Monday, June 25, 2007

Kindergarten Teachers Beaten Under Police Watch

Caregivers and teachers of the Commerce Kindergarten of Wendeng, Shangdong was beaten by mobs backed by local police.

The public school was sold by the local government to a food processing facility in an under table deal. Because the local government did not contribute to faculty and staff's retirement fund and social insurance, they were thrown on the street with nothing at all. The faculty and staff protested against the takeover.

On June 18, 2007, Wendeng government sent in 50 police to secure the kindergarten, so that a mod of 30-40 hired by the food processing facility could come in and beat the teachers, mostly female, with hammers, hand tools and wood sticks. The police did not participate in the beating, but they guarded the gate so that people passing by could not get in to rescue the teachers. Witness overhead one officer as telling the police to 'give them (the mob) another 20 minutes'.

Hundreds of people witnesses the beating happened in downtown Wendeng. They couldn't help because of the police block. However, they posted the license plates of the police cars, just in case justice would be served someday. The license plate of some of the police cars at the scene are: JL-K9070, JL-K0262, JL-K0222, JL-K9150, JL-K9129, JL-K9929, and two other cars and two motorcycles. When '120' ambulance came, police even refused request by the two medics to help save the teachers.

Wendeng is a county level city of Weihai, Shangdong.

Netizen Arrested for Exposing Luxury Government Building on the Net

A Shangdong Tengzhou netizen was arrested after he posted a message on the Xinhua (New China) Net, a website sponsored by the central government, pictures of luxury local government buildings.

Mr. Ma of Tengzhou, Shangdong province posted a message titled, 'Have a Look at the Luxury Government Buildings of Tengzhou' at Xinhua Net on June 14, 2007. Xinhua Net was an online affiliation of the Xinhua News Agency, the official news agency of communism China. Days ago, the Central Disciplinary Committee of the CCP asked people to post luxury government buildings on the Xinhua Net, so that they could start investigating misuse of public money. Besides fulfilling the holly duty of helping the Party, contributors would be rewarded with gifts as stated by the central disciplinary committee. Two days after Mr. Ma posted the photos, the filed chief of the China Legal News Jinan (capital city of Shandong Province) station, who is a personal friend of Mr. Ma, posted on June 16th, 2007 that Mr. Ma had been arrested by local police.

If Xinhua Net hadn't deleted pictures of the luxury government buildings posted by Mr. Ma, this would have been another case of the wrestling between the central government and local officials. However, it's likely the central government was behind the arrest of Mr. Ma because the prompt tracking and arrest of an anonymous post. This was reaffirmed when those pictures were deleted by the Xinhua Net. In the Chinese government architecture, the Xinhua News Agency functions partially as the investigative arm of the top leaders. No local governments have power to constraint the functioning of Xinhua.

The Propaganda Division of the CCP Tengzhou Committee told the media that Mr. Ma was arrested on charge of criminal impersonation because he claimed to be a reporter of Legal Daily.

The young generation of the Chinese online community was shock on Mr. Ma's arrest. However, elder people who had been through the previous 'movement' cycles of the CCP still have vivid memory of the pattern of how CCP rooted out 'unreliable' citizens by inviting criticisms from the public. The Great Chairman Mao often proudly refer the technique as to smoke the snakes out of their holes.

Tengzhou was the birth place of Micius (480-390 B.C.). Mencius (372-289 B.C.) praised Tengzhou (then State of Teng) a "Good State".

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wen Jiabao's Tears

Premier Wen Jiabao is a typical example of a communism leader who grows up from the lowest class. His parents live an extreme low profile in a poor neighborhood of Tianjin. They have been known to their neighbors as nice old people, not many were aware of that Wen had been a senior Party official. Wen is very sympathetic towards the pains and daily struggle for living of the lower classes, and he never hesitates to show the emotion whenever he heard of the misfortunes of people. Whenever Wen is mentioned in a conversation, the first thing people think of him will be his tears. He cried for migration workers, cried for poor kids. However, after 5 years of seeing his tears on TV, and reading about his tears in newspaper every month, if not every week, people start to ask, when will he stop crying and start doing his job as a premier?

For more than 10 years, hundreds of thousands school age kids were kidnapped from roadside, store front and playground to be thrown in many private brick factories in Shanxi province. They were sold from one broker to another, until finally they found themselves modern slaves confined in the factories that are guarded by dogs. They were allowed to eat 15 minutes per meal, and work 16 hours per day. When they get injured, they are told to place earth to their wounds. If they can't keep up with the hard work, they are beaten and sometimes buried alive. Even so, the life in a brick slavery is rosy compared to those kids who were sent to mine slavery. Many live in underground caves forever, until there's no more to mine, and the slave master will simply explode the entrance and bury all the secrets. Their age? from 8 to 13.

