Thursday, April 28, 2011

China is not Tracing the Korean Path of Development

Journalist Liu Jian revealed on his mirco-blog, the top regulatory agency of product, including food, safety the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine had an exclusive farm in suburban Beijing. The 800 acres farm produce organic produce only, and is fully funded by the agency's operating budget. Agency employees and their families are allowed to pick produce from this farm. As a matter of fact, all government agencies had their own agricultural bases. No wonder why the government had been turning a blind eye to the food safety issue.

Earlier this year, the website of the cafeteria of the Agricultural Ministry bragged they use organic food only and no transgene produce at all, which contradict to the campaign launched by the Ministry to promote transgene food.

Scholars had predicted China would follow the path of South Korea. Both countries started with totalitarian regime, bitter students movement and cruel crack downs, and both on the way to prosperity. Seoul held the Olympic Game in 1988, when the country of South Korea's economy was about to take off. Beijing held it in 2004, while China's GDP almost doubled in a couple of years.

Also evident to the observation were the mass building quality issues South Koreans saw in the 1990s, including the collapse of a major bridge on the Han River, and a busy department store in Seoul. Experts attributed the problem to the poor quality control in the fast expansion of the economy take off. In China, the poor construction quality was blamed for the severe death toll of students in the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008.

However, looking closely, the two paths are not really parallel.

Both countries made breakthrough on the international market by a few major companies sponsored by the nation, such as the Samsung and Daewoo of Korea. However, China's successful companies are mostly resource producer with not much technical component.

Both country advocate against luxury life style. In Korea, the government suspended building high standard-ed building in the 1990s. In China, the government banned newspaper and advertising mentioning words such as 'luxury'.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Internet Mobs

Yao Jiaxin was sentenced to death. The Seagull advocated for Yao's capital punishment when signs indicated the court might go the other way. While many are celebrating the victory of people's voice, I am wailing for the lost of another life. This time, a life of a young man who has similar background as myself.

Almost the entire Chinese online community, left and right, mainland and overseas, shouted out loudly that Yao must die. Yao's crime was simply inexcusable. His car struck a person in a dark night. As nobody else was watching, Yao stabbed the person 8 times to kill her. The reason was Yao wanted to avoid medical liability.

Yao should die, as the Seagull had been preaching in the past 2 weeks. However, the Seagull felt the pain of Yao and Yao's own family. The difficult and cruel task of taking away another human's life shouldn't be the burden of a regular person. That's what the government is for. While common people were forced to make life and death decision on daily basis, what will that do to the mental health of this society?

Monday, April 25, 2011

China's Top Party School

'Party School' has different meaning in China, where the only Party is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Qinghua University celebrated its one hundred years anniversary last week. Some Chinese Netizens mocked the Qinghua a fake school, because the real Tsinghua University moved to Taiwan before the Communist party took over the government in 1949. Nonetheless, nobody can dispute that Qinghua is a top school, along Beijing University and few others of China, a country with 1.3 Billion population, known for highly motivated students in science and engineering.

Without citing official numbers, it's safe to say Qinghua University produced the most engineers and government officials for the communist China. A Qinghua admission equates to guarranteed positions in government agencies, the most coveted career in China. Since Qinghua's alum are in control of every level of government, it is said if a Qinghua graduated committed a murder, he would never be convicted because even prosecutors and judges are Qinghua alum, who are known for taking care of their peers.

Zhou ziqi is the founding president of Qinghua University. During the Great Cultural Revolution, Red Guards of Qinghua chopped his wife's head off, while forcing his daughter watching in the same room. His daughter went insane. This history has been censored when the authority realized it does not fare well to promote Qinghua as a first class world leading university. Many people heard of it the first time when Zhou's grandson mentioned it in his microblog. Hu Jintao, among most other senior communist officials also graduated from Qinghua. Hu was a Red Guard too at the time when Zhou's wife was decapitated. Hu joined '4/14', one of five major Red Guards cults who controlled the university at the time.

