Saturday, May 31, 2008

Refugees Assulted After Questioning Relief Supplies

An 70 years old lady was beaten when she questioned a group of people on apparent misuse of relief supplies. On May 20, 2008, a group of people were witnessed partying in a relief tent on the May First Square of Mianyang. When an old lady approached and questioned the source of the tent, several guys beat the old lady, and assaulted by-passers who denounced the brutality. Soon hundreds of refugees who had been camping on the square surrounded the mobs and blocked their way out. The mobs were able to leave only with local police escort.

The Chinese government had vowed to keep track of the relief donations and supplies. However, every time a misuse of relief supply case surfaced, the government would claim it couldn't found those thefts involved. This time the government would have no excuse because the alerted Chinese Netizens had dug out the name and address of one of the crooks. The world will watch want would happen, which is the real metric of whether the Chinese government back up its big mouth with real action.

There is no excuse if the police can't locate the crook. The name on the registration of the car left behind by one of the mobs was Fan Xiaohua, his address is 4-5-8, 208 Huayuanzhong Rd, Zhongba Township, Jiangyou. The license plate of the car was Chuan-BD3732.

Another donated tent stolen, and another innocent people beaten by party officials for questioning their behavior. Ten days had passed, and now, the world is watching.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Media Censured for Revealing Corruption in Quake Relief

The manager of the Chengdu Business Daily (Chengdu Shang Bao)'s Search-All (Quan Sou) web was fired, and the Chengdu Media Group was censured after the website revealed corruptions in the relief operation, notably donated tents on black markets. The CCP's propaganda department issued three memos today to news media to prohibit any negative coverage of the relief operation. Any offense will be punished with zero tolerance.

Friday, May 23, 2008

3 Minutes of Silence

The above graph representing usage of Google's Chinese search engine was revealed by Fang Kun, an engineer of the Google Product Engineering Institute in China, on his blog.

Chinese all the world observed a three minutes of silence on 14:28 May 19, 2008, a week from the struck of the deadliest earthquake in 30 years which claimed more than 50,000 victims in the south western Sichuan province.

Protesting Chengdu Residents Tear Gased by Police

A Chengdu resident climbed on the top of car to take a picture of the police woman, No. 006677.

It had been raining like no end in the disaster area after the Sichuan Earthquake, and refugees had to stay overnight on the street in cold rain. Where had those tents donated by people around the world gone? No detective is needed, they were stolen.

Police used tear gas on people protesting officials stealing donated tents. The incident started when self-appointed Netizens mobilized to find out the truth behind numerous relief supply tents appeared in stores on Chengdu streets. Chengdu is not a disaster area of this earthquake, but these tents are all relief supplies that were not for sale. Some of the tents found on black markets were donated from foreign countries.

Police forces were dispatched to suppress the protesting people who discovered a location of illegal retail place on Beisen Road. When more than 870,0000 affected by the quake do not have a tent for the night and the government placed the up most priority on getting in more tents, it's understandable the situation was explosive already. The bomb was ignited when a police woman, No. 006677 (police woman in the picture taken by protectors) told the protectors that they did not have a say on corruptions, and beat some of the protectors.

Soon many angry Chengdu residents came to confront the

police woman, No. 006677

, and demanded an apology. Instead of issuing an apology, the police chose to use tear gas to disperse the protectors. Around 30-40 policemen were seen beating Chengdu residents with batons. Many women, children and elderly people were beaten by the police, just because they happened to be witnesses of corruptions in the earthquake relief.

It would be the first time Chengdu residents were tear gased by police after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

In one sense, foreign government and organizations should stopped donating tents to China. If they stop sending tents, then corrupted communism officials will have nothing to steal, then innocent people will not be beaten by police. In the least, anyone who still wants to donate needs to get an answer from the Chinese government first: Who is the police women No. 006677? Who are the police women No. 006677 trying to cover? Who ordered the use of tear gas on people who dare to point out officials corruption? How were the 40 Chengdu policemen rewarded for beating protectors?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Common Heros: Lei Chusheng

Lei Chusheng, 15 years old. Lei is a senior of the Cifeng (Magnetic Peak) Middle School in Pengzhou. When the earthquake struck, he was in the classroom on the second floor, second room from the stairs. It took him fraction of a second to rush over 10 meters to the stairs, when he saw his faculty mentor rushing up from outside. Lei realized the teacher must be coming for other students. With little hesitation, he turned back.

