Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar's Chinese Element

Neither 3D stereo display nor big screen auditorium is new, but audiences had never been more confused on which theater can give them a 'better' Avatar experience.

Is IMAX Classic (larger screen, film projection) superior than 'fake' IMAX Digital (retrofitted smaller screen with digital projector)? What's difference between RealD and Dolby sound? How does it compare IMAX and Cinemark XD? How many seats are there in the theater? What about 'standard' Cinemark theaters and 'standard' AMC theaters?

Chinese movie goers camped out in line to buy an IMAX ticket from a handful of available 'fake' IMAX theaters in China. The box office figure is shooting for $100 million with these handful of theaters in the first week after it was opened in China.

Chinese are crazy about the alien/Pocahonta/Iraqi genre movie for varies reasons. Some, linked the brutality of the 'British East India Company' to the Chinese government. Many residents had been killed, suicided, vaporized in several high profile cases when they resisted government eviction for commercial development. In one such case in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province, female entrepreneur Tang Fuzhen set herself on fire to deter government bulldozers. The fire halted nothing but Tang's life.

There was at least one obvious proof of the theory. The evil colonel's mother gunship is referred to as 'Papa Dragon', with a Chinese dragon painted at the nose. A same dragon can be seen on the canon of his personal powersuit.

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