Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Blogger Yugan reported his private letters sent to overseas were stamped 'UN FOR TAIWAN', a political propaganda slogan sponsored by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). The slogan is not backed by the government. Actually, it is prohibited from displaying at many government installations, although the ruling party is pushing hard. Yugan thought it's a violation of his rights by throwing words into his mouth (stamping opinion on his letters).

Eastern Asia countries are rich in history and culture, but new to ideas of modern democracy. With it's economic success and political freedom, Taiwan has been an exemplar of democracy for its neighbors. However, often an opposite example. Rulers of areas that are still under communism or dictatorship are able to ask their people the question: Do you want a democracy as demonstrated in Taiwan? The answer is often 'never'.

With all the political freedom and transparency, people have been able to watch the 24/7 soap operas of cat fight in Taiwan parliament where legislatures beating each one with chairs, tables and even tear gas grenades. People have been watch the elected president cursing, swearing and lying. By all means, a democratic Taiwan has done more harm than goods for the democratic movement in its neighbor countries, especially its motherland the mainland China.

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