Parents of 400 kids ask for help. A brave reporter, Mr. Fu Zhenzhong of Henan TV is outraged, and determined to help. He made 21 special reports after trips to Shanxi. 20 were aired, and the last was censored, and banned. Not only local government and police in Shanxi didn't give any assistance, but they touted, threatened and intimidated the reporter and the parents who were looking for their kids. In one instance, a child was saved from a slave factory, only to be sold by the local government to another slave master. The local government even stripped the child of the 300 RMB ($75) before sold him again for another $80. It's not until the online community was outraged that the central government step in. However, the real irony just starts.

The top inspector Tian Chengping sent by the central government was Shanxi's Party boss only two years ago. It was under his rein that evil slavery was fostered and protected. Whatever could people expect out of such a comedy led by clowns? They central government's propaganda arm claim they found some contract violations. Not even one single official is charged or even 'investigated'. It's merely a dispute over contracts (or lack of contracts). That's all.

What happened to the law enforcement officer (Mr. Shang Guangze of Yongji city) who sold the child rescued by the reporter from one slave camp, and caught on tape that aired to millions of houses? He was reprimanded and scolded for 2 levels of salary, roughly $4 per month. Nobody knows the fate of that child today.

People have learned not to trust politicians even as they speak into your eyes. When people watch Wen spoke with his tears, people thought they could trust in the tears. Although Wen Jiabao is very likable and cute, but people need a premier who acts upon people's need, not just crying over it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Who Killed Bian Zhongyun?

From this youtube video, we hear two names: at 6'00", Song Binbin, daughter of Song Renqiaong, a senior CCP official, and at 6'40", Deng Rong, daughter of Deng Xiaoping. At the time, August 1966, Song and Deng are both students in the Girl's High School of the Beijing Normal University. Bian Zhongyun was the deputy principle.

Bian committed two crimes. The first: a few years ago she did not admit Liu Shaoqi's daughter, because Liu's daughter was two points short of the admission standard. Liu Shaoqi was the President of China at the time. The second crime was that when the school was exercising an earthquake drill, she didn't take out Chairman Mao's pictures from the classroom.

Deng and Song, both students beaten Bian and other teachers with sticks, knifes and fake guns (for military training). Bian and other teachers were beaten for the whole day on August 4, 1966. She went to school again in the morning of August 5 and was beaten another day. Bian died of wounds. Bian was the first teacher to be killed in the Great Culture Revolution from 1966 to 1976 launched by CCP.

Song Renqiong was the party boss of northeastern China. Deng was deputy premier.

Song Binbin changed her name to Song Yaowu (taking violence), suggested by Chairman Mao when Song met Mao in Tian'anmen on August 18, 1966. Later she changed her name again to Song Yan (rock). At one instance, Song killed an old lady with boiling water; in the other day, Song forced a son to kill his father with dumbbell. According to various sources, Song had beaten at least 5 people to death by herself when she competed others on how fast they could kill a person with only a military-issue waist belt. Song Binbin is a resident of the US.

Deng Rong is a writer, a resident of Hong Kong.

Neither receives any judgment for what they did. Further reading: 卞仲耘是李纳邓榕们的老师, 宋彬彬打死过多少人?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Cheap TIME

On page 22 of the June 11, 2007 issue of the TIME magazine, there's the 'Numbers' column as usual. Read on, a subtitle: PRODUCT SAFETY in red, where you first see a bold black number of 20% for the estimated percentage of Chinese-made toys that are blow standards, and then the $5.79 billion, value of Chinese toys sold to the U.S. in 2005.

What makes TIME cheap is that this is two irrelevant information putting together to make you think of something that does not exist. Anyone familiar with the Chinese toy expert, and any Chinese goods export to the US know the fact that product for export were build on different line, with different materials, following different standards. That's the reason rich Chinese are buying from the US, from luxuries to cheap daily consumer products, because you can buy them in China even with money. Comparing the quality of products in China, and those imported from China are like suggesting Saddam has something to do with the World Trade Center: easy to get applause, cheap politics indeed.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

3 Year Old Girl Killed Under Mother's Watch

A three year-old girl was killed by a driver while her mother was watching. The incident happened on May 31, 2007, one day before the International Children's Day celebrated by Chinese children.

According to eye witnesses, a busy market place in Baiyun District of Guangzhou, the mother and daughter was playing at the market when a car knocked down the girl, but then the driver backed up and ran over the 3 year old girl the second time. Then the driver tried to fled by foot, but was subdued by angry witnesses in the market.

Last week, another driver was sentenced to 5 years jail time for ran over an old lady 5 times, a crime happened to be recorded by a surveillances camera. Some Chinese drivers said they would prefer to kill a person than to injure one because of possible long term medical costs. Drivers who kill a person usually only pay a $1000 flat fee.