Sunday, December 09, 2012

Anchor Babies and STEM Graduates

Not in Chino Hills is a crowd-sourced initiative led by Peruvian immigrant Rosanna Mitchell. Rosanna is dedicated to eradicate Chinese women who came to US to give birth anchor babies. Rosanna, a practicing divorce lawyer, distributes surveillance cameras to local residents to monitor activities, including car movements of vehicles used by Chinese. As Rosanna told the reporters of local Daily Bulletin, she wants to know "what locations they're doing the drop offs, where it's going and where it's stopping." Rosanna also recruits volunteers to follow Chinese in sight.

On the east coast, the Democratic controlled US Senate closed an act passed by the Republican controlled Congress, which would allow foreign students who earned advanced degrees in the US in science and engineering fields to stay in the US after their graduation. Latino-leaning Democrats killed the bill in name of diversity. The largest population of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students are Chinese oversea students.

Mitchell used the new Chinese Exclusion Act movement as a pivot for her staled City Council campaign. Although it's often a risky path, launching a racial war against the minority is often an effective measure, when 1) the economy is bad; and 2) you know a thing about propaganda, what to tell and what to hide.

Mitchell's arguments based on making people fear about their economic security in a hard time. Mitchell warned local residents the cost of medical expenses, and the burden of public school.

What Mitchell did not tell local residents were: 1) Chinese moms pay full cost with cash in advance to hospitals. Local hospital make every effort to allure more Chinese moms from a limited supply, because they are the group who actually pay. In a sense, it is Chinese moms's wallets that sponsored the local medical system to provide medical assistance to many local residents, including Peruvian immigrants like Ms. Mitchell's uncles, aunts and second and third cousins. 2) These babies are not to stay. They all go back China within one month. The 'anchoring' title is more like a in legal terms, than anything else. Wealthy Chinese came to US for delivery because of very specific reasons: the medical resource, environment, US citizenship and legal technicalities at home. In other words, they are looking after what can not be acquired with money in China. For example, in China, it's against the law to have a child out of a marriage, and against the law to have a second child in a family. Unlike people from Latino countries who come to the US in boatload (or van-load), only wealthy Chinese with well connections managed to come to the US for delivery. Unfortunately, the attractiveness of US stopped after the child was born. Thus, with no exception, they all fly back, the mom and the baby. For this group of people, money is not a concern; and on the other hand, they will never qualify for welfare. The new US citizen baby does provide an assurance of safety for the baby and the family. Surviving the communist rule is no low task than playing by jungle rules. The family may find a need to come to US one day, but they will ride in first class, and have a boat-load of cash followed.

In the end, what Rosanna Mitchell asked local people to do would hurt local people. There is no way these are too much to decipher for a lawyer trained at UC Irvine, but she chose not to reveal to the local people. Mitchell used local people as disposables for her political aspiration.

Anchors babies from extremely wealthy Chinese families and well-trained scientists and engineers are what US really needs to attract. Politicians have every right to advance their own agenda, but people shouldn't complain if they limit themselves to only political rhetorics.

As a first generation immigrant from Peru, Ms. Mitchell enjoyed free public school education all the way till her current practice as an divorce lawyer. She never found it troubling, but now finds fee-paying legal immigrants a trouble? As a lawyer, Ms. Mitchell can not tell the difference between illegal immigrants and legal? As a politician, Ms. Mitchell do not know what money is supporting local hospitals and local schools? We do not believe Ms. Mitchell is not a small time racist, who hates her neighbor only because of the difference in skin color. Ms. Mitchell is worse because she knows better. The Seagull does not believe Ms. Mitchell is a racist. Ms. Mitchell takes advantage of human being's weakness to advance her own agenda by getting out the darkest of human mind and making one group of people hate another group of people for no logical reason. Chinese moms are singled out for no better reason other than they are in small number and an easy target. As a matter of fact, we do not see Ms. Mitchell would hesitate or blink when opportunity presents steering racial hatred towards Peruvian people a cheap shot. That is Evil.

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