Friday, February 26, 2010

Appealees Jailed for Racketeering Courts

Many farmers in Hebei province were charged and jailed on crime of racketeering local government or local courts in 2009.

When farmers appealed to higher courts what they perceived unfair handling of their cases, they did not know they would be threw into jail by the very lower courts they complain about, on name of 'blackmailing', or racketeering.

New Capital News (Xinjingbao) reported that Chen Tongmei of Cang County was sentenced to five years, Wang Jinrong of Cang County was sentenced to five years, a couple Zhou Qilong and Li Baofeng of Mengcun County were sentenced to two years.

Yuan Zhongliang, brothers Liu Jisheng and Liu Jili of Nanpi County were also charged with blackmailing local government. They are lucky that their cases were dismissed when higher court, the Supreme Court of Hebei Province, intervened.

Cang County, Mengchun County and Nanpi County are all in Cangzhou District.

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