Sunday, July 14, 2013

Collapse of National Confidence

The kangaroo court of the George Zimmerman trial reflected a collapses of national confidence.

A Black man attacked a White Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer who questioned him. Our of self-defence, which is endorsed by state law, the volunteer fired a shot. The Black died.

Because of Florida's state law and because of evidences available, the volunteer was not charged. However, the media and the POTUS determined to make this case an opportunity to pass a message.

President Obama not only pronounced the Black man was 'like my son', but also had Department of Justice to sponsor mass protests demanding Zimmerman be punished. Both President Obama and the Attorney General Eric Holder are Black. However, they couldn't possibility ran this show alone. The elite, almost 100% White, are with them all the time.

From Investor's Business Daily Editorial:

  • Suppressing exculpatory evidence recovered from the (double-password-protected) cell phone of Trayvon Martin that reveal deleted texts of the 17-year-old bragging about street-fighting with friends and relatives and photos showing him brandishing guns, gangsta-style. This evidence supports Zimmerman's claim he feared Martin and shot in self-defense.
  • Disallowing Martin's criminal background, including arrests by Miami-Dade school district police for drugs, theft, graffiti and other delinquent behavior. (Martin, in fact, had been suspended from school the week he jumped Zimmerman inside his gated townhouse complex, after police found stolen jewelry and burglary tools inside his