Monday, April 23, 2007

Half Hearted Prank Or Bona Fide Racism

Jeff Vandergrift of CBS WFNY placed an on-air prank call to a local Chinese restaurant, pretending a customer making phone ordering at noon of April 20th, 2007. WFNY covers New York, New Jersey. Also on the air at the time with Vandergrift was Dan Lay.

When asked whether he would like to pick up or deliver, Jeff Vandergrift told the female receptionist 'Should I come to your restaurant, so I can see you naked', 'that way, I can see your hot Asian spicy ass', 'Spicy ass', etc. At the point, an elder male employee took over the phone, and Jeff told the old man he wanted 'Chinese egg roll in your pants', 'told the young Asian ass I wanted touch her ass'. Vandergrift also used words such as SOB, Chinaman repeatedly.

Imus had been fired for his stupidity. For bottom feed small fish Vandergrift & Lay, a rather little known coward, being fired for work stupidity would probably bring them career high name recognition. Therefore, we no longer want Vandergrift & Lay fired, we want Vandergrift & Lay punished by the legal system based on the offense he made. Sooner or later, one or another, someone in the society will have to pay for Vandergrift and Lay's arrogance and foolishness.

The producer of the program is Lance Otani, a Japanese. The wife of Jeff Vandergrift is Natasha Yi, a Korean.

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