Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indian Doctor Executed by a Chinese Doctor

Dr. Wang took justice in his own hands and drove 1000 miles to shot an Indian doctor. It made headline news.

What did not make headline, although they do appeared online WSJ:

  • 7:31 pm April 27, 2010
  • sally wrote:
    Although, the guy is dead, and it is not good to speak ill of the dead, I have no doubt that he probably humilated other residents. I am an American, and I have seen many of the Indian doctors and they literally have no respect for anybody else. I have seen where they lie to get somebody fired and even reported to the national physician data bank with their lies. It is sad, they literally have no integrity.

  • 8:12 pm April 27, 2010
  • roy wrote:
    i trained at johns hopkins medical center. saw how arrogant some of these indian mds are . maybe this incident will make them think twicw before they utter humiliating commments that sprung from curry infested tongues they have

  • 8:38 pm April 27, 2010
  • bill wrote:
    as a hospital administrator, I have seen alot, and many of the Indian md are alright, but usually they are the muslims, the ones that give us the most trouble are the brahmin elitiist type. i once was told that as a foreigner, i was an untouchable to him

  • 9:24 pm April 27, 2010
  • bj wrote:
    I was working in hr in a large metro hospital in Chicago several years back and I remember that there was an exellent doctor who was accused by the head of her department, from India, and several of his friends of incompetence.

    The thing was though they had made it all up. The Chief of Staff fortunately actually investigated and fired these bozos.

  • 9:50 pm April 27, 2010
  • Tom wrote:
    I have met too many Indian liars. Just google their resume

  • 11:53 pm April 27, 2010
  • Beware of Indians Nearest You wrote:
    Nobody beats them when it comes to ass-kissing.

  • 12:26 am April 28, 2010
  • Frank Joe wrote:
    From life experience instead of guess, some, if not all, Indian guys are kind of rude and cheating. They are completely toady before their managers/directors or any other upper layers in a company/social hierarchy; at the same time they are natural liars and very mean, if not evil, to their coworkers or people in lower ranks. To these Indians it is so typical a practice to bad mouth coworkers behind their back and claim the latter’s credits all the time to get promotion or other benefits. For these people, I’d rather shug my shoulders and go away. No need to risk my life/family on these junks.

    God bless America! God bless Dr. Wang and his family.

  • 12:58 am April 28, 2010
  • lol wrote:
    Dr. Wang didn’t stab in the back, he actually fired in the liar’s face. Hope Dr. Wang’s sacrificing himself will give those liars a lesson

  • 2:07 am April 28, 2010
  • EricC wrote:
    Don’t want to generalize too much, i worked with people from all around the world, most of them are decent, professional people. But watch your back around indians coworkers, especially the one who are born and raised in india. It is an adivice you can take it to the bank.

  • 2:41 am April 28, 2010
  • Papercut wrote:
    I have worked with Indians in many capacity. I would not give a damn what they say. You can even smell lies. However, they get their way.

    I have no intention to compare Chinese against Indian. But, often I encounter Chinese colleagues who are too “passionate” or “serious” about what they have done. And they will do anything to prove themselves. While the people from India will take it easy, they just lie and bring others down, and then make an easy living

  • 2:58 am April 28, 2010
  • Tim wrote:
    When I worked in HR a while ago, we hired as many Indians as possible to fill our Marketing/sales positions, and they increase our revenue even the dying product lines!

  • 4:39 am April 28, 2010
  • Linda wrote:
    My life experience taught me: never trust Indians!

    They looks and talks very politely, but never hesitate to lie. They promise at the beginning and get tons of excuses not to deliver at the end, and always blame other people for any mistakes. Of course, all the credit always belong to themselves no matter how much others do.

    I saw resumes of Indians that works for Indian owned consulting company, they list all long, fancy experiences, but the candidate can not answer the simplest tech questions. All lie!

  • 8:19 am April 28, 2010
  • terry wrote:
    I don’t want generalize, but I work at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee and there was some big wig doc, who never met the truth, and who’s wife embezelled $31 million from Koss Corporation over 5 years, and they are from India. From the outside they seem moral and ethical but they have issues with the honesty and definitely lack of integrity.

  • 9:35 am April 28, 2010
  • bill wrote:
    Recently, the Inspector General had to investigate gross medical error by the head of medical imaging at Visn 12 in the VA. Appparently, he tried to hide it and the patient died. This Indian doc then concocted false allegations against a female doc who reported his incompetence and got her fired. Read it for yourselft.