Hu congratulated Qinghau last week. However, many people believe Qinghua's life as a university had been chopped off during the Cultural Revolution. Many find it ironic to see Hu among others who were responsible for converting Qinghua University into a Party School celebrating its 100th anniversary.

A traditional Chinese slogan is 'Sacrifice for the Nation'. This slogan has motivated millions of Chinese in thousands of years to stood up against foreign aggression to defend the motherland. The slogan of Qinghua University is 'Sacrifice for the Party'. Each year, thousands of Qinghua graduates walked out the campus in Beijing, dedicated themselves to the ruling of Communists Party.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Best Stand-up Comedians in China

While most fans of traditional performance 'Xiangsheng' debating which one is better between Guo Degang and Ma Zhiming, a young man Wang Zijian proved himself the best of best.

A recent recorded video of his show went viral on the Internet, in which Wang mocked the government and ruling class in a well paced faceless tone. He defended al-Gaddafei in the context that what he did was well legitimate in China, plus, Wang added, 'Gaddafei did not slaughter students in the square'.

In a comment to the recent Yao Jiaxin case, Wang pointed out there was more to be done than throwing a death sentence so that this won't happen again.

Wang was not the first one to make comments on social events. However, he was the most brave one, and he was the only one having done this with a masterful skill that audiences enjoyed through the show.

Monday, April 18, 2011

China Red Cross Clarified on Restaurant Receipts

A snap shot of a restaurant receipt was posted on the Internet by anonymous people. It showed Red Cross paid $1,600 (Y9859 RMB) for a meal on 2/28/2011 in a private club 'Hui' in Shanghai. No other information was revealed. Many Chinese netizens were shocked by the bill, and demanded an explanation as well as an investigation on government corruption.

The Shanghai Red Cross clarified on Saturday that the money was from its own operating budget, rather than from accounts of donations. Also, as many as 17 persons, including clients and collaborating agencies were involved, therefore the per person bill was not high.

To read the figures with perspective, Shanghai's local poverty line is $75 per month for urban and suburban residents and $55 per month for rural residents, or about $2 per day per person.

On the other hand, the Communists Central Propaganda Department argued, comparing to the per diem rate published by the US State Department for Shanghai was $131 for meals and $229 for lodging per day for government employees, the exposed dining expense was by and large within this range.

520 Dogs Rescued on Highway

A truck carrying more than 500 dogs from Henan to Jilin was forced to pull over by people suspecting the source of these dogs. Although police vowed for the legitimacy of these goods, hundreds of animal lovers responded to the call to block the truck from leaving. After more than 15 hours of confrontation and negotiation, two animal welfare groups paid $18,000 to the truck owner and the dogs were sent to animal shelter for proper care.

Dog meat is a favorite dish in Jilin, a northeastern province adjacent to Korea.

While animal lovers celebrate the victory for these poor dogs, many still carrying their tags, the bold action was criticized by many as an unlawful riot that place the dog's right ahead of men's. The issue of concern is that there is no dog farm in China. The only possible source of these dogs could only be 1) stray dogs and 2) pets stolen from their home. The former implies hygiene problems, and the latter is illegal to start with.

The event also draw attention from security agencies on the energy and efficiency of animal rights groups.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Artistic Ideas

Different channels are used for intellectual property protection in commercial and legal domains. Historically, copyright has been used to protect works of art. You can't make a copy of an art work without permission. However, it's usually okay to take a photo of a status, or draw a model, even if the same person has been used by another artist with same clothes in same gesture.

Artist who made the iconic campaign poster of Senator Obama lost in a case when AP complained an AP picture was used to produce the poster. However, he lost because 1) the Black&Red poster was actually produced in Photoshop with the original AP photo; 2) he lied about it in the early stage of the trail.