He checked the first room, empty. Then he was back to his classroom, where he found 7 classmates were crouching along a wall, in fear and not knowing what to do. He shouted 'follow me, run', then led the school to safety outside. He counted, only 6 were with him. Not willing to left anyone behind, he rushed back to the falling building. He found the 7th classmate, a girl Ou Jing who was too frightened that she refused to move. The building was falling and Lei had no time to argue with Ou. So he carried Ou on his shoulders out of the classroom. Lei was exhausted. Fortunately, Ou collected herself and started walking down carefully. Lei followed Ou, but was blocked by a sudden fallen stair. He was able to come out from a tree outside a window, an escape route he identified while he was searching for other students. The building collapsed a couple of seconds after Lei and Ou reached outside, before they reached the playground.

Thanks to Lei, only one classmate in his class died of the earthquake.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Common Heros: Lin Hao

9 years old Lin Hao was an elementary school student in Yinshui County. He didn't just run for safety when the earthquake struck, but carried a classmate who was hit to unconscious from the rubble, then went back to carry out another classmate who was unconscious out to safety. He was hit on his shoulder the second time.

Having lost both parents, he fled the quake with his 14 years old big sister and another little sister, hiked 7 hours to Dujiangyan.

Common Heros: He Cuiqing

Thirteen year old He Cuiqing is a freshman in Muyu (Wooden Fish) Middle School of Qingchuan County, Sichuan Province. She was outside in an open ground when the earthquake struck. However, she rushed back to her dormitory to wake up her classmates who were having a nap. More than 10 students were able to run out, before she was hit when the building collapsed. Cuiqing was the last person to be rescued alive in the school after 50 hours buried in rubbles.

He Cuiqing lost her legs, but she said the only regret she had was not being able to save more classmates, when she was interviewed at bedside in Guangyuan Central Hospital. Then she started crying for lost friends.

Where Did Quake Relief Resource Go

The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Chen Gang asked the international society keep up help in supplying relief resources, with tents the highest priority and emergency. However, people have to ask where there are already too many tents sent in that they started appearing in unrelated areas and black markets for cheap, while the Chinese authorities are doing nothing about it.

Where did quake relief resource go? Wherever they go, they did not go to those who are in need. While people are suffering in the disaster area, and while people in the rest of the world are reaching deep in their pockets, many relief resources were found in placed they shouldn't belong.

A self-appointed task force formed by Chengdu Netizens was promptly mobilized to find out who is behind the numerous relief tents appeared in some luxury housing properties. Not only did they find many blue tents distributed by the Chinese Interior Ministry (the blue tent on the red, found in the Chinese Communism Party Sichuan Provincial Institute), but even those donated by the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (the white tent on the left found in Chengdu Garden). They appeared not only in some upscale housing communities (Yinxing Forest, Wanke City Garden, Shangdong Second Phase, to name a few), but also the Sichuan Province Communism Party Institute.

They also witnessed some people who are selling quake relief resources at Wanfuqiao. They were physically threatened when confronting with the crooks. They called the police a few times, but the police didn't arrive until all the bad guys were gone.

It was raining heavily again in the disaster areas. Refugees, those injured, rescue workers and soldiers alike do not have enough tents, but tents donated by the people around the world were selling on the black market. These has been going on for almost a week, with boiling angers filled on Internet forums, but where are the authorities? Busy counting money? Some heads got start rolling!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please Hang Top Officials of Shifang to Comfort Thousands of Victims!

from Tianya:

作者:Edworld 回复日期:2008-5-19 22:14:27 

also from Tianya:


作者:MOSTCARD 提交日期:2008-5-20 0:35:00


from Baidu Shifang Bar:

   作者: 218.247.140.* 2008-5-19 12:36

   作者: 222.213.108.* 2008-5-19 11:28



Monday, May 19, 2008

That Pen in His Little Hand

Because of many reasons, school kids sacrificed the most. Many promising lives were frozen in the moment when they were absorbing knowledge in their classrooms, before they got a chance to thrive. When a little body or a little girl were dug out of rubbles, we saw one thing in common, the pen in that little hand.

