Thursday, November 23, 2006

Key Player in Largest Scientific Scandal Promoted by SJTU

The No. 2 person in the largest scientific scandal in history, Dr. Fu Yuzhuo (homepage at SJTU) was recently promoted to full professorship from associate professor by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) for his dedication in organization the scandal, as well as in the cover up and clean up process after the scandal was revealed by newspaper.

Dr. Fu Yuzhuo graduated from the Department of Computer Science at the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), and received a PhD in Computer System and Architecture from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2001 under advisor Fang Binxing. Dr. Fu is the Associate Dean of the School of Microelectronics at SJTU. His major achievement is the notorious Hanxin DSP chip, a 10 years Hoax where a DSP chip was claimed to be made, but rather used a re-labeled Motorola chip to cheat billions of research funding from the government. Dr. Chen Jin, the director of the group was sacked after a high profile media coverage of the scandal. However Dr. Fu the co-founder, co-director and chief 'architect' of the non-existent chip was promoted by the SJTU for his excellent job in covering up and damage control.

It was also revealed that the Department of Computer Science at the NUDT cheated the government 3 year Y80 million research funding to develop an Operating System KYLIN. They downloaded an open source FreeBSD system, and presented it as their research fruit.

HYSIS Hoax, updates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chinese Government Does not Trust Made-In-China

Hefei government published an air-conditioning purchase announcement on Nov 16, which explicitly excluded any made-in-China products in participation, not even those with foreign brand and only assembled in China. Lack of technical specification, the announcement only required that the air-conditioning must be imported in its entity (not in parts and then assembled in China). Actually, this has been the case for years. The Chinese government does not trust made-in-China product. Whatever they say on the newspaper and TV, they do not want to use made-in-China product themselves. The Party Boss Mr. Li of the Bureau of Homeland Resources told the reporters of Anhui Business News that they must use the 'best' product.

What's even more ironic and drama is that the Hefei government just signed a deal with the Gree Air-conditioning Company to build a manufacture base that will produce 30 million air-conditioner per year, or one thirds of the world market.

Hefei is the capital city of Anhui Province in Central China.

Monday, November 20, 2006

President Hu's Gift

Chinese President Hu Jintao started his India visit today. He brought with him a gift, an unearthed Buddhapada stone made in China 1500 years ago. Buddhaim spreaded to China as early as 200 B.C. Lack of authentic scriptures, people had been using liberty in interpreting the true meaning of Buddhism. Monk Xuanzhuang went to Inida in 627 A.D. to study Buddhaim and bring back sutras. This Buddhapada was made by Monk Xuanzhuang.

The issue at stake is whether the CCP boss has the legitimacy to give national treasure as gift to foreign government?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Indian American Better Educated and Wealthier

According to figures recently released by the Census Bureau, 68.2% of the Indian American population hold bachelor or higher degrees, while only 52.4% of Chinese Americans hold bachelor or higher degrees. The median household income of Indian American families is $73,575, while the corresponding number for Chinese American families is $59.571.

Indian also has more students studying in the US. Last year, there's 76,503 Indian students studying in the US, while the corresponding number for Chinese is 62,582 (mainland).

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tianjin the best city for investment

The World Eminence Chinese Business Association released the list of Top 100 Chinese Cities for Investment in the Year of 2006. Tianjin topped the list with an overall score of 26.80 (the lower the better). Also in the list, Shanghai scored 31.91, Guangzhou 32.00, Beijing 34.27, Shenzhen 60.27, Zhengzhou 64.00, Xi'an 78.27, Kunming 81.18, Yangzhou 96.82, Wurmqi 99.30, Lanzhou 117.91, Haikou 123.45, Guilin 133.18.

The overall index is comprised of economic development, infrastructure, human resources, consumer environment, and living environment.

Moment of Truth in Communism Propaganda

Recently a Chinese propaganda official told the press that Chinese enjoyed the most freedom of speech as most western website did not allow readers to leave comments while most Chinese website did. Probably so.

