Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Japanese Story

The Lunchbox and Dad

Three years after Father died of a disease, I became a first grader.

I want to tell you something Dad, although you probably have already known: I borrow your lunchbox.

My heart is still pumping when I think about what happened yesterday.

When my chopsticks hit the wall of the lunchbox, it made a pleasant tinkling sound. I had a really special lunch yesterday. My head was totally occupied by the packed lunch as early as 10 o'clock in the morning.

It was really special because it was the first time I used Dad's lunchbox. After you passed away, I was very lonely, very sad.

Father worked at a tempura shop, where he made the best fried tempura in the world. Every time I went there, he would secretly gave me a lot of tempura shrimp. I felt I was the special kid and very happy. After that, I always eat a lot, and worked really hard on Karate. Now that my lunchbox is not big enough for me.

"I need a bigger lunchbox!"
As I was telling Mom, she handed me Father's lunchbox from the back of the cupboard, the one you used when you went to work.

"It may be too big for Yu-kun," said Mom, but she allowed me to use Dad's lunchbox anyway.

Then it started the long wait since the breakfast. I ate all the lunch. After that I felt I was like Father, strong and kind. I really want to meet Father. Until now, my heart is still pumping, when I was thinking the yummy lunch and the happy time when I was eating it.

If I am granted to a wish to the God, I would like to live with Dad, Mom and sister once again. Alas, I know Father is guarding us from the sky.

Although I am lonely because Father is not at home, but since I am the only boy in the house, I will protect Mother and sister for Dad. I will eat well with Father's lunchbox, and become a stronger and kinder big boy.

Thank you for lending me your lunchbox, Dad.

translated from a Chinese translation, also with help of Google Translate.

Takanori Yu Katayama is a 1st grader. He took the picture with his father Shunsaku when he was three years old. Shunsaku died a few months later of a disease. This essay made him the first place winner in the 4th writing contest held by the Asahigakuseishinbunsha. The theme of the contest is 'Thank You Always'.
















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