Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chinese American Solider Died in Hands of American Soldiers

Pvt. Danny Chen was found dead in October in Afghanistan, with a gunshot wound believed to be self-inflicted. Evidences were found that Chen had been subjected to physical abuse and ethnic slurs by others in his unit. American soldiers dragged him across the floor, threw stones at the back of his head, forced him to hold liquid in his mouth while upside down. Danny Chen was born and raised in Lower Manhattan, New York.

Asian-American community activists have been pleading the army to create 'an atmosphere in which Asian-Americans feel safe'. However, hazing towards Asian soldiers were wide spread beyond the Army.

Danny Chen was but one of numerous Chinese victims in the US military. Some reported, more might not be. Lance Cpl. Harry Lew was hazed by his fellow Marines, and found dead on April 3. The world wouldn't have known how Lew died, had not one other soldier came forward to tell the truth. Lew's parents were informed by the USMC that Harry Lew was killed the battlefield, quote 'supporting combat operations' unquote. Harry Lew was born and raised in Santa Clara, California.

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