Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philippine Celebrates Killing of Chinese

Hours after 8 Chinese tourists were killed by Philippine police, Philippines flooded the slaughter place with joy.

A group of school girls happily taking pictures of themselves, using the shattered bus as back drop. Chinese are not humored. Some commented they were as ugly as monkeys, while others rebutted monkeys wouldn't cheer at where same species were killed.

Police officers also took no time to join the celebration. Law enforcement officers from all branches of the force happily tour the site where eight Chinese were killed minutes ago. Many did not wait to take souvenir photos standing by the bus, making faces and chirping.

According to Hong Kong media, the president of Philippine refused to acknowledge any wrongdoings or missteps of the police in handling the hostage crisis when he meet with news congregation from Hong Kong. The president was joking and laughing and shrugged off any concerns of police performance.

President Aquino's response was criticized, and mass demonstrations had been continuing outside Philippine's consulate in Hong Kong.

The anger, and in some cases hatred to Philippine government, shown among Chinese were a Deja Vu for people across the Taiwan Strait. Thirty two Taiwan tourists were found dead in a boat in Qiandao Lake 'Lake with a thousand islands' of Zhejiang Province, China in 1994. Three local bandits raided the boat and killed all the passengers. The Communist government handled the tragedy following their normal protocol of covering up. The incident was a turning point of feelings people on Taiwan towards the mainland China. Prior to the incident, although seeing communism as the evil, 80% or more residents of Taiwan had a favorable opinion on reuniting with the mainland one way or another. After the incident, the figure dropped for the first time to less than 50%, and it never recovered.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Propaganda Official Demands Award Winning Photo Retracted

A photo showing a salvage crew auctioning the body of a college student who dead while rescuing two boys won the first place award of a national photojournalism competition. Surprisingly, a picture of this nature was not 'harmonized' by the CCP's propaganda arm. Astonishingly, a Propaganda official ordered the award be retracted after it had been announced. A communism party member must be made of special material to have an extraordinary thick face.

In response, the photographer published the entire set of photos, with chronically recorded details of the bargaining process through out hours.

The Director of the Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party at the Yangtze University (that's a mouthful, I know), Mr. Li YuQuan, wrote to the 'Golden Lenses' Award of the China Photojournalism Award claiming the photo, which unanimously voted 1st place should be retracted because there was no scandal as it shows.

The Award committee agreed to launch an investigation and will announce its findings tomorrow. Regardless what comes out tomorrow, this is a rare occasion when journalists stood up against the CCP's propaganda officials in defending press freedom.

The photographer, Mr. Zhang Yi, who was a reporter of a local newspaper Jiang Han Business News was not able to publish the photo through his employer. The photo was published as a reader submission by Hua Shang News of Shannxi Pronvince along with news medias of other places. Afterwards, Zhang Yi was forced to relocate to another city.

The Yangtze University and Jiang Han Business News was a level of government in Chinese government architecture. Not only they kissed the asses of the mafia at the time of the incident, but even ate the shit one year after in the highlight of national media. There is something not salvageable here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

This Side that Side

* Johns Hopkins University started need-blind admission, and it is a good news for Chinese.  As a matter of fact, any-blindness regardless is a good news for Chinese because they have been targeted in every twisted fashion in college admission.  If a white student need to achieve 80% to be admitted to a university T, then a Chinese with similar background will have to exceed 90% to get in.  Of course Blacks or Latinos are totally different stories, but although White people cry foul the most often, Asian are the real victim.  Yeah, we like being blind.

* Hangzhou Youth reported that an entire bus-full of people fled the scene when one old lady fell, somehow, when the driver braked for a pedestrian crossing the road.  The old lady got a bruise on her head but was otherwise okay.  They were good people, to be clear, as some had offer the old lady their seats.  The old lady thanked them but stayed standing near the door because she only had one stop ahead.

Thanks to the Calabash Monk case in Nanjing three years ago, all Chinese are fleeing away and refused to offer help to others, especially to old ladies.  The communist judge famously questioned the defendant Peng Yu, who helped an old lady, why did you help her if you didn't caused her fell down? Peng was sentenced to pay a fortune to the lady, even though he claimed innocent, and he had many witnesses and a surveillance camera to back up.  The old lady, on the other hand, had a son who was a communist official in a powerful unit.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fonterra, Why You Again?

Parents across China are in panic when newspapers revealed many girls and infants were found to sexually matured.  Their breasts developed and their female hormone level are equal or higher than female adults.  They all had been drinking milk powder produced by 'ShengYuan'.

