Friday, September 30, 2011

Laowai Said Bomb Russia

Well, not really.

But you would never know where is the bottom line of Commies. Back then when a Chinese (mainland) fishing boat was detained by the Japanese near the disputed Diaoyu Islands area, the communists government kept their head down. There had been some heated discussions online regarding what to do.

Some argued since historically Diaoyu Islands fell in the authority of Taiwan provincial government before it was taken away by Japan, Taiwan should take care of Chinese fishermen's interest there. And then they came up with a better idea, when Taiwan's navy confront the Japanese navy, it would be a good time for the mainland to attack Taiwan.

You will have to wonder what kind of education of values did these young men go through. Look no further then their elementary textbook, where the story was told about how King Xiang of Song ( -657 B.C.) lost a battle to Kingdom Qi. While King Xiang insisted on follow noble protocol, Chairman Mao mocked him as of moral and value of a stupid pig.

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