Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NPR Host Flexing Question Technique

NPR Host Melissa Block to an UN officer regarding China's applying for Intangible Cultural Heritage program: "..., hasn't China been trying to sort of suppress ethnic minorities and in particular Uighur traditions. How can they also be asking to safeguard this tradition?"

Before any answer can be provided, she already projected the impression of China suppressing ethnic minorities and in particular Uighur tradition as a matter of fact and stat quo. As someone who lives in China, and been to the ethnic Uighur areas, I can speak with confidence, based on my own observation, that the Communist Autocracy has always been, promoting ethical cultural for their own advantage.

For the communist Party, their enemy is the Han people who comprises of 90% of the Chinese population. During the communist rule of 50 years, they have successfully reduced the ratio of Han people from 98% to a little shy of 90% nationwide. The reason is simple, an angry Han will overthrow the regime, an angry Urghur can not.

Shame on her, and shame on NPR.

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