a Central Propaganda Department in the United States, but the thoughts and conducts of the mainstream media often puzzle Chinese who came from a regime which does have one. It seems a mission of this Department of Propaganda of the USA is to demonize Chinese.

Two Chinese students, were fatally shot near USC campus. Ying Wu and Ming Qu, both 23 year old, were graduate students studying electrical engineering.

The mainstream media in the US reported the incident, with a few spins. Associated Press, Television stations FOX News, WSBT and KTLA, and print media San Francisco Chronicle alike reported described a 'brand new $60,000 BMW' double parking in front of the woman's house after midnight. US media painted the tragedy as irresponsible wealthy kids who forgot safety rules and ignored time.

The truth is, as recounted by a classmate, the two students were working on a group research project due in two weeks for class EE586L Advanced DSP Laboratory at Building EEB B10. The car is a 2002 BMW 3 series bought used at $12,000, a typical graduate student car. The girl shared a tiny apartment with another student at $500 a month each. She often rode bicycle back from the lab, although this time she got a ride from the boy.

发信人: minicoooper (god bless us!), 信区: Military
标 题: 我所认识的吴颖姐——仅以此文悼念一直照顾我的学姐[zz]
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Thu Apr 12 08:58:01 2012, 美东)

来源: 童志的日志


初认识吴颖姐是上个学期。那个时候我初到USC。我在那个学期选了一门我并不太熟悉的课EE450。当时最后要做一个project。我因为之前一直忙于一门负担很重的课,加之本科真的不是Network方向的,对于project真的是一筹莫展,不知如何下手。于是去TA office hours,当时TA被一个印度女生缠住了,TA旁边坐着一个看起来挺文静的女生。我于是就先向这位女生请教了几个基本的问题。这位女生就是吴颖姐。吴颖姐当时很细致地回答了我的问题,还现场演示给我看程序的运行情况。我之前一直认为女生读工程类专业都不会太可靠,但是那一天吴颖姐颠覆了我的固有观念。就这样,我对吴颖姐有了一个基本的良好印象。


Project初期需要给professor proposal。我们想做得有点创新性,但是一时半会又没有什么好主意。我先提议说做pupil tracking,但是被professor否决了。正当烦恼的时候,一天见到吴颖姐,吴颖姐说我们做American Sign Language Recognition吧,做出来的话还可以帮助残疾人和正常人交流。我当时觉得这主意挺好的,Professor也觉得很有意思,但是问了一句:你们之中有任何人懂American Sign Language吗?吴颖姐说:不会我可以学嘛,有教学视频的。Professor微笑着点了点头。

于是我们的project就起航了。做project的间隙或者一起回家的时候,我也有和吴颖姐聊天。吴颖姐问我住哪。我说我住在学校北面,虽说远了点,但是安全。吴颖姐说,她住西边,和一朋友share room,一个月房租才500多美元。我当时还劝吴颖姐不要住西边,不太安全,也不要share room,会影响休息。吴颖姐说,这样节省钱啊。我当时就没说什么了,觉得出来读书,这样想着为家里节省钱真的很值得敬佩。



这周我接到的任务又很重,EE586L的project还有2周就要due了,但是我没有办法全身心的投入到这个project。我跟吴颖姐说这周能不能多承担一点EE586L的project。吴颖姐依然欣然答应了。所以昨天晚上,吴颖姐才会和我的朋友在EEB B10一直做project直到很晚很晚。




※ 来源:·WWW 未名空间站 海外: 中国:·[FROM: 173.48.]

(2012-04-12 06:35:12)


  1. 被害双方在来USC近两年的时间里,一直生活节俭,每学期都各自与其他同学合租房子,共用卧室,以节省房租。而女生更是为了把房租降到最低,选择了相对不太安全的学校西边居住。
  2. 被害双方来美已经近两年的时间里,一直没有买车。本学期由于即将毕业找工作需要,遇难男生花一万美金于二手车行购买了03年已行驶八万英里的二手宝马轿车。该车之所以被误认为新车,是因为遇难者至今未收到正式车牌,仍然在使用车行临时广告牌照。而遇难女生至今仍未买车。
  3. 惨案发生的时间为2012年4月11日约凌晨一点。当时被害女生于学校实验室做完实验,男生开车送女生回家时遇难。



Update: LAPD announced that two suspects had been arrested with link to this case. Twenty year-old Bryan Barnes and nineteen year-old Javier Bolden, both African American, were arrested by a task force of LAPD, FBI and ATF on Jan 17, 2013.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates; 2 Hours Later

Well, the country and the people kept the secret, until the official Xinhua News Agency released an authorized statement from the Party: Neil Heyood (aka Nick Wood in China) was murdered by Bo Xilai's wife Gu Kailai on Nov 15, 2011, over business dispute with Gu and Bo's son Bo Guagua, a Harrow/Oxford/Harvard student. Gu was under investigation by the judicial system.

When Gu Kailai (the official Xinhua news referred to her as Bo-Gu Kailai), an attorney at law, visited the US 15 years ago on a business trip, her US partners described her as the 'Jackie Kennedy of China'. Now, she will be remembered the murderer edition of Jackie Kennedy.

That had been the secret kept well by the millions of people for two months. Wang Lijun tipped off the case to the US officials when he walked in the US Consulate in Chengdu. Wang, the former police chief in Chongqing and a henchman of Bo, was investigating Heywood's death, when he was threatened by Bo, the Party chief in Chongqing. Several detectives were killed or detained by Bo before Wang's walk-in.

In the two months leading to this night, officials were informed of the case in a layer-by-layer fashion from top to bottom. The County-level officials were given a heads up of roughly two hours. Every one of them, millions in total, kept the secret until the official announcement from the Xinhua News. The heads up, from two months to two hours, is the symbol of their ranking over the common people, a power hierarchy they sworn to protect.