Usually When an art work is found similar to another one, unless it's an exact copy, there's not much to say or to do. One well accepted principle is that you can't 'patent' an idea or a thought. The successfulness of an art piece is determined by the target, the method and the execution.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Groklaw to Close

Groklaw announced it would close on May 16, 2011. Croklaw has been a significant motivation for this blog, as 1) The Seagull personally felt for the founder Ms. Pamela Jones, especially after she was reported by a Microsoft hired-gun as 'old', 'ugly' and 'no where to go for a career', all could be related to the Seagull himself; 2) Groklaw fought a worthy cause, and made a very positive impact to both social and technical progress of the society.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Lame, Awkward, and Lame

Some women are always capable to find a unique perspective in a complicated conflict. My high school girlfriend Alice Wang is such a figure, and I learned it in a hard way.

Once we went to picnic in a city park where there is a little creek. As every creek in Florida, there are a couple of resident alligators. Alice has a habit that whenever she finds need to think deep, she will have to crouch down, and that was what she did when I asked her would she like a chocolate yogurt or a strawberry yogurt. I happened that we were walking by the creek at the time, and we all forgot you shouldn't crouch down near water, as every Florida folk knows. A 15 feet alligator came from nowhere all a sudden. I was standing on the far side, but saw the attack just in time to pull Alice away. I was pulling so hard that I lost my balance and fell to the ground. I still remember that day, as I lost both my feet and my left arm when desperately trying to fend off the powerful jaw.

I was saved by a few good Samaritans, and they tipped the local newspaper. A reporter came to my hospital bed and wrote a story in length that I still keep till today. I guess it helped my parents to cope with the really that they would have to work doubly harder and make arrangement so that their son with one hand left could survive when the day come that they have to be gone. And then, Alice published an article in the student newspaper, which titled, 'The Alligator Hero was not a True Story'. Alice started saying she would not dispute the fact that an incident with an alligator involved happened, and that she would not contest the fact that John (that's me) was injured. However, she said she would detail six reasons why the original newspaper account of the incident was categorically not true. For example, she wrote, it was a sunny day, instead of an overcasting day as described in the original story. Plus, she continued, quote and unquote, "John's sneakers were not even color coordinated with my underwear"!

I am not sure how much I should blame the insurance for refused to pay my medical bill after reading Alice's article. The customer service person read the title of Alice's article, and claimed I must be at fault to incite the calm peaceful animal.

I haven't seen Alice again after that incident. Last night, a friend told me she went to Yale and became a promising journalist and writer. I am really happy for her. It took quite a while to type this with the one hand I have. I am feeling tired. I guess I am going to bed early tonight.

Overseas Students Crimes

1. Orebro, Sweden. Shanghai girl Chen Hao was shopping with her roommate when Xiao Jun (alias) brutally stabbed her to death in public on March 31. Xiao Jun stayed at the scene until police came. Xiao Jun admitted he was the killer, and also stated he was not in a relationship with Chen Hao. Both graduated from Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce before going to Orebro University for Master's degree. It is believed "unrequited love" the motive for the murder. Chen, a communist Party member, expected to graduate this May. Xiao Jun, also a communist Party member and student leader, is expected to graduate in August, pending passing of two courses he failed earlier.

2. Providence, RI. In the morning of April 2, apartment room of Wu Xianglong and Yu Xiaoshuang was broken in by Hu Todd Zhenpeng and Shengfeng Alex Cui. It appeared the plan was to take Wu's Porsche and sell it in underground market. The girlfriend was left at the scene in a big suitcase. Wu was taken with them also in a suitcase to Malden, MA. Wu was able to get away from a bathroom he had been locked in. Todd was arrested, while Alex fled to China. Wu and Yu attend the Johnson and Wales University.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Melamine Daddy Was Disappeared

Melamine Daddy Zhao Lianhai was disappeared from his home after speaking out on artist Ai Weiwei's disappearance via an Internet video. Zhao said in the video that he felt obliged to say something for Ai, because he would have to explain the situation to his son in the future. He does not want his son to be shamed of him for taking cover when a good man was wronged.