China, Hold On!
China, Be Strong!
China, Never Give Up!
China, China, We are so proud of you!

Common Heros: Kang Jie

Kang Jie is an 11 years old girl of Yingxiu Elementary. When the earthquake struck, she was in a classroom on the sixth floor. The teacher told all students to run. At first she hided under a desk, then she decided to jump out of the window, "I tried to make my butts hit the ground", she recalled. With luck, or whatever miracle, she was almost unhurt, with only scratches on her legs.

Next, when she found herself was able to move, she ran into the falling building to search for survivors. Because teachers stayed behind, most injured left in the building are teachers. She pulled many teachers out of the rubble.

Kang Jie's mother is Yang Xiuxiang, a 41 years old insurance agent. Kang Jie was rescued by helicopter to a hospital in Chengdu. Because only patients can be air-lifted, Yang Xiuxiang was not allowed to go with her daughter. Kang Jie's father died of the earthquake.

You can Count On Me

11 years old Zhang Jiwan carried his 3 years old sister Zhang Han, hiked 10 hours to get out of the mountains after the earthquake.

Indestructible Schools

There are no indestructible buildings, but five schools stood solid after the Sichuan earthquake, while more than 700 other schools collapsed into rubbles. In many cases, the only building collapsed in a town would be the school. While people are seeking an explanation, this article gives us a clue.

北川邓家“汉龙小学”无一死亡奇迹背后的真相 2008-05-19 07:01:21














































NetEase Terminated Partnership with China Red Cross

Netease (Nasdaq: NTES) issued an announcement to terminate partnership with China Red Cross in the earthquake relief operation after China Red Cross refused to make the amount of donations available to the public. Effective 22:00 of May 14, 2008, donations made through Netease will be passed to other charities that accept openness. China Red Cross is the original designated beneficiary.

It is not rare to see disaster relief money fail to reach the hands of victims. In a publicized incident after a disaster in 2003, in a RBM 59,060,000 relief grant from the National government, only RMB 500,000 reached hands of victims after two years.

Where did your donation go? In this picture posted by a Netizen of Shifang, a tent printed 'RELIEF' appeared in an area not suffered from the earthquake last week.

One Qinghua University student was banned from using the campus forum for 14 days, because he post a message asking how much of the donation will be used on actual relief.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

They Are Even Lower Than Nazi

茅于轼 观察 2008年05月17日









Mao Yushi, the author of above article, is a known economist in China, son of Mao Yisheng, the most famous Chinese bridge architect.

Employee Fired After Asking Company Match for Earthquake Relief Donation

An Aviva USA employee was fired after he sent the CEO Tom Godlasky an EMail inquiring company policy on donation matching after the Sichuan Earthquake.

Aviva is a multinational insurance company with field branches in China, including five branch offices and three sales offices in the disaster area Sichuan. Several Aviva's Chinese agents in Sichuan had gone missing since the earthquake.

The employee 'Sheng' sent two inquiries to Godlasky asking about the matching policy but didn't get any response for several days. The employee was upset and wonder whether Godlasky was actually reading EMails in the past several days. He then sent a third letter in which he indicated it would be his 'last day' working for the company if he still didn't hear from the CEO. Godlasky immediately fired Sheng and kicked him out in the middle of a workday.

Conducting business in Sichuan is a privilege. The Seagull Reference recommend the Sichuan government revoke any business operation licenses that were issued to Aviva in Sichuan. Better yet, they should be banned from operating in China, and boycotted by Chinese all over the world.


发信人: cauchy911 (柯西收敛), 信区: ChinaNews
标 题: 致公司CEO的一封公开信
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Thu May 15 16:14:47 2008)


This is my third mail and the last mail to you, since I heard nothing from you for several days. I anticipate you never read any mail from low class employees in this company. You might want to eat your own words in the speech for United Ways last year.