Reading between the lines:
Following the official Xinhua News announcement, many Netizens offered their reading and interpretation of the otherwise dry and short statements. It is worth noting that:
1) Bo's son was linked;
2) Bo's wife is referred to as Bo-Gu Kailai, instead of the often used name Gu Kailai. Bo himself is implicated in accusations against his wife; also hinted Gu held foreign passport (therefore no death sentence);
3) It must be something bigger than a business dispute: may it be political, or it may be personal (of romantic nature);
4) A task force 'reviewed' the murder case investigation originally initiated by Wang Lijun and confirmed Wang's findings;
5) Heywood's Chinese wife might have played a role in the case, so much about the tiger wife's fantasy after Rupert Murdoch's Chinese wife fenced off an attacker in the hearing at the House of Commons.
6) Another name Mr. Zhang Xiaojun was cited as Bo's Butler, when referring to the murder case. With the speculation that Heywood being Bo Guagua's butler, it seemed we had a case of a butler killed by a butler, both serving the same family.

Gu Kailai (born 1960) is the fifth daughter of PLA General Gu Jingsheng. Her mother Fang Chengxiu is a decedent of Fan Zhongyan. Gu graduated from Beijing University with a Bachelor's Degree in Law and a Mater Degree in International Politics. Gu is Bo's second wife.

A Secret Kept by Ten Million People

Political outsiders are often amazed at how well the Communists Party manages to keep secrets. For example, Lin Biao was the No. 2 in the Party hierarchy when he fled the country and crashed in Mongolia in 1971. In the next two months, the great majority of Chinese still saw Lin as a top leader, and the official successor to Chair Mao Zedong, while the Party gradually rolled out the secret layer by layer in a top-down manner.

Now, two months after Wang Lijun, the then deputy mayor and former police chief, walked into the US Consulate in Chengdu, it seems the Party had been rolling out the information in an exact same manner. Many reported on the weibo that county-level officials, there are millions of them in China, were called out for close door meetings at night to be informed of the incident.

In a sense, it seems the party officials were still living in the era of 40 years ago, as some Netizens lamented on weibo. But what is truly amazing is that it seems the great majority of Chinese, party members or not, are still living in the era of 40 years ago, too. They are really good in keeping a secret, when they are told so by the Party.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

He Is Not One of Them

Former House Speaker and Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich visited a local college in Frederick, Maryland the day before the GOP Primary.

The once upon a time History and Geography professor of another small college was not welcomed on campus of the small liberal arts college. Some professors went on record to air their disagreement and anger to hosting the public event. Some led demonstrations inside and out of the auditorium when Newt was giving the talk.

Had Newt granted tenure in 1978, we probably wouldn't be seeing any of these. However, it is clear that birds of a feather flock together.

Another Korean Student, Another School Shooting

A school shooting was reported early today at a small religious school, Oikos University in Oakland, California. The last time a school shooting with this magnitude of casualty took place five years ago on April 16, 2007. A Korean gunman, a former student, Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded 25 others with a Clock 19 and a Walther P22 on campus of Virginia Tech. Today, another Korean gunman, a former student, One L. Goh killed 7 people and wounded 3 others with a handgun.

Media reported Goh as a 43 years old male Korean-American. Goh stopped taking class about 3 months ago. The Scallywag & Vagabond said Goh demanded his former classmates to line up against the blackboard. Goh fired a shot at one student's check at point blank range before 'spraying bullets' around in the room.

Goh fled the scene then gave himself to the police without an incident.

Oikos University is not accredited by a regional accreditation agencies.

Korean, handgun and classroom, what a deadly recipe.

Top 25 Universities by R&D Spending in FY 2010

  1. Johns Hopkins ($2.004 billion)
  2. University of Michigan Ann Arbor ($1.184 billion)
  3. University of Wisconsin Madison ($1.029 billion)
  4. University of Washington Seattle ($1.023 billion)
  5. Duke ($983 million)
  6. UCSD ($943 million)
  7. UCLA ($937 million)
  8. UCSF ($936 million)
  9. Stanford ($840 million)
  10. U Penn ($836 million)
  11. Pittsburgh ($822 million)
  12. Columbia ($807 million)
  13. Minnesota ($786 million)
  14. Penn State ($770 million)
  15. North Carolina ($755 million)
  16. Ohio State ($755 million)
  17. Cornell ($750 million)
  18. Washington University ($696 million)
  19. California ($694 million)
  20. Texas A&M ($690 million)
  21. Florida($682 million)
  22. UC Davis ($680 million)
  23. MIT ($677 million)
  24. Yale ($624 million)
  25. GaTech ($616 million)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Shamed Korean Nominee Rejected

A Korean-American candidate to the associate justice at the New Jersey Supreme Court was shamed during the State Senate hearings and rejected in the end.

Phillip H. Kwon was a superb candidate to the post by professional aspects, with an array of high-flying positions from an clerk to a federal judge to a partner in top law firms, from experiences in US Attorney's Office to First Assistant Attorney General. However, Kwon was found lacking in personal life and ethics, in particular, his arrangement (or lacking arrangement) of his disabled father. Kwons were also questioned on their practice of 'structuring', that is breaking money into smaller account to avoid triggering IRS audit.

While Kwon insisted absolute wrongdoings, for any Asian-American under Confucianism, Kwon is a disgrace. Not because of his failure to grab a high judicial post, but because of what had been revealed in the hearings. That is definitely not a reflection of what Asian-American had been carrying down from generation to generation in thousands of years. And obviously, Mr. Kwon was not a representation of Asian-American. Asian-American community would be ashamed if he were seen as one.