Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sony Promised Stable Pricing on BluRay Players

SONY US CEO Stan Glascow announced that BluRay DVD players would enjoy a controlled pricing development after defeating Toshiba's HD-DVD as the only left standing DVD standard. The priority now is to persuade consumers to upgrade their DVD players.

Glascow stated that currently the bottom level of BluRay players were sold at $399. The bottom model price will be decreased to $299 on Christmas 2008, then $200 on Christmas 2009. Glascow also promised that the BlyRay players would enjoy a controlled descending in price rather than any free fall. SONY promised it would not license any Chinese manufacture to produce BluRay DVDs.

Before Chinese vendors joined the DVD player making business, a bottom model regular DVD was sold above $200 in a discount store like Wal-Mart. It could be bought at below $20 today.

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