  • 10:12 am April 28, 2010
  • what goes around comes around wrote:
    experience with indian: her dog ran barking toward my 3-year old son when we were entering the elevator. I shielded him and didn’t look happy, then unbelievably I heard her saying: “If you look at my dog that way, why don’t you take another elevator?” I was shocked, and questioned her what was her problem and why doesn’t she take another evevator since her dog scared my son. She rediculously answered that she was in the elevator first. Meanwhile her dog was still jumping on my shopping bag. Anyway I got to my floor and hold the door to tell her that she better shorten her leash and control her dog in the future, incredibly she shouted “Get out, psycho!” certainly I called back. But what’s funny and dramatically was after I complained to the condo management it “concluded” that I was more at fault, basically ignoring the fact she provoked and she initiated name calling. Now I was perceived as overreacting, using vogue language while my son around. I don’t know how she managed to achieve that with the people. Luckily that it was not a case and no judge would be cherry-picking testimonies without being tested. The condo management even told me that she was now scared of me. What the heck is that? She seems to be the victim now, lol.

    I guess I should have just pretended of hearing mad dog barking in the first place, surely I will avoid dealing with them to avoid all the fuss. Overall I guess some people have made their own country in such a mess with those charactors, now they are mess with other people. Certainly they would get away in short term, however as the saying goes: what goes around comes around.

  • 11:10 am April 28, 2010
  • Jason wrote:
    Sorry to sat that, but now I don’t believe any indian… they are lazy and they pretend to be nice and working hard… And they’re biggest liars…

  • 11:29 am April 28, 2010
  • Sabrina Ng wrote:
    I have had an Indian coworker in a hospital in New York during my fellow training. He can always manage to dump the work to me and claim the credit in front of the chief. I am not the only one who was tricked by him.

  • 12:20 pm April 28, 2010
  • Jackson wrote:
    Indian are very strange people based upon my experience with them in both acadeimia and hospitals, specifically their double-faces, they claimed to be your friends all the time but stab your behind you back. It is really hard for me to understand them.

    So for Asian, I respect Japanese, Chinese, Vietmese……, but NEVER INDIAN FROM INDIAN SUBCONTINENT.

    BTW, I complele respect native american indian.

  • and NYDailyNews

  • Boozwa
  • 9:20 PM Apr 27, 2010
    Yes, I agree. I don't mean to group them all, but The average India born and raised have been from my experience, from college Profs to store clerks to doctors and to those who I have worked with, are some of the most rude and condescending people I have ever come across. When it comes to Doctors, I avoid them like the plague.

  • joytih
  • 11:06 PM Apr 27, 2010
    Apparently, if he filed a lawsuit claiming that he was harrassed by Indian doctors- this set him off. I can tell you that working in a hospital,some of Indian doc's are totally disrespectful and I have seen them lie against other doctors who are not Indian. I would like to what lied about in this guy's case

    Does the caste system have anything to do with how the Indian doctors disrespect other people?

  • As a matter of fact, Dr. Wang did pursue legal venues first by filing discrimination (by Indian administration to Chinese fellows) complaint first to the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center (EEOC No. 520-2008-04172) where both him and the Indian doctor was employed, and then to the court (District Court, Eastern District of New York, 1:09-03236-JG-SMG). The hospital dismissed the discrimination case, using the logic that since that 50% of their doctors are from Indian, they won't discriminate against Chinese.

    What kind of logic is that, by the way?

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Kill the Baby

    The fifty-eight underlined words read: "delivered a full-term healthy boy. Without birth-permit, the County Family Planning Office official Mr Chen Bingshou instructed the baby must die. Therefore we left clogs in the baby's mouth. The baby died in 2 minutes."

    The document is the medical record at the People's Hospital of Ninghai County of Zhejiang Province. It was dated April 5th, 1999.

    The baby was taken out of his mother Chen Yaqin by cesarean section. He weighted 8.65 lbs. He was killed before he got a name. He was Chen's first child. Chen was 28 years old at the time.

    The communist official issued the order is Chen Bingshou, the three doctors executed the death order are Jiang Weichun, Wang Guangfu, Jiang Guifen.