Resembling what happened after the melamine tragedy two years ago when millions children poisoned and hundreds died, the government reacted exactly the same.  The national diary monitoring agency refused to test the milk powder sent to them by parents, citing cost issue.  While news and rumors alike keep fomenting for days and into weeks, not even one sample of milk had been tested.  Well, that's what you expected from a communism dictatorship control, right?

Yes, but there is other discoveries, not on communism ideology, but on greedy money, nonetheless.

Recall the melamine incident two years ago.  The manufacture, SanLu (or Triple Deers in Chinese), which was found to produce the fatal milk over years were a subsidiary of the Fonterra of New Zealand.  Fonterra claimed that although they knew the issue long before, they couldn't tell the public because they only have 44% share of the manufacture.  On one hand they urged their Chinese partners to alert the public, on the other hand, they sat still watching millions of children poisoned by their milk each and everyday and did nothing to stop the production.  Fonterra acted only after Chinese news media broke out the horror story.  Fonterra notified then New Zealand Prime Minister, who commanded her Foreign Minister to talk about this with his Chinese counterpart.

This time, too, Fonterra is talking after the news media stepped in.  ShengYuan had long claimed Fonterra as its exclusive source of diary materials.  Imported source had been the most known sell point of ShengYuan.  Many Chinese parents who had been scared from the quality issue of Chinese product buy ShengYuan diary product because of this line.  Only after the news coverage of the hormone issue, Fonterra released an announcement stating that it was not ShengYuan's exclusive source for raw materials.

Why You Again? Fonterra?

Fonterra is not the only foreign diary player in China.  As a matter of fact, all major international diary producers had significant presence in China, the largest diary market in the world.  In the aftermath of the melamine incident two years ago, and numerous other quality related issues, many Chinese consumers only buy foreign imports and foreign brands.  ShengYuan is the only domestic brand with meaningful market share in infant diary product.  That largely have to be attributed to their advertising line of the Fonterra tie.  How come Fonterra is the one who is linked to the only two major diary product scandals? Why Fonterra?

Only greediness can explain.  Instead of setting up partnership with reputed brands or setting up own produce and manufacture channels like other international brands do, Fonterra adopted a cheap approach to the Chinese market by lending its names to junk brands, like Sanlu and ShengYuan.  Fonterra enjoyed the profits when it worked, and severed the tie when it didn't.  Fonterra, do you really think you can come out of this clean?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Koreans Dug out Records on Merging with Japan

With records from Japanese archive, Korean scholars believed the annexation treaty of 1910 was illegal due to technicality, probably a trick planted by then Korean King himself.

The discrepancies is obvious when placing the Japanese and Korean versions of the treaty side by side. The Japanese version was signed by the then Japanese emperor along the Japanese state stamp. However, the Korean version bears no signature of the Korean King, and the stamp was not right. The stamp was usually used in daily operational matters, rather than the state stamp used for important issue.

Korean scholars argued the discovery an important evident that the annexation was not approved by the Korean King, as had been claimed by Japan. Korean scholars hope to nullify the treaty.

Historically Korean had been a tributary state of China for two thousand years until late nineteenth century when China lost a war with Japan in 1895. Korean gained the independent state status in name when under Japanese control, until the treaty of 1910 formally annexed it into Japan.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Milk, Milk, Milk

.1. Shengyuan Milk was widely reported by newspapers to having caused many infants sexual pre-mature. Girls and boys alike as young as 4 months old was found to have breasts developed as mature women. Shenyuan Milk is a major diary producer in China, with concentration in Northern area including Beijing and Hebei.

.2. A new round of diary product with over-dozed melamine are emerging in China. The government believes it is made from materials that was not properly destroyed in the previous round of cleanup. The Ministry of Heath stated that there was no 'technical methods' to guarantee all over-dozed product be destroyed.

.3. A new national diary product was released. This is the update to the standard made in 1986. Notably, required protein ingredient was lowered from 2.95% to 2.8%. The measure is believed to deter common practice of adding melamine to boot up protein ratio. Also, the allowed bacteria was increased from 500K to 2,000K. In comparison, the upper limit of allowed bacteria in South Korean standard is 7K.

.4. The Chinese Customs announced that mainland people could no longer get more than two tins of powder milk from oversea family members in mail. Ever since the melamine case broke out, many of the overseas Chinese community had taken the duty of sending powdered milk to their families with little kids in China. The new measure will effectively kill milk-by-post due to high cost of shipping.

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