Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dead Horses Galloping

With the endless media attention on the poisonous powder milk incident, you would thought one more attempt to blame the government to be beating a dead horse. After all, even according to official figures, thousands of infants had been hospitalized, with hundreds of kidney failures and the death toll had been keep mounting. You know what? This magic world is full of surprise. Do you see that dead horse galloping?

1) The central Communism government told its citizen low doze of melamine is safe, citing US FDA research;
2) Local government issued an order that the Sanlu Dairy stopped reimbursing examination fees for infants who had drank Sanlu infant formula;
3) The Health Ministry, whose top official Mr. Gao Qiang had been named to lead the national task force in handling the poisonous powder milk scandal, issued an order that infants with kidney stones smaller than 4mm should not receive medical assistance.

The Prime Minister Mr. Wen Jiabao is coming to New York City to address the U.N. How shall we show our appreciation to Mr. Premier?

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