    They all should have gone to hell. Seriously, how can killing be stopped? If the above four were sent to hell, then it would have been stopped. And other officials and doctors would have learned a lesson, to not kill.

    earlier post with more details

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Most Popular Japanese in China

    The most popular Japanese among Chinese netizens at this time is 27 years old AV star Aoi Sora. A Chinese Internet surfer came across Aoi's Twitter account accidentally, and posted it on a Chinese forum. Within days, Aoi's fan base saw a boom at a rate of thousands more per hour. While Twitter is blocked by the communism government, tens of thousands of Chinese netizens learned how to circumvent the Great FireWall, 'flip-over-the-wall', overnight to follow Aoi. Aoi was happily surprised by the surge of followers from China, and started writing a Chinese edition of her twitts.

    Aoi's image was further glorified when she revealed that she would raise fund for disaster relief effort for people in Yushu area, hit recently by a major earthquake. Aoi only twitted this idea in her Japanese account, but not the Chinese account. Chinese followers were touched by her consideration, and vowed to contribute.

    Other Japanese AV stars favored by Chinese include Asakawa Ran (Korean) and Ai Lijima.

    The last time a major Internet technology was introduced to Chinese netizen was when a Taiwan female legislature (Chu Mei-feng)'s sex video was published by a Taiwan newspaper in its entirety of almost one hour of continuous sex, foreplay and political phone calls on the bed stuff. Millions of Chinese learned to use p2p file sharing service to download the video at home. Chu later married to a man in mainland China who knew her from the video.

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Non-Sequitur: World Fair Surprise

    Volunteers of the World Fair in Shanghai was trained to identify threats among the crowd. Detailed descriptions accompanied with vivid illustrations were offered to tell those who might be 1) Tibet Independence movement 2) Survivors of Tian'anmen massacre of 1989, and, 3) Falun Clut. The volunteers, all current college students, were surprised to hear of the massacre for the first time in their life.

    'Guide to survive an earthquake' as such words: take shelter in hospitals and schools. In China, Netizens summarized after the two major earthquakes while the school buildings always collapse first, if not alone due to poor building quality, that people should look for government buildings instead, because they always stood.

    In the duration of the World Fair, Internet users in Shanghai are allowed access to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Blogspot.

    Thank you Mother Party, thank you World Fair.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    China Removed Melamine in Dairy, Finally Officially

    Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China published a new set of dairy national standards. For the first time, removed the melamine from national standards. Until today, manufactures are encouraged to add melamine to dairy to improve the taste and appearance of products such as milk powers and yogurt, etc. The new standards will come to effect in three phases: June 2010, December 2010 and April 2011. So buyers of Chinese dairy products should hold the money until new products produced under new standards come to market sometime 2011 or later.

    Dairy products over-dozed with melamine came back in mass scale last year, despite the international scandal of 2008. At the time, the government explained it was technically difficult to regulate.

    The Sunlu Dairy Company who earned the bad name after the revelation of adding melamine, merged with Sunyuan Dairy. Sanyuan Dairy is the major supplier of dairy product to McDonald's.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes

    Jinghong Mu was a molecular biologist before she died of cancer in 2008. She knew her time was coming when she gathered her family and relatives and announced she would leave the medical expenses account of $100,000 to a fund to support education of poor kids in her hometown, instead of spend it on her treatment. Jinghong passed away soon after.

    Her parents look after her fund, and yesterday, they gave up the first round of scholarship to students of Linqing Second High School.

    Jinghong's parents are retired professors of University of Sciences and Technology Beijing. Jinghong was born in Linqing, Shangdong, the hometown of her father, but grew up in Beijing. Jinghong had the best education a Chinese kid at her age could have, going schools in Beijing, then studying in Beijing University, PhD of Penn State, Post Doc tours in Rockefeller University and Southwestern Medical Center, still her heart was with the people under poverty in Linqing.

    Jinghong had always tried to do something for Linqing. In the second year she came to the States, she came across a book titled 'All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes' in the College bookstore. She felt lucky for being able to take the journey of adventures in knowledge and cultures. Jinghong would want kids back in Linqing also felt the joy and be able to travel in the conquest of their own destinations. The best shoes would be, knowledge.

    Now, a few lucky students in Linqing just received their traveling shoes, we hope they will go as long as their will and determination carry them.

