Friday, October 15, 2010

Chongqing Express: Cracking Down Organized Crimes

A Chongqing Party District Chief's conversation with a real estate developer was recorded and placed on the Internet. The recording, which was made on or about 15:00 on August 5, 2010, officially revealed a known secret of Chongqing's cracking down on organized crimes.

The Party Chief, Wang Yinfeng was heard asking the developer in a threatening tone, 'do you know why Chongqing cracked down on organized crime? Do you know what is organized crime? Anyone not agreeing with the government's decision will be cracked down as a criminal!' The Party Chief of Chongqing, Mr. Bo Xilai, has been making a big scene with his heavy hand approach in cracking down organized crimes in Chongqing. Bo is believed to show his ambition to higher posts, such as the Premier or Deputy Premier.

The developer was summoned to halt works on a site immediately because it interfered with the 'Feng Shui' of the district government's administration building complex. The Party Chief agreed to assign another site for compensation, but the developer was not satisfied because of the location.

The Feng Shui factor is a sensitive issue because the Communists Party does not believe in superstitious beliefs.

Wang Yinfeng was born in Henan Province. Wang received a PhD from Beijing University. Before current post as the Party Chief of the Jiangjin District of Chongqing, Wang held position such as associate staff scientist of the Henan Geography Institute of the Chinese Science Academy.

Bo Xilai is also a Beijing University graduate.

8/5/2010: The said recording was made;
10/8/2010: A news report revealed the Feng Shui factor in the negotiation between the Jiangjin District government and developers.
10/12/2010: The Jiangjin District Government denied the existence of the conversation about Fengshui;
10/13/2010: The Jiangjin District Government held another press conference, and denied the existence of the conversation about Fengshui;
10/13/2010: While denying the conversation, the Party Chief of Jiangjin District challenged the developer to make the recording of the alleged conversation available on the Internet;
10/13/2010: "First Finance", a national news media obtained a copy of the said recording;
10/14/2010: Party Chief of the Jiangjin Government recognized the conversation after the recording was made available on the Internet, but implied the recording could have been edited;

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