Hours later, Zhao was taken away by secret police who did not reveal their identity. His family has not been able to find where Zhao is being held and on what charge.

In the past few weeks, dozens of activists and outspoken lawyers alike had been disappeared. A few of them was formally charged, but most simply disappeared. State run 'Global Times' published an editorial titled 'Law will not bend for People Walked their Own Way'. Without spelling out the charge, the editorial suggested Ai was taken in for incomplete papers to leave the country. Earlier today, official Xinhua News Agency published a brief message online saying Ai Weiwei had been under investigation on business related crimes. However, the message was removed minutes later. It looks the regime had not made up its mind on using which clause to frame Ai. Therefor on official account, Ai remains in disappearance 3 days after he was taken away while boarding an airplane at the Beijing International Airport.

Zhao Lianhai's son is a victim of the Melamine-poisoned Sanlu milk case. Because Zhao asked the state to help children victims in medical care, he was sentenced to 2 and half years in jail last year by the communist court. Zhao was released after representatives from Hong Kong protested. However, in exchange, Hong Kong representatives to the National Congress were told they should not interfere with national affairs in the future, but rather focusing on Hong Kong issues.

For understandable reason, the Seagull will suspend blogging on mainland's political issues for 3 months, or until the trend changes, whichever comes last.

Love the Future

Ai was disappeared three days ago, but the art world across the world has been by and large silence on his disappearance.

Individual artists, collectively as the world art community, dreams of a tap from the communist regime for the next propaganda project. Luxury buildings and art shows are important channels for the government to build their own fortune. Every artist wants to have a share in this last carnival. Mainstream Chinese artists are happy to see him punished. Ai made most Chinese artists personal enemy when he scolded them on abusing profession and lack of moral judgment.

At this time, nobody knows his whereabout. He was last seen letting away by two officials right before boarding a plane to Hong Kong at the Beijing International Airport. His two assistants were also stopped at the checkpoint but later allowed to continue the trip. So far no agency had claimed responsible.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

He Had it Comin'

Late night, a young woman was hit by a car, and found dead at the scene hours later. What killed her was not the crash impact, but 8 fatal knife strikes. The driver struck two other pedestrians a couple of miles away in escape. The driver was stopped by people but let go by police because the other accident were minor.

Now, the driver was in jail on charge of murder. Despite initial rumor of a son of senior officials or super wealth family, he was raised up in a relative ordinary family. Well educated at home and in school, the young man was a talented art student. The only thing special can be recalled by his classmates are his obsessive with beauty and his own appearance. He spent all his money in cosmetics surgery and fashion gadgets.

The driver admitted he killed the woman because he noticed she was staring at his license plate. He said the woman looked like a poor farmer. He was afraid he might be blackmailed by a poor. According to the driver, he couldn't live with the mental burden and told his mother on the third day. His parents escorted him to the police.

The young woman was survived by her husband and a two years old son.

According to law, the driver would be sentenced to death for murder. It will be remembered as a tragedy of two families.

After court trail started last week in the Xi'an Middle-Level Court, the Chinese online community was agonized by obvious deliberated arrangement, seemingly to make excuse for the driver.

1) Initially, it was reported that the woman was stabbed 8 times on her left chest. The court only admitted 6, claiming the rest 2 wounds was caused by the woman's struggle.

Chicago, anyone?

"I'm not guilty -- just tryin' to protect mine
Ain't my fault you ran into my knife twenty times (He had it comin')"

2) Unprecedentedly, and court in China is not known for making precedents to start with, the Middle-Level Court of Xi'an allowed 500 people to attend the first day of trail, when they distributed a survey for opinions. The survey form read, to be used as sentencing reference.

Among the 500 allowed in the courtroom, 50 are the young woman's family and friends, 50 are media, and 400 are the driver's family and friends.