    A Voyager learns 'God's children need traveling shoes', Tuesday, June 26, 1990. The Daily Collegian online

    A voyager learns 'God's children need traveling shoes'
    One day, I opened a book in a bookstore. On the first page of the book there was only one line: God's children need traveling shoes. Immediately I was absorbed into the world of the author's beautiful imagination.

    Traveling all around the world has always been my dream. When I was in college in China, with a group of friends, my favorite game was played on a map, and the dearest topic was traveling. My life there was filled with warm comfort and strong belief that one day I would do it. Two years ago, I left for the United States, and then Penn State University. Although I had been away from home before, I had never been on a plane, and certainly never traveled out of China. "This is my start," I wrote in my journal and hoped the whole world could hear this announcement.

    "What is going to be?" I wove my fantasy with the little information that I had read and heard about the United States. The plane hurtled over the Golden Gate Bridge and the spreading forest in California, then headed to the Los Angeles International Airport located by the seashore. The plane was almost scraping the waves of the sea which is greyish blue in her sobriety. I felt the touch of this vast land and the freedom bestowed on it, which is geographically as old as the land I came from, yet sparkling fresh in her historical youth.

    On the road from New York to State College, I met an old man, a Greek immigrant. Twenty years ago he came to the United States with a few pennies and many dreams. He looked at me and advised: "Be tough first, then you will have chances to be soft." This advice must have come out of his bitter struggle. Later whenever I was tangled with some uneasy situation, I would repeat this sentence, and it would give me some strength.

    State College greeted me charmingly. The weather and flora here were similar to those of my hometown due to the similar latitude, which lessened my homesickness. The first semester was full of fascination. Like a moving feast, every day was full of new experiences and discoveries. There were just too many first times.

    The first time I took a ride in a rainy night, the mountain road of Pennsylvania cradled me like a boat, and aroused my memories of the long travels by train in China. The first time I danced in a bar, the whirling light and the rhythm of music intoxicated me and carried me away. The first time I sat in front of the computer in Pattee library, all the famous names and book titles just flew from the screen to within my very touch. I was amazed when I was told that signing out 200 books was the maximum limit for one semester. 200 books -- Unbelievable!

    As time elapsed, gradually the feast ended, and consciousness intruded. I grew unsatisfied about the simple happiness that I had felt. Like a person in the desert, I was thirsty, thirsty for books in my native language and talks with some spiritual meanings. The mystic story of China, the warm-hearted people of that land, and the colorful culture created by my people are all on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. But I am here in America. I felt I was floating in the air without touching solid ground; where did I belong?

    After a time of confusion, I began to realize the similarities between our two cultures, and the people of our two lands. Trimming away the differences, the similarity of the peoples' ideas become striking. The same content could be expressed in different forms, the same thought could be carried in different languages. Every culture has many layers, therefore one has to find the layer that is warm and dear as a seedbed in which to grow.

    Once more I live in the surroundings of friends, near or remote. They present their own views, and lead me to many new fields that I never set foot in before. While I receive their ideas, I give my ideas, values and culture, and sometimes the traditional Chinese food I prepare. The characteristics of my friends and the culture they represent fascinate me. An old black story teller and a musician, by singing a folk song, showed me the greatness that black people had rooted in their humility. A girl from the Ivory Coast told me her awareness of her role as one of the first generation of professional women that come from Africa to the West.

    My album is the carrier of my traveling experience and has become my pride. I took pictures of whatever people and scenery struck me. Birds have been my favorite subjects, the eagles, the seagulls, the doves and the airplanes, those fortunate creatures who go according to their wills, their spreading wings are full of the desire for flight. I admire them.

    For almost two years, State College has been my charming host, and will continue to be during the time I stay here. But one day I will leave, as I left my home in China. After staying in America for about two years, and realizing how strong the combination of will and determination can be, the dream of traveling all around the world seems more and more realistic. Standing in the Happy Valley shielded by the mountains, I can smell the ingredients of excitement from the other parts of the world in the wind blowing from outside. "What is going to be?" I wonder once more.

    On the second page of my album there are two maps, one of the world and the other of America. The places that I have been are marked. On the first page I wrote: All God's children need traveling shoes.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Zhu Haiyang Sentenced Life Without Parole

    Haiyang Zhu, Virginia Tech student who beheaded a female Chinese student in an on campus cafe, was sentenced to life without parole.

    Two other Chinese students who had been accused of committing murder killed themselves while under custody. Yin Zhan hanged himself after staying one year in jail. Zhang Dong hanged before sentence.

