Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Troopers Round Up Asian Looking People on Miami Streets to Fulfill Racial-Based Jail Quota

Oct 16, 2012 Miami, the Florida State Board of Education passed a plan which set goals for students based on their race.

By 2018, the Board wants 90% of Asian students, 88% of white students, 81% of Hispanics and 74% of Blacks to be able to read. As to math, the goals are 92% for Asian kids, 86% for white, 80% for Hispanics and 74% for Blacks to be 'proficient'.

Chairwoman Kathleen Shanahan stated that measuring students by race was needed to comply with the federal No Child Left Behind Act enacted under the Bush Administration.

The practice at K-12 level schools echos mainstream ideology in the education system. Study showed an Asian student would need 140 points in SAT score higher to compete with an otherwise equal credential white student in college admission of elite schools. Still, white students feel being discriminated against by race. Abigail Noel Fisher, a white student, sued University of Texas for its holistic admission process. The case is under review at the Supreme Court, Docket No. 11-345.

President Obama has instructed Justice Secretary Eric Holder to study a proposal to set a federal quota on inmate demography based on race. President Obama disputed criticism that the policy mirrors the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. "Asian is severely under-represented in federal and state jails as well as local detention centers," the President spoke at a campaign stop in battlefield state Ohio, "a fact that American simply can not afford to turn their back upon. We have to recognize that not every group is staring at the same point, and it is the obligation of the government to ensure that no one should make advancement alone." The implementation requires Census data being used in a lottery system to facilitate identifying and locating selections of Asian candidates, because not enough could be produced through the regular justice system.

Along Black, Hispanics and other minorities, Chinese Americans have been proud of being yellow dog Democrats. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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