3) During the trail, the victim's family were banned from crying. WTF?

4) The driver's family were arranged to cry on CCTV, the national propaganda station for 60 minutes.

So we should feel sorry?

5) The government's No. 1 criminal psychologist, Professor and Third Commissioner Li Meijin of the Chinese People's Public Security University, was placed on the CCTV, to tell the nation that the driver killed the victim "in a fashion of playing notes on the keyboard", quote and unquote. Again, WTF?

Although many furious Netizens claimed the family's political connections or family wealth played a role, the Seagull remains judgement on the family factor. The father is a retired army colonel, the mother is a state employee. The family lives a good life, but by and large in line with other families or government employees. Assume there is nothing 'huge' we do not know, it is highly unlikely this family can access the court, CCTV or big shot mouthpiece for hire.

The only plausible explanation might be that 'the system' decided it is a worthy cause to protect such an average family of its own. Perhaps the system wants to send a message that as long as you stand with the right people, you are privileged and above those who don't. The questions now is at what cost?

One would have to be naive to believe in absolute justice, which had never been the reality in either theory or practice. However, Chinese people under the communist regime have reason to envy the justice system in the west, where often money talks, because there is a limit on what money can do while there is no limit to the absolute power the Communists Party holds.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Before They Took Over the Power

Chinese people have been living in a Groundhog Day, on the April 1st for more than 25,000 days.

(2011-03-26 02:36:45)





­关于人口素质不够的问题,共产党说过,不应因人民素质不高而拒绝民主,应用民主政治教育人民. 解放区的直选,是用各种豆子代表候选人,在候选人背后的碗里面投豆子的,所有一切都公开在露天举行.现在的素质,比那时候好很多吧.他们以为中国实现民主政治,不是今天的事,而是若干年以后的事,他们希望中国人民知识与教育程度提高到欧美资产阶级民主国家那样,再来实现民主政治...正是在民主制度之下更容易教育和训练民众。  

要彻底地、充分地、有效地实行普选制,使人民能在实际上,享有"普通"、"平等"的选举权、被选举权,则必须如中山先生所说,在选举以前,"保障各地方团体及人民有选举之自由,有提出议案及宣传、讨论之自由。 "也就是"确定人民有集会、结社、言论、出版的完全自由权。"否则,所谓选举权,仍不过是纸上的权利罢了。 ---《新华日报》1944年2月2日



像林肯总统和罗斯福总统那样的民主的政治生活中产生的领袖,是虽在战时也一点不害怕民主制度的巡行的。他们害怕民主的批评和指责,他们不害怕人民公意的渲泄,他们也不害怕足以影响他们的地位的全民的选举。他们不仅不害怕这些民.主制度,而且他们坚决地维护支持这些民主制度。因此他们才被人民选中了是大家所需要的人。 -----《新华日报》1944年11月15日








中国要实行民主政治,必须"取资欧美",但又要避免欧美民主政治的一些流弊,更驾而上之,这正是中山先生的伟大识见。 ----《新华日报》1942年11月12日





曾经有一种看法,以为民主可以等人家给与。以为天下有好心人把民主给人民,于是就有了等待这种"民主",正如等待二百万元的头奖一样。但是中外古今的历史都证明了,民主是从人民的争取和斗争中得到的成果,决不是一种可以幸得的礼物。 ---《新华日报》1945年7月3日