    High Profile Homicide Cases of Chinese Students in the US
    MurdererupdatesGraduate SchoolCrime DateHometownUndergraduate MajorUndergraduate CollegeVictimvictim undergraduate college
    Xiao Chuanlinsuicide by self-hanging at the crime sceneSeptember 30, 2015North Seattle CollegeWang YaolinIndian University
    Ma Tianfatally shot by policeClarkson UniversitySeptember 10, 2015Sanya, HainanMathematicsBeijing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsJiang YazhenLu Dong University
    Li Xiangnansurrendered to Chinese police, chargedSeptember, 2014Wenzhou, ZhejiangBusinessUniversity of IowaShao TongIowa State Universtiy
    Ci YongfeiarrestedUIUC (PhD), Oregon State University (Master)September 27, 2013ShijiazhuangMathematicsBeijing Communication UniversityMengchen HuangChina Central Academy of Fine Arts
    Lei Guanghui (Philip)arrestedUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro (MS), Wake Forest University (PhD, incomplete), Lanzhou University (MS)April 2013PhysicsLanzhou UniversityWu Yan, Liu Bi FangUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro
    He XiaobaoarrestedNortheastern University8/17/2011TianjinManagementTianjin Normal UniversityLi ShuaiBeijing University of Communications
    Li TianlechargedUniversity of Pennsylvania1/2011BeijingChemistryBeijing UniversityWang XiaoyeNanjing University
    Wang LishanchargedIndiana University2010FujianMedicalHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyIndian colleague
    Yu DonghaichargedUniversity of Houston at Clear Lake10/5/2009Feng Ling
    Zhu Haiyanglife without paroleVirginia Tech1/21/2009NingboAgriculture and Applied EconomicsShanghai Ocean UniversityYang Xin
    Chen Danleideath with 2 years suspension (in China)Purdue University8/20/2005SichuanMechanical EngineeringQinghua UniversityHe LeiQinghua University
    Luo Haiming40 YearsUniversity of Louisiana Lafayette5/2004ShanghaiBiologyEast China University of Science and TechnologyChen Ting
    Zhang DongHanged Self while in police custody 6/22/2004University of Kentucky2004Puyang, HenanPharmacyBeijing UniversityGu YanLiaoning Polytechnic University
    Yin Zhanhanged in jailPurdue University8/2/2001ShijiazhuangBiologyHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyKorean Sisters
    Chen Shiapprehended 2011, pleaded guilty 2015Jacksonville State University10/18/1996TianjinMathematicsLiu 'Linda' Zihui
    Liu YingSuicide by gunshot at the scene
    1993BeijingPhysicsBeijing UniversityYang BinBeijing University
    Wu WeiminPurdue University3/1992Beijing University of TechnologyWang LijuanBeijing University of Technology
    Lu GangSuicide by gunshot at the sceneUniversity of Iowa11/1/1991BeijingPhysicsBeijing UniversityShang Linhua, University of Science and Technology of China

    A more complete list

    A quick observation is the most dangerous profiling of potential murderer is: A male graduate student who was born in Beijing or Shanghai and went to college in his home city. Another thumb of rule is: most high profile Chinese students homicide cases involve three top Chinese universities: Beijing University, Qinghua University, and University of Science and Technology of China. BJU graduates always kill, USTC student always be killed, while Qinghua students killed and being killed.

    Zhu Haiyang Killed and beheaded a female Chinese student Yang Xin at a cafe on the first floor of the University dorm Yang lived. Sentenced to life without parole on 4/19/2010

    Luo Haiming Sentenced to 40 years in jail on 3/14/2006

    Zhang Dong Killed a female Chinese student Gu Yan and dumped her body in a rural location.

    Yin Zhan Killed two Korean female sisters, students of Purdue after an alleged road rage.Found hanged in his cell on 9/15/2004.

    Chen Shi killed fellow JSU student Zihui Liu. Liu was last seen on 10/18/1996, and her half buried decomposed body was discovered by utility worker on 12/16/1996. Shi was arrested by USMS 14 years later in a Minneapolis Chinese restaurant where he worked as a manager.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    $10,000 to Anyone Who takes my son

    Father Zhang Jincai and mother Huang Meiling posed with their son Zhang Hongjie, and an enlarged check issued by China Merchants Bank.