Have you ever seen the following? Is it none of Aviva's business? Maybe it is none of "'Tech-Savvy' CEO" 's business.

Some Aviva agents missing after China earthquake China's State Council today said that the death toll from Monday's massive earthquake could reach as high as 50,000 lives. The official death toll reached at least 19,500 in Sichuan province alone where the quake was centered. Rescue teams continue to comb through the destruction in search of survivors.

Aviva has a branch office in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, four sub-branches and three sales offices in the province. All 172 Aviva-Cofco employees are confirmed safe. The majority of Aviva's 1,422 agents and 290 other partners in the province are confirmed okay. However, most of the 74 agents of the Dujiangyan sales office, located very close to the epicenter, have yet to be accounted for.

I am not begging money from you, while I was just wondering if our company could match my $1000 donation this time or not. I guess the company reimburse your blackberry expense for some reason.

Today is my last day in this company. If you want to change your poor image in my mind, do something fast. Do not waste your talent and the title in Aviva plc.


※ 来源:·WWW 未名空间站 海外: 中国:·[FROM: 170.17.]

Saturday, May 17, 2008

How American Media See Sichuan Earthquake

The Plain Dealer, the largest newspaper in Ohio, just released a second editorial cartoon on the Sichuan Earthquake.

Do NOT donate to Chinese Government Sponspored Foundations!

While all Chinese people mobilized by themselves to do something for people in the disaster area, the government sponsored foundations and charities are busy in making money. It is inspirational to read the Chinese Red Cross received 60 Billion YMB ($10 Billion USD) in a few days, but what ordinary Chinese people do not know is how the money will be used, which is always a top secret. From what has been revealed, Wuxi Red Cross will keep 60% of the donated money with earthquake designation. Yantai Red Cross plan to give "a fraction (literately translated from their official release in Chinese)" of the earthquake donation to the disaster area.

Do, Not, Donate, to Chinese government sponsored organizations!

Wuxi Red Cross Announcement at Xinhua Net (published by Wuxi Daily):

得知汶川地震的消息后,无锡市民纷纷自发捐款,支援灾区。来自市慈善总会的信息显示,截至昨天下午5时,已有37150元捐款到账。市慈善总会相关负责人表示,由于灾区交通还没有恢复,所以目前接收救灾捐赠还是以资金为主。市慈善总会捐赠热线电话:0510-82820143。市慈善总会的开户银行为农业银行无锡市中山支行,账号:630801040000019。 (小徐)

又讯 无锡市红十字会昨天发出开展“援助四川地震灾区 无锡人道万人捐”的紧急捐款呼吁书,呼吁全市社会各界发扬人道主义精神,伸出援助之手,捐款赈灾。



Yantai is even worse, only "a fraction“ will go to the disaster area

      来源:齐鲁晚报 日期:2008-5-15 作者:□记 者 柴叶 □通讯员 于茳 张君
   本报烟台5月14日讯 14日上午,烟台市召开全市支援地震灾区爱心捐助工作动员大会。当天,烟台各界捐款达到了420.08万元。烟台将根据灾区需要,从爱心捐款里抽取一定比例支援四川灾区。

Ugly Sichuan Police Stole Relief Donations

发信人: meimei7764 (meimei7764), 信区: ChinaNews
标 题: Re: 老娘实在想骂德阳棉竹那帮垃圾腐败官僚!!!!
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri May 16 19:35:59 2008)

『天涯互助-汶川地震』 [亲身经历]一个曾经在汉旺的志愿者很寒心……


※ 来源:·WWW 未名空间站 海外: 中国:·[FROM: 69.154.]

Friday, May 16, 2008

Americans Make Fun of Chinese Earthquake Lost

The largest Ohio newspaper Cleavland Plain Dealer published an 'Editorial Cartoon' on March 14, 2008, makes fun of the lost of lives after the castertrophic earthquake which struck China two days earlier. Twenty thousands bodies had been found dead, and 30 thousands more are afraid to be dead in the earthquake.

You got to wonder what kind of animals are Americans evolved from?