英国人民把言论、集会、身体等自由作为民主政治的基础而加以无比重视,从美国方面也同样表现出来。上引赫尔国务卿自称一生为这目标奋斗力争的正是这个东西。"平等"与"自由"为什么被民主国家这样重视,重视到认为没有这就无从谈民主政治呢?这是很简单的。国父孙中山先生曾经说:"提倡人民权利,便是公天下的道理。公天下和家天下的道理是相反的;天下为公,人人的权利都是很平的;到了家天下,人人的权利便有不平,......所以对外族打不平,便要提倡民族主义。对于国内打不平,便要提倡民权主义"。英美民主政治所重视的平等,正是这一含义...假如至今英美仍不准人民有平等的权利,那末怎样能够谈得到民主、怎样能够实现民治呢?说到"自由"也是一样,如果连人民言论、集会、身体的自由都不允许,则民治从何谈起?... 英国没有成文宪法,但是英国人民有平等有自由,所以虽没有宪法也是民主国家。由此看来,民主政治的主要标志是人民有自由平等的权利...民主的潮流正在汹涌,现在是民权的时代,人民应有言论、出版、集会、结社和身体的自由是真理,实现民主政治是真理,真理是要胜利的,所以高举民主的大旗奋斗着的世界和中国?


民主颂--献给美国的独立纪念日:从年幼的时候起,我们就觉得美国是个特别可亲的国家。我们相信,这该不单因为她没有强占过中国的土地,她也没对中国发动过侵略性的战争;更基本地说,中国人对美国的好感,是发源于从美国国民性中发散出来的民主的风度,博大的心怀...但是,在这一切之前,之上,美国在民主政治上对落后的中国做了一个示范的先驱,教育了中国人学习华盛顿、学习林肯,学习杰弗逊,使我们懂得了 建立一个民主自由的中国需要大胆、公正、诚实。

杰斐逊的民主精神孕育了两个世纪以来的美国民主政治,杰斐逊的民主精神也推进和教育 了整个人类的历史行进。

一个平凡而又不平凡的新闻:据说美国在马绍尔战场协助土人实行民主,让他们自己选举行政官。这是很平凡的 事:从民主的美国来说,正应当如此。这也是不平凡的事:从不民主或尚未民主的国家来 看,觉得新奇、觉得刺耳、觉得不平凡。


如何使青年的思想和行动能有正当的发展...可分两种,一种是主张思想统制。这就是说,把一定范围以内的思想,灌输给青年,对于这种思想是没有怀疑和选择的余地的。...另一种主张是思想自由。... 只有自觉和自愿,才能产生心悦诚服的信仰,和惊天动地的创造活动。一般民众都是如此,青年尤其是这样。如果走相反的道路,则结果都是十分可悲的。有许多事实说明在强迫注入的训练之下,青年感到很大的痛苦...这种办法是必须改正的。我们主张思想应当是自由的。

统制思想,以求安于一尊;箝制言论,以使莫敢予毒,这是中国过去专制时代的愚民政策,这是欧洲中古黑暗时代的现象,这是法西斯主义的办法,这是促使文化的倒退,决不适于今日民主的世界,尤不适于必须力求进步的中国...言论出版的自由,是民主政治的基本要件,没有言论出版的自由便不可能有真正的民主,不民主便不能团结统一,不能争取胜利,不能建国,也不能在战后的世界中享受永久和平的幸福...新闻自由,是民主的标帜;没有新闻自由,便没有真正的民主。反之,民主自由是新闻自由的基础,没有政治的民主而要得到 真正的新闻自由,决不可能。

作统治者的喉舌,看起来象自由了,但那自由也只限于豪奴、恶仆应得的"自由",超出范 围就是不行的。也就是说 你尽可以有吆喝奴隶--人民大众的自由,但对主子则必需奉命唯谨的,毕恭毕敬,半点也 不敢自由。 ---《新华日报》1946年9月1日


为了国家利益和革命事业,我们应该贡献出自己的一切。但这必须事先解决两个问题,第一,我们那样牺牲自己是真正为了国家和革命么?第二,我们所有的一切是些什么?...一面说青年"根本不能谈民主 ",一面是叫青年 "必须牺牲个人的自由",这就是在我们这个国度里对青年所施行的"标准"的"民主自由"的教育...那 不过是为着要装装门面而 已。 ---《新华日报》1945年4月15日