Look at this Youtube video on the high profile L.A. police brutality. Even though Youbute does allow visitors to leave comments, actually visitors comments are what makes Youbute the $1.6 billion business, the comment function of this particular heavily visited video is disabled.

Internet has become a main Chinese for Chinese to release their unhappiness on social issues. It seems the government intentionally leaves the channel open so that less people will actually go on the streets. Thanks to cheap labor cost, thousands of Net cops were busy working to delete inappropriate comments. Still, Chinese Netizens get to enjoy moment of shout out on the Internet. On the other hand, although Google's video sharing business model is built on community comments, Google decides it's simply too risky to allow any potential criticism on government that they prohibit comments on sensitive topics. Or maybe, 'censorship' is just too evil a word for Google's taste, and 'shut up' sounds much nicer.

Stated in Google's own Code of Conduct, "..our most important asset by far is our reputation as a company that warrants our users' faith and trust." Google made its name and market share not only by its technically superior search engine, but also because of its 'being different kind of company', evident by clean user interface, and non-commercial rankings of search results, etc. However, the core value of Google has been put into test repeatedly as the company 'evolves'. So one day it may read 'All animals are equal', and the next day it may evolves into '.., but some animals are more equal then others'.

Just another case when the Mafia Nation is laughing at the Police Nation. Google, "Don't be Evil!"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Power of the Youtube

Yesteryear's historians would be amazed on how a 61 seconds video clip had changed the world. on the Nov 7, 2006 midterm election day, voters in Virginia voted incumbent Republican Senator George 'Macaca' Allen out of job. Virginia is the last State to finish the counting because of a close contest. Thanks to this final seat, GOP lost its control of the US senate by 1 seat.

George Allen was a top GOP presidential candidate for 2008 before the Youtube video told the world what kind of a person he was. An arrogant racist, that is. It's a personal tragedy for Mr. Allen to lose his senator seat, but its a priceless gift for the people in the US to know the fellow before sending him to the presidency.

Bravo Youtube! Bravo Web 2.0! Bravo Virginian People!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chinaman v. Imus at MSNBC

Even after corrected by a co-host, MSNBC radio host Imus insisted on repeatedly using 'Chinaman' instead of 'Chinese' in his on air program Imus in the Morning yesterday. In the English-speaking world, calling a Chinese Chinaman is as bad as calling an African American nigger. Despite all the controversial and protests, MSNBC keeps Imus on their program on the air. This is absolutely unacceptable. Until MSNBC apologize and do the right thing, the Seagull will boycott MSNBC.

Down the racist fascist MSNBC!

Mafia Nation

The mafia bank took its own customers' savings, then had the customer who dare to ask his money back jailed for 29 months. After serving his jail time, the customer sued the mafia bank in the mafia court. While acknowledging that the bank took the money, the mafia judge presiding the case announced that the mafia is not liable for the lost of money.

The mafia bank is the Agricultural Bank of China, and the mafia court is The Intermediate People's Court of Jiaozuo of the Henan Province. The customer's name is Li Zhizheng. The case is now in the appeal process in the Superior Bank of Henan Province.

The mafia bank, aka The Agricultural Bank of China is the second largest bank in China, with assets of $605 Billion by the end of 2005. It has branches in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The moral of the story? The Agricultural Bank of China is going IPO soon. Better grab some, a mafia bank will never loose money in a mafia nation. However, better not to put your life savings in it too.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chen SB was charged Corruption

Prosecutors of the Republic of China believed Mr. Chen Shuibian stole government money and forging documents. Because of the immunity associated with his presidency, Mr. Chen Shuibian was not changed. However the accomplices, his wife and three staff members of the President's Office were indicated. Chen will be prosecuted after he left the office in two years.

The pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Chen SB have been strangled with a range of scandals since Chen SB took office in 2001, with new scandals emerging on TV almost every evening. In the case cited by the prosecutors, Chen SB used forged forged receipt and invoice to steal secret government funding. Chen claimed those funding was ultimately used in secret diplomacy while the prosecutors found to be untrue.

On the other hand, this is just one other reason that people in Taiwan should cherish their democracy, and resist the reunification pressures until the day when the same could be seen happen on the mainland.