Thursday, November 09, 2006

Power of the Youtube

Yesteryear's historians would be amazed on how a 61 seconds video clip had changed the world. on the Nov 7, 2006 midterm election day, voters in Virginia voted incumbent Republican Senator George 'Macaca' Allen out of job. Virginia is the last State to finish the counting because of a close contest. Thanks to this final seat, GOP lost its control of the US senate by 1 seat.

George Allen was a top GOP presidential candidate for 2008 before the Youtube video told the world what kind of a person he was. An arrogant racist, that is. It's a personal tragedy for Mr. Allen to lose his senator seat, but its a priceless gift for the people in the US to know the fellow before sending him to the presidency.

Bravo Youtube! Bravo Web 2.0! Bravo Virginian People!

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