Who is Jiang Guohua, and Why He Must Be Shot NOW

Jiang Guohua is the CCP Party Boss of Mianzhu, a Sichuan City 100 kilometers from the center of the earthquake. Tens of thousands of people in Mianzhu did not die of the the earthquake, but die of victim of Jiang's personal political aspiration. One minute Jiang hold the Party boss position, hundreds more people are dying under rubbles in Mianzhu.

Unlike Wenchuan which sits deeply in mountains, with all roads towards outside blocked by collapsed mountains and landslides, Mianzhu is within easy access to the outside. Had the reality been told to the upper level decision makers, most if not all of the sixty thousands people burried in Mianzhu could have been saved.

Right after the earthquake happened, when the central government was collecting information on the damage, Jiang Guohua told the central government that there was little damage in his city Mianzhu. Now we know as a fact Mianzhu had the most people buried by the earthquake but too late. For more than 2 days, no rescue team or resource had been directed to Mianzhu. Two days later, many towns and villages in Mianzhu still hadn't been reached.

Many devastated Mianzhu people use Internet to unveil the desperate situation of Mianzhu and called for emergent help. When finally Mianzhu's situation was known, Jiang Guohua rushed to announce victory of the rescue mission and instructed immediate suspension of rescue effort, and start of burying bodies. In name of preventing disease, he ordered all bodies would be buried without any delay to be ID-ed. Jiang made a wrong bet at the beginning, now Jiang wish the truth to be buried forever.

The problem is there are still thousands of people buried under rubbles. To be exact, there are still sixty thousands people buried. Merely 70 hours after the earthquake happened, and less than 12 hours after mass rescue effort had been launched in Mianzhu, Jiang's order to suspend rescue is nothing less than mass murdering.

For whatever reason, traditionally and historically the CCP tends to cover whatever they deem 'negative'. It may not even be their fault, or that they are doing a poor job. They just can't take any criticism and they automatically assume any criticism is harmful to their ruling. Sixty years after they took over the control of China, they still prefer ruling in a secret manner whenever possible. After the SARS incident, the national leadership began to see the benefit of transparency and at time make use of it. It's obvious that the central government has improved a lot in the rescue operation, but some local level Party bosses just can't learn. Sadly, even after the central government has the facts straight, the lower level officials are never punished. On one hand, this kind of 'shadow' is considered as damaging to the overall image of the CCP. On the other hand, there is always a need of dirty jobs. If not now, maybe tomorrow.

We can get along but not at this time, when tens or maybe hundreds are dying at every minute.

Jiang should be shot in public as a warning to all corrupted CCP officials who takes their political aspiration over people's lives. He must be shot NOW, to save sixty thousands Mianzhu people's lives. Tomorrow would have been too late!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Call for Help: Earthquake Relief

Dear Colleagues,

As you have heard from the news, south-western areas of China were struck by a deadliest earthquake two days ago. As I am reading and monitoring all news sources, the death toll has been mounting from a few thousands to the current 14 thousands confirmed, with more still buries under rubbles and many remain missing. While most attention has been drawn to the central of the disaster, Wenchuan, it is likely that peripheral regions such as Mianzhu suffered worse. Also, as the earthquake happened in school time, many of the victims are children attending classes. In some areas, a whole generation were lost when a major school building in the town collapsed. The most devastated areas are located in deep of mountains of Sichuan Basin. The most significant bottleneck of the relief operation has been to get more rescue people and resources into the area due to bad weather, mountain collapses and consecutive landslides.

My family in northern China was not affected by the earthquake. Thank you for your caring and comforting messages. While rescue teams are risking their lives racing with time trying to help people who lost, suffered, and many still waiting to be found, I would kindly ask that you make a donation, large or small to the relief effort of this disaster. In a disaster of this scale, any help could be used, and any help would make a difference.

I am not sure on the College EMail list policy, so I am sending this to you, my colleague in the same department, or had been in a same department. Please feel free to forward it to other colleagues and friends you know. I find following charities who are accepting donation for the earthquake online:

Thank you for taking time reading this message. I will try to answer any questions you may have regarding the disaster and the relief effort. You may tell me the amount of your generous gift. For each dollar you give, I pledge to run one mile in local race events, the registration fees of which should benefit local charities and schools. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


  • Chengdu Residents. They care, they help and they are positive as they always are.
  • Military Forces including local defense forces and militarized police forces. From top brasses down to ordinary soldiers risked their lives racing time to save people.
  • Premier Wen Jiabao, the best Premier in 30 years.

