Saturday, November 29, 2008

Northwestern Polytechnic University

A citizen found a travel schedule lost by someone on the Shanghai subway. The schedule contains detailed arrangement of a government group visiting the US on a 14 days training and examination trip. However, there's nothing government issue on the agenda, but everything to do with tourism. The trip included stays in tourism gateways such as Hawaii, LA and Las Vegas.

One of the cost item was the 'invitation letter'. The US consulate in China as well as the US customs usually ask for an invitation letter issued by an agent inside the US to make sure a business group meant business. What they did not know was that these kind of letters are priced for purchase. The found document revealed that an invitation letter issued by the 'Northwestern Polytechnic University' costs $4,000.

That brought up an interest on learning about the invitation-selling school. A Google search of the school with its Chinese name returned 12,400 hits, with 387 unique entries. A Google search of the school with its English name returned 17,100 hits, with 477 unique entries, many of which linked from Chinese person's resumes and online profile. Clearly this is a school specialized in China related business.

The Northwestern Polytechnic University was set up in 1984. The US News reported the school currently has 195 undergraduate students. The school is credited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), a national accreditation agency.

Visitors from China should be noted that the national accreditation agencies like the ACICS were not recognized by many American universities and colleges. Colleges and universities in the US are accredited by regional accreditation agencies. Anyone can form a university in the US. Anyone can form an accreditation agent to accredit a university. You may use the diploma you received from the Northwestern Polytechnic University to decorate the wall in your bedroom. However, if you use it to look for a job, or continue your study, you may either be laughed at, thrown out, rejected, or be called a cheater in your face.

The six regional agencies recognized by US colleges and universities are:
  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Yang Jia Murdered

    Confucius said, those who made up the idea to have people buried alive with their masters did not deserve any offspring.

    Mao Zedong, challenged by his general Peng Dehuai on wrongdoings that led millions of Chinese people starving to death, cited Confucius' words cursing himself. Mao had two sons, one suffered from mental problem, the other was killed by American bombings. Mao proclaimed since he already lost all of his offspring, he had the mandate to be crazy.

    Yesterday, a young man Yang Jia, China's modern day Robin Hood, was murdered by the Communism system. Those who helped in killing Yang Jia, shall them no offspring!

    Monday, November 24, 2008

    Net Commentators Exposed

    The XiaoBaihe (little lily) BBS of Nanjing University is one of the largest and most influential college students bulletin board systems in China.

    Three communism Net Commentators were exposed:
  • Liu Zuomei (刘作楣), female, clerk of the Propaganda Department of Nanjing University, using BBS ID: esto
  • Liu Cheng (刘成), male, clerk of the Propaganda Department of Nanjing University and a PhD student of Philosophy, using BBS ID: yearsss
  • Lu Jiangbing (陆江兵), male, Deputy Head of the Propaganda Department of Nanjing University, using BBS ID: LJB

    These people should be trailed after the collapsing of the communism ruling in China, someday.
  • Thursday, November 20, 2008

    Tianjin Fishing Boat Hijacked by Somali Pirates

    A Tianjin based fishing boat was hijacked by Somali pirates last Friday. More than 100 ships had been hijacked by Somali pirates this year. The Tianyu 8 was operating near Kenya water when it was attacked by the pirates.

    The small ship belongs to Tianjin Deep-Ocean Fishery Company (TDFC), specialized in catching tunas. Among 24 crews, 16 are Chinese nationals, though none are Tianjin residents. Other crew members are from Japan, Vietnam and Philippine. Tianyu 8 operates on the sea all year around, with supplied brought in and harvest taken out by other supporting ships. The ship was accompanied by a sister fishing ship Tianyu 7 operating nearby, but the armed pirates left them no chance to response. TDFC is the largest fishery company in Tianjin, made $1.2 millon profit in the year 2007.

    Somali pirate ship usually disguised itself as fishing ship to approach the target. When within attacking distance, smaller boats will be released to launch the attack, often in midnight. US Navy ships were nearby to take this picture, but did not intervene.

