Sunday, December 17, 2006

Top 7 Chinese College Students

Ma JiajueYunnan UniversityKilled five roommates, and lived with the bodies for days
Zhang LiangliangFudan University'Fudan Scissor-hands' Abused dozens of cats, took eyes
Wu YingyingBeijing Normal UniversityFake Resume to a never reached extreme
Liu HaiyangQinghua UniversityRain SO2 to bears in the Beijing Zoo
Xiang HaiqingShanghai Marine UniversityDefraud charity and government money for poverty education
Song HanmingBeijing UniversitySlayed kitty in school library
Li QianniShenzhen UniversityUse government to force graders watch movie made by her

HOPE Project Funds and Beijing University

September 29th, 2006 Beijing University awarded a May 4th medal to the widow of Li Zhiqiang, a gangster who was accidentally killed by a peddler. Li was hired by the local government to maintain the order of the street. On August 11, 2006, Li led a groups of mobs assaulted peddler Sun Yingjie, who failed to render a protection fee in time. Li was accidentally killed on the scene.

Beijing University made a mistake to award the 'May 4th' Medal, because 'May 4th' represents an 100 years tradition of young Chinese intellectuals in standing up against mafia ruling. In this case, Li was a contracted gang member, presenting a mafia government.

It was also reported that the metropolitan associate director of the HOPE Project Foundation, Mr. Xuan Deng presented 30,000 RMB to the deceased gangster's family. Regardless the nature of the death of the gangster, it is wrong to misuse donated education funds.

According to its project, HOPE Project Foundation is a registered charity to improve education for kids in poverty. When you make donations to the HOPE project next time, think about where is the money going.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cell Paper Retracted

Professor Ban-Yang Chang of the National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, China retracted a paper published in Cell. It was the first time a Taiwan based research group had paper published on the privileged journal.

A Russian Biology student noticed some of the figures of this paper were obviously photo-shopped, including repetitive pattern of copy & paste and clear edge looks like a result of drawing. A discussion on the Unknown Space (MITBBS), an oversea Chinese students online community revealed many of the group's previous publication on varies journals questionable. Cell requested the original test image, but the group failed to provide. After a committee recommend the retraction of the paper, Yu-Chan Chao, the Dean of the College of Life Sciences of National Chung Hsing University called the episode an "unfortunate case" and added that "the university will take this as a serious lesson for ethics education at all the colleges in the future." Professor Chang insisted on the conclusion of the paper.

Professor Chang set two No. 1 record among Taiwan based research groups in this incident: the first paper published in Cell, and the first paper retracted from Cell. The incident is also a rare case in the academic world when a well acclaimed study was taken down not by contest from established groups, but by questions raised anonymously on an online forum.

The paper in question was published by Cell on Oct 20, 2006. Hsin-Hsien Hsu, Kuei-Min Chung, Tsung-Ching Chen and Ban-Yang Chang, Role of the Sigma Factor in Transcription Initiation in the Absence of Core RNA Polymerase, Cell.

A time line of the incident assembled by ID 'sanger' of the MITBBS:
10/20/2006 The paper was published by Cell;
11/16/2006 ID 'yuuli' posted on MITBBS alleging academic fraud after his Russian lab-mate noticed the forgery of a key test image Figure 2C was doctored;
11/18/2006 ID 'motif' posted on MITBBS alleging another paper published by the group in JBC also used a doctored photos; ID 'tataat' alleged another paper published by the group in J Gen Virol (87, 1357-67, 2006) faked test data;
11/21/2006 Professor Chang denied the allegations, and accused mainland students lack of ethics and integrity education, which agonized the situation. Oversea mainland students frequent MITBBS 'Biology Board' called Cell for an investigation;
11/22/2006 Kuei-Min Chung, the first author of JBC paper published a rebuttal, in which he claimed the questioned photo was a result of compression, not forgery;
12/3/2006 Kuei-Min Chung acknowledged doctoring of photos;
12/13/2006 ScienceNow Daily News revealed the retraction of Cell paper

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cat Killer Update 2, Tintin's Picture

More pictures of the slain kitty surfaced on the Internet. We also learned her name, Tintin. Tintin was a three months old white kitty living by the Beijing University Library. When she went into the library, she was killed by an angry medical student of Beijing University Song Hanming. Song first stretched Tintin with one hand holding Tintin's tail and the other hand holding Tintin's head. Then Song smashed Tintin to the wall in front of a crowd of hundreds faculty and students. Tintin's blood and brain tissue was all over the giant reading room.