反动者企图以"共党煽动",轻轻把"一二?一"惨案的责任推得一乾二净,但是七日的新民报说:"学生罢课反对内战,当地军警出动镇压......,在这情形中谁是谁非,几乎不待判断","看昆明学潮惨案,受害的却是赤手空拳的学生,他们既无武器,更非军队,而竟受到武力的攻击";" 这次惨案却 证明基本人权无保障......政府当局亟须反省"。

这件惨案的事理至为清楚,责任也很分明:一般青年学生只不过激于爱国热忱,凭了赤手空拳,起来要求民主反对内战,究有何罪?而国民党反动派竟采取残暴手段,惨加屠戮,幷在屠戮之后,为了"嫁祸 "起见,还不惜含血喷人,肆意诬蔑,居心恶毒以至于此,真是史无前例。但是人民是不会受欺骗的,人民是最公正的裁判者,国民党反动派要想一手掩尽天下耳目,徒见其日益心劳力拙而已。

中国青年在现阶段中所从事的运动,应该是争取民族独立,经济平等,和政治民主。为这 三大目标而奋斗的人,在 历史中就有他的地位。

而民主与不民主的尺度,主要地要看人民的人权、政权、财权及其它自由权利是不是得到切实的保障,不做到这点,根本就谈不到民主...保证一切抗日人民(地主、资本家、农民、工人等)的人权、政权、财权及言论、出版、集会、结社、信仰、居住、迁移之自由权...中国共产党一向是忠实于它对人民的诺言的,一向是言行一致的,因此它的纲领中的每一条文与每一句语,都是兑现的。我们决不空谈保障人权,而是要尊重人类 崇高的感 情与向上发展的愿望.


本市消息内政部公开颁行一种限制人民游行自由的法令,借口是"恐稍有不慎,足以影响社会秩序与公共安宁"。据中央社讯,其要点如下:负责筹备游行的人员,需于事前将姓名、年龄、职业、住址、游行宗旨、集会地点、进行日期及时间经过路线等呈报当地"治安主管机关"。散发的印刷品和张贴的标语须事先送当地"治安主管机关"审查。上项法令,已由内政部发致全国各省市地方机关,本市市政府业已接到,且已分令警察局及各区公所"遵照办理"。有了这个"法"的根据,今后各地当局更可以随意于事先防止临时禁止一切人民团体之游行 。人民游行已无自由可言了.

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Even mentioning the days before the Groundhog Day is a taboo. A person who originally assembled this list was arrested and was charged with advocating to overthrow the government.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Anti-Fraud Activist And The Communist Party's Central Propaganda Department

When a reporter of the "Legal Weekend" attempted to contact anti-fraud activist Fang Zhouzi for an assignment, with allegations that Fang himself committed academic fraud, he was threatened with a lawsuit if the report would be published. His employer received a Notice of Intent to Sue Letter from Mr. Fang's lawyer.

The interesting part of this exchange is that, although the original issue was whether Mr. Fang cheated or not, by copying other people's work without citation, the main legal ground cited in the letter was a 'Notice' from the Communist Party's Central Propaganda Department regarding social responsibility in news reporting. The letter starts,


Many decent scholar would not want to associate themselves with anything related to the Party's Propaganda Department. The 'Department' earns such a bad reputation that it looks everyone would get 5 minutes fame for spitting on its name (for the courage of doing it). Former Beijing University Professor Jiao Guobiao had been labelled as a 'traitor' and unpatriotic by many for his upfront admiration to western values, but Jiao's famous fighting poet against the 'Department' is still acclaimed by all.

It has long been suspected Fang's fame was associated with his close ties to the authority. For example, Fang's best friend Academician He Zuoxiu is commonly agreed to be the biggest fraud in China academic field. He, a trained physic student, who quit from college to land a job in the Propaganda Department, made himself the top physicist in China by introducing Mao's political fighting methods into physics theories.