    Several countries had sent warships to the area to in the wake of the recent sudden increasing of hijackings. Although Russian, Indian and British warships managed to stop or sink a few pirate ships, the dominance force in the area the US Navy had been seen holding their guns. Several US Navy warships were hanging around in the area, but they never got involved in direct conflict with Somali pirates, which drew international skepticism on their role behind the scene. Also over last weekend, a Saudi oil super-tanker the Sirius Star carrying 2 million barrels of oil was seized by Somali pirates under US Navy's watch. The shipping insurance had increased 10 times since the beginning of the year.

    Where is the PLAN Navy?

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    The Line between China and India

    China has boarder disputations with almost every single one of its more than a dozen neighbors. There are two reasons: 1) As a single center force in the region, in tradition China does not have an idea on legal boarders. The world is comprised of two parts, those China care to rule directly, and those that China doesn't bother to rule directly. Even the latter one can only survive when they recognize China's dominance. There's no point to draw a specific line from China's point of view. 2) The last Chinese empire collapsed inwards so rapidly that the actually controlled line of China fell far back to whatever legal or pseudo legal agreements that may have existed. Although in theory China still claims a big territory, but the actual controlled land is far less smaller.

    A big part of Tibet, almost all of the agricultural land of Tibet, are now controlled by India. Around 2003-2005, China and India made an deal that Indian would keep quiet about the legal status of Indian controlled Chinese land (so that it may be challenged in the future), while China would recognize India's control over Sikkim. Sikkim used to be a sovereign kingdom under Chinese protection. India took over the place in 1975 with military force, and made it part of India. However, China did not recognize India's ruling until 2005. A document showed Chinese government instructed map be redrawn.

    Rumor on the Internet had it that China was moving troops to the disputed boarder, a gesture that China was not happy after India tried to legalized the actual controlling of this land. Chinese are feeling being cheated by the Indian.

    In an unrelated note, for the first time in history and finally, the UK explicitly recognised China's sovereignty over Tibet. Foreign Secretary David Miliband issued a statement, 'Like every other EU member state, and the United States, we regard Tibet as part of the People's Republic of China.' Before this, the British has been the only major country in the world that hadn't make a clear acknowledgement of the Chinese ruling in Tibet, but rather resort the Sino-Tibetan relationship to an obscured word 'sovereignty', which was a reflection of the British's view of ever expanding of the kingdom in the 1900s.

    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Nebraska Approved Ban on Affirmative Action

    The Affirmative Action (A.A.) was banned in the State of Nebraska. The measure has long been used by white people as a mean to discriminate against asian and to destroy the future of blacks.

    It took 30 years for black community leaders to realize the AA is a poison pill. Black kids became lazy as they had been brainwashed that there would always been a plan to fall back on. Few resisted the temptattion to give up early found themselves in odd position because everyone else would thought they cheated their way into the system. Black doctors were avoided by patients for no other reason but the affirmative action.

    Every consicious person, especially every educator should stand up against the consiprcy backed in the dark era.

    Monday, November 03, 2008

    Wife of PKU Party Boss Accused of Stealing

    Ms. Yang Rui, wife of a deputy Party Boss of Beijing University, was accused by friends of relatives of stealing from Dr. Ji Xianlin, a Beijing University professor, and attempted murdering the old professor to cover up. Mr. Xu Hongzhi, the president of Beijing University was accused of detaining Dr. Ji to cover the scandal.

    99 years old scholar Ji Xinlin is a respectable living 'national treasure', and the only one of such. Because of his health condition, he lives in a top security military hospital (PLA 301 Hospital). Any visiting must be granted directly by the president of the Beijing University, a minister level communism party leader. Dr. Ji is a most reputable figure in China, and enjoys great respect from the ruling party, peer scholars, students and the public. Prime minister Wen Jiabao visited Dr. Ji three times in the hospital.