The cat killer Song Hanming is a student leader of Beijing University. He is in his 5th of medical program, and currently serves as a resident doctor in the University hospital. The University responded to a press frenzy that Mr. Song was an exemplary student with excellent grades. Song's mentor at Beijing University, Professor Li said Song was a model student, and that this was only an effective technique to release pressure often used by medical students at Beijing University. Beijing University asked the press to leave the student alone to his study.

The pictures were taken days before Tintin's death.

cat killer, update

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Manufacturer's Cost of A Made-in-China DVD Player

Although China made the most DVD players in the world, it does not own any of the core patents in this technology. After the MPEG group announced an extra $2.5 per piece patent licensing fee in May 2006, the patent licencing cost per made-in-China DVD player exceeds $20. In other words, the Chinese manufacturers pay more than $20 for each DVD players they made. And the licensing cost is still keep raising. Philips just submitted another batch of related patent to the Chinese patent office.

Consumer's final cost of a DVD player found on Froogle today:

Insignia™ DVD Player with MP3 Playback/JPEG Viewer $25.45Best Buy
Coby Compact DVD Player - DVD207 $29.99Target
SpectronIQ 1-disc Progressive Scan DVD Player $29.99Sears

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cat Killer Update, PKU fought back

The PKU library and the door of the room where the kitty was abused and killed when its head was smashed to the wall and left blood and brain tissues all over the place. PKU stated that Song was an exemplary student leader, a pride of PKU.

PKU alumni and alumnae around the world fight back the accusation that one of its medical student was heartless when he abused and killed a kitty in the school library in front of hundreds students and faculty.

Many reasoning have been suggested in the debate, including:
1) The initial handling of the kitty by the student Song Hanming, stretch the kitty with head in one hand and the tail in another hand was the typical training a medical student at PKU received in their first semester at school to kill, though it was regrettable that the student was not skillful enough to kill the kitty with one stretch;
2) A difference must be drawn between the behavior of a medical student and that of normal people, because a medical student would have to face death of animal and patients alike on a daily basis. Regardless the way Song abused and killed the kitty, it was only a reflection of Song's dedication to his career as a doctor, which requires no emotion in such circumstances;
3) Many people died of varies causes, and the death of a kitty really shouldn't have been raised to a level of public attention;
4) Animal killing is an essential component of higher education to instill confidence and self esteem;
5) Cat is not protected under current Chinese law;

Christmas Tree Removed from Seattle Airport

Reported by ABC News, 15 Christmas trees that had decorated the entrances of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for the last 25 years were removed last weekend under the looming a federal lawsuit of a Jewish advocate group.

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky requested the airport authority to put up an eight-foot menorah and hold a lighting ceremony in celebration of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, otherwise his group would sue the airport in federal court by making a connection between the menorah and the Christmas trees that had been put up by the Port Authority. The request made by Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky and the subsequent threatening of federal lawsuit were part of a otherwise successful campaign that had installed some 6,000 highly visible menorahs in public places across the country.

The president of the Seattle Port Commission, Patricia Davis, calling the tree-clearing 'regrettable'. She told the press: "We tried to come to some accommodation or some resolution and could not," she said. "They issued us several ultimatums and finally said they would sue is in federal court. … The time deadline was 10 a.m. Friday. … We were faced with the choice of spending unknown amounts of the public's money on litigation, or, in the next few days, trying to figure out how to accommodate all the cultures in our society." Craig Watson, chief lawyer for the Port of Seattle added, "We're not in the business of offending anyone and we're not eager to get into a federal lawsuit with anyone". Airport spokeswoman Betancourt said, the port did not have the time or budget to put up a culturally sensitive and inclusive holiday display, and that the port didn't want to be in litigation with the Jewish community."