    The Henan family offers $10,000 in cash for anyone willing to adopt their eight years old son. The child is suffering from leukemia. The family had exhausted their resource to treat the boy, and hope someone can save Hongjie.

    Hongjie was diagnosed with the disease in September 2008. The Zhang family had taken him to hospitals in Beijing and Tianjin. The family had used up their own savings and borrowed money of $30,000. Although their daughter had been found a match for marrow transplant, they do not have the money to perform the operation.

    To save Hongjie's life, the family hope someone with money can adopt Hongjie. The family also will give $10,000 they borrowed to the medical cost.

    Their postal address is: Henan Province, Kaifeng, Weishi County, Xingzhuang Xiang, Luguan Viliage, Group Five.

    At this time, Zhang Hongjie is hospitalized in The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.

    Monday, April 12, 2010


    President of Poland died in a crashing landing en route to a ceremony of 70 years anniversaries of Katyn. Also died, General Chief of Staff, and commanders of Polish Army, Navy and Air Forces.

    Retrospective looking, people die in wars, and soldiers die faster. However, rarely had a occupying country attempted to wipe out the entire elite class of the occupied land all together indistinguishably. Even Japanese who took no regard of human life and dignity, had some appreciation of culture and art.

    The only other occurrences of these kind of mass elimination only happened by Communists Russians to Russians, Communists Chinese to Chinese and Communists Cambodians to Cambodians.

    Probably Polish shouldn't hate Russian people, because Russian People had suffered far more themselves before and after Katyn.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Germ Warfare in Korea

    A recent Special Operation article detailed a mission when Brigadier General Crawford Sams was sent to a northern landing site to survey a North Korean village plagued with contiguous diseases. Sams concluded it was not the plague, which US soldiers were not vaccinated, but a form of smallpox, which US soldiers had been vaccinated for.

    On the other hand, increasing evidents suggested the bacteriological warfare indeed took place with declassified documents linking Fort Detrick and Air Forces.

    General Sams' personal report after the 'Operation Sams' was used as a rebuttal by the US at the time to the accusations made by China and North Korea. However, the simple fact that General Sams did not bring back any physical evidence, not even a blood sample seems to be a hint to the real truth.

    Friday, April 09, 2010

    Who is Han Han?

    Hanhan is a young man born in Shanghai. His career is a race car driver, the best or one of the best in China. However, he made his name when he was a teenager, when he published his first novel (and dropped out of high school).

    His top notch racing and novel writing career was overshadowed by his blog writing hobby, which made him a spiritual idol for many Chinese. He has been bold in scolding corrupted officials and ridiculing Party policies. And so far, his otherwise 'sharp' criticism has been tolerated by the communism regime. Although his blogs are often deleted, it was not clear whether the instruction was from the top of the Propaganda Ministry, or a victim of overzealous lower level network police. Han Han makes painstaking efforts to make sure his words are not provoking or inciting any actions.

    Han's tranquil life style is being threatened by a Time Magazine survey of Time 100 of 2010. Only three persons from China are listed as candidates of 201. In additional to Han, other Chinese are Party Boss of Chongqing, jailed intellectual Liu Xiaobo and CEO of a Chinese search engine.

    Han was not surprised by the nomination, but commented that he was not 'influential' in China at all. Han said, he was but a insignificant role with a small voice on the big stage of modern China. When hit by the spotlight, audiences see him. Taking the spot light away, no body would notice. Any Party members in China, 80 million strong, or any government officials would have deeper and more lasting impact to Chinese people. He must be right.

    Thursday, April 08, 2010

    HUST Made Chinese Literature a Mandatory Requirement for Graduation

    Students of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Wuhan, Hubei will have to pass a 'Chinese Literature Examination' before they receive their degree certificates, the school announced yesterday.

    Students in China usually go through a cohort program in College, with load of 12 hours or more on any given day. Students in science and engineering programs has little time to pick up subject outside their fields. Some education scholars contributes the lack of innovations by Chinese to the absent of cultural and humanities in College students' curricula.

    HUST was established in 1952. Like it's peers of many new schools set up after the government take over, HUST was designed and implemented as an engineering school. The school, however, tried to incorporate traditional science and humanity fields into its curricula. HUST has made itself an icon of modern China's higher education, and has been consistently ranked among Top Ten universities in China, with its engineering school convincingly sitting among Top Five.