    Recent Internet posts alleged Ms. Yang Rui was named to be Mr. Ji's secretary. While Dr. Ji being away from home in the 301 hospital, Ms. Yang Rui stole vast amount of personal collections from Mr. Ji's residence. Some of these stolen items surfaced in collectible auctions, which led to the revealing of this scandal. A buyer familiar with Dr. Ji bought the items, and notified the Beijing University. Then, it was alleged that Ms. Yang tried to kill Mr. Jin to cover this up. Because Ms. Yang Rui is wife of the deputy communism party boss of Beijing University Mr. Wu Zhipan, both the president of Beijing University and the party boss of Beijing University ordered a broad scale cover up op. Dr. Ji was put under house arrest in the 301 hospital. Dr. Ji's friends and family members were prohibited from visiting.

    This is very strange, very weird, very unreal, because of Dr. Ji's 'national treasure' social status, and because of his personal connections to the top level party officials, including the current prime minister Mr. Wen Jiabao. However, a prominent and influential public figure, Mr. Tang Shizen, a former People's Daily reporter, endorsed the allegation on his Blog. Tang, a Beijing University graduate and Ji's student, detailed how he rushed to save Dr. Ji's life after having been tipped of the situation. Then Mr. Ji's granddaughter Ji Qing published an open letter to the president and party boss of Beijing University about the incident. Ji Qing accused of them lying to Mr. Wen Jiabao about Dr. Ji's situation. Finally, Dr. Ji said himself, that he did not want to stay in the 301 hospital, and that he had to pay for the hospitalization. It is reported that Mr. Xu Hongzhi visited Dr. Ji when the scandal broke, but Dr. Ji refused to have dinner with him.

    It is an unusual detail that Dr. Ji mentioned about payment. Public figures like Mr. Ji would even have a choice to pay out of pocket on medical treatment. It sounds as bazaar as hearing Mr. Hu Jintao complained on his apartment rent or monthly utility bill.

    People never understand how greedy some party leaders or wife of party leaders can be, nor could people understand how far other party leaders are willing to go to cover their commarades asses. All we can say is that: this is a magic land, where unthinkable are be made true under the party's leadership. However, it is still sad to see a once elite university fell in the hands of a few clowns. It will also be interesting to see whether Mr. Wen Jiabao will turn a deaf ear to these serious boiling 'allegations'.

    Saturday, November 01, 2008

    Senior Official Suspended after Assulting Preteen Girl in Public

    A senior official was suspended after being caught sexually assaulted an 11 years old girl by surveillance camera.

    In the evening of Oct 29, 2008, Chen family went to an upscale restaurant in Shenzhen to have dinner buffet. A male adult asked their 11 years old daughter the location of restroom, and asked her to lead him to the restroom. When they were approaching the restroom, the male adult suddenly grabbed the girl by her neck, and dragged her in the male restroom. The girl was able to break away, and ran for her parents. When the parents came to check it out, the male adult claimed it was not a big deal, and that he could pay RMB Yuan 100,000 for 'the service'. The male adult also exclaimed that he was a senior official, the same ranking of "your major (Shenzhen was No. 6 city in China in terms of population, and No. 3 in terms of size of economy)". Police was called, and both parties were sermoned to the local police station. The male adult revealed his identity to the police and was released, before he verbally threatened the girl's life in front of the police. The male adult's identity was not revealed to the victim's family.

    It had been known that communism officials often sexually assault young girls, some were killed after being raped. However, this incident was unusually toxic to the ruling party because 1) it was caught on tape; 2) it resonated with the new wealthy middle class because it happened in an upscale restaurant. By all means, the incident is incredible and bazaar.

    The event went a sharp turn after angry parents post a surveillance vedio of the entire incident on the Internet. The male adult was identified by Chinese Netizens to be Mr. Lin Jiaxiang, the Communism Party Boss and Chief Disciplinary Head of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration. Within days, the surveillance video footage was cross-posted to numerous Chinese website and discussion boards.

    The central government announced the incident would be thoroughly investigated. A promptly dispatched task force comprised of officials from the Department of Transportation arrived Shenzhen on Oct 31, 2008. During the mean time, Mr. Lin would be suspended from his official function. If the investigation showed wrong doings of Mr. Lin, the central government promised Mr. Lin would be reprimanded.

    At this time, the official webpage of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration is blocked by the Great Fire Wall of China, the Golden Shield Project from outside access.