What did Chinese Government do Wrong

1) although there's no reliable way in earthquake forecast, officials roughly know which areas are more susceptible to major earthquake attacks. This information should have been shared with the public. For example, Seattle had a major earthquake overdue. Southern California is expected to have a major earthquake in 20-30 years. If this information is known by the public, then people can make plans and arrangements accordingly in their daily life. Many lives could have been saved if an escape route planned at their schools and work places.

2) It's understandable to weigh in the factor of social stability when making earthquake warning decisions. However, it is 'plainly wrong' to have the summer Olympic Game as a factor in making such decision. Olympic is a timely event, which should never be a factor in decision making process.

3) As reporters asked this morning in the news press, why so many school buildings collapsed? This must be investigated after the completion of the disaster relief.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chengdu Residents Stand in Line for Blood Donation

In the wake of the strong earthquake that killed at least 8000 people, Chengdu residents stood in line overnight to donate blood to save their country folks. Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, also suffered damage and life losses from the earthquake although being 92 kilometers away from the center of disaster. Chengdu government advised residents to live in outdoor tents in the next month.

It was circulated on the Net that the historic city of Beichuan was buried by collapsed mountain entirely. Communication to Beichuan had been completely broken so casualties there had not been counted. If true, then I don't know what to say.

Military forces were promptly mobilized to rush to the area that suffered the most damage. Sichuan is notorious for its challenging roads, which had isolated it from the rest of the China in many incidents in history. Attempts to reach the area by helicopters had not been successful due to heavy rain. Elite troops were parachuted to disaster areas to set up communications. Frustrated by broken roads, one troop (First Division of Sichuan Armed Police) was reported having marched more than 30 kilometers in 4 hours on foot to save critical time. 24,000 troops were air lifted from bases across the country along with many specialized rescue teams.

School buildings were among the most in reported building damages. One of the worst scene was a collapsed school building with hundreds of children confirmed killed, and many more still buried under rubbles. The scene raised the concern of the quality of the newly erected school building. Even though it happened in the obvious earthquake, the actual cause of the failure of the building should be investigated after completing the search and rescue tasks. Too many young life perished. They deserve a truth.

Hundreds of thousands of toads were seen migrating two days before the earthquake struke Aba, a rural county close to the center of this earthquake. Many local people thought earthquake was going to happen based on ancient wisdom. Regrettably, the theory was disputed as rumor by the regional earthquake bureau. However, there is no known scientific way that can reliably predict or forecast an earthquake. An exception is the Haicheng Earthquake in 1975 which was successfully predicted mostly by observing abnormal animal behavior similar to the toads migration.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tianjin Forges Tie with Chicago

Tianjin forges friendly exchange and cooperation ties with Chicago

TIANJIN, April 22 (Xinhua) -- Tianjin, the largest port city in northern China, has forged friendly exchange and cooperation ties with Chicago of the Unites States.

Tianjin mayor Huang Xingguo and Chicago mayor Richard Michael Daley, Mayor of Chicago signed on the document forging the friendly ties.

At a news conference held here in Tianjin on Monday, John C. Thomson, Chief Representative of the China Office of Chicago, said forging friendly exchange and cooperation ties was important to both sides and hoped that Chicago would carry out more pragmatic cooperation with Tianjin in a wider range of fields.

Tianjin has established sister city relations with 23 foreign cities, and entered friendly exchange and cooperation ties with more than 30 regions and cities worldwide, including Texas, Hawaii, Dallas and Houston.

Global leading telecom equipment producer Motorola whose headquarters is in Chicago has based its largest global mobile phone production base in Tianjin. As early as 1992, it built the Tianjin plant.

As one of the earliest and most successful foreign investors in China, Motorola has invested more than 3.6 billion U.S. dollars in China, of which, 2.9 billion is in Tianjin and now contributes around 9 percent of Tianjin's industrial output value.