Harvey Grad, the Rabbi's attorney was set to file the lawsuit Friday morning on behalf of Rabbi Bogomilsky. "There is no debate on this anymore," Grad said. "The menorah is something the Port is legally obligated to put up." "The law is clear regarding Christmas displays in public places - anyone wanting to put up an alternative display must be accommodated."

Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Cat Killer College Student

A Beijing University student killed a 3 month old kitty in front of his stunned classmates and professors in the school library by throwing the head of the cat to the wall after abusing it repeatedly in he library.

Like the Fudan Scissorhands Zhang Liangliang(a Fudan University student who gauged dozens of cat's eyes out with a pair of scissors, and tauted himself as Fudan Scissorhands), this Beijing University student Song Hanming is a student government official and 'excellent' student according to spokesperson of the Beijing University. Song's mentor Professor Li of Beijing University told reporters of Shanghai based Xinmin News that the student was loved by his peers in Beijing University.

Song Hanming 宋韩明 enrolled in the medical school of the Beijing University in 2002. He is a resident doctor at the Beijing University Hospital when he abused and killed the kitty in the school library in front of the crowd. According to Professor Li, medical students at Beijing University are under heavy academic pressure, and it was perfectly understandable to kill some animals, such as a couple of cats to release the pressure. Professor Li further pointed out that this had been proven as an effective measure in reducing cased of patients abuse committed by medical doctors produced by Beijing University.

Fudan Scissorhands, Update, Update 2

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dalian Court Postponed Jap Battery Case

An otherwise simple battery lawsuit has been sitting on the desk of the People's Court of the Zhongshan District of Dalian, Liaoning Province forever.

Two Chinese women were severely beaten by two Japanese businessmen on May 7, 2004 in the hotel they stayed. The women filed lawsuit on May 19, and the two Japanese were let go by the Dalian Police. Although the trail started on Dec 7th, 2005, the Dalian court put the sentencing on hold indefinitely. Although Dalian government is well know to be pro-Japanese business, but the stunning abuse of legal system on a simple assault case still amazed the Seagull.

Mr. Zhao Guosheng, the deputy chief judge of the court told reporters that there was no time limit on cases involving a foreign citizen according to the Chinese civil code, therefore, it is perfectly legal for the court to put the sentencing date on-hold forever.

In a separate incident, a veteran Wen Dianxin was mocked and humiliated in the People's Court of Jinzhou District in Dalin by the judges when he sued his employer, a Japanese company.

Mafia Bank Prepares IPO

The 'Mafia Nation' instilled $30 billion to prepare the 'Mafia Bank' for its IPO. The tax money will be used to pay bad loans and non-performing loans. A public available report shows by the end of year 2005, the Agricultural Bank of China has a bad loan ratio of 26.31, and that its non-performing loans topping $100 billion.

Now, in additional to robbing from its customers, the Agricultural Bank of China robs directly from people whoever unfortunately stuck in the mafia nation.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Nightmare in Nanking, A Documentary

Over 250,000 civilians were murdered, raped and slaughtered by Imperial Japanese Army after the then capital city of China, Nanking, fell in 1937. Now a documentary video on this event is available at, and the producer Dr. Rhawn Joseph's website

Awarding winning writer and historian Iris Chang's book 'Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II' can be purchased at bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Top 10 Chinese Internet Events in 2006

    Top 10 Chinese Internet Events in 2006
  1. Great Fire Wall accomplished;
  2. Government further tightened control over Internet communications;
  3. HYSIS scandal and Cell paper retraction
  4. Oversea Chinese students use Internet in fight with school administrations;
  5. MIT Chinese students protested Academic Fraud of Asian history professors;
  6. College students villains haunted down by Net mobs;
  7. A daughter accused her father of having mistress;
  8. Celebrity Blog Wars;
  9. Fast-made Internet Beauties;
  10. Net cop lost defamation cases;

Japanese Dragon Dancing

Dragon dance is a form of traditional dance often seen in festival celebrations in Chinese culture. In the opening ceremony of the Doha Asian Game however, audiences were surprised to see Dragon Dancing team representing the Japan.

Dragon is an imaginary creature in Chinese culture that rules the rivers and oceans. The Chinese emperor is often seen as dragon in another life form. Like Korea and Vietnam, Japan was heavily influenced by Chinese culture.