Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chinese Student Expelled by Vassar College Sued for Discrimination

The New York Post reported that a Chinese student from Dalian Xiaolu 'Peter' Yu was expelled by Vassar College after a white student Mary Claire Walker accused him of rape.

Yu said the College was wrong, and his recollection of the incident was: on the night of Feb 18, 2012, the two teammates of the Vassar College rowing team were at a team party. The two agreed to have sex after the party, and they did.

For unknown reason, one year later, Walker informed school officials that Yu raped her that night. Vassar College expelled Yu on Walker's words.

Yu claimed the sex was 'clearly consensual' because:

  • Walker called her roommate to find out whether they could have sex at her dorm room, and when it was not an option, they walked together to Yu's room.
  • Walker assured Yu, a virgin at the time, that she knew 'what to do', and started by performing oral sex on him. Then she put a condom on him, before the two conducted intercourse.
  • When Yu's roommate returned, Walker made a comment on how she 'took Peter Yu's virginity' before dressed and left.
  • The next day, Walker sent Yu a message through Facebook saying she 'had a wonderful time'.

Having had his life dismantled at age 20, Yu filed a complaint in Manhattan federal court against Vassar College on grounds of discrimination.

One picture featured on Walker's Facebook cover page was a word expansion of her own name: "Mad, Adorable, Romantic, Young, Crazy, Lethal, Adorable, Innocent, Rich", along a quote from Walt Disney, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible'.

A spokesman for Vassar College indicated that attorneys of the school had provided 'strong legal ground'. Vassar has an endowment over $800 million.

Unlike peer elite liberal arts colleges which are often found crowded with foreign students, less than 10% of Vassar's student population comes from overseas. Perhaps, there was a reason. But probably, it no longer matters. This lawsuit looks really bad for the small rural college in upstate New York. Most likely, the name had already been crossed out by many college shopping parents from non-white families, by now.

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