Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Uncooperative Weather Slapped Faces of Meteorologists

Snow flasks were seen flying over Beijing for the second time this summer. In Chinese culture, many believe that snow in summer suggests extraordinary abnormalities, usually caused by a terribly wronged person.

It happened that two top officials were punished in high profile public stun. Mr. Zheng Xiaoyu, the director of China FDA was executed for taking bribes and approving fake medicines. Mr. Chen Liangyu, a politburo member and Party boss of Shanghai, was stripped from position for corruption related charges. Obviously both were bad guys, and deserve every justice they received. However, the superstitions surround the extremely unusual snowing made the Party leaders scratch their heads. In a scene of a famous drama written by Mr. Guan Hanqing (14th century) of Yuan Dynasty, it snowed in a summer when the heroes was wronged of killing her husband.

Although the July 30th snowing process were witnessed by thousands and widely covered by the media, the meteorological center of Beijing came up with a report citing meteorologists saying it's impossible to snow in Beijing.

On the afternoon of August 6th, another snow process last 5 minutes happened in the Chengfu Rd area, as the title pictures shows. Now the meteorologists of Beijing had a tougher challenge: having had to accept that snowing in the summer is after all possible in Beijing, now they must prove that it was not snow that people saw when Dou E, the heroes of the Guan's drama, was executed in the book seven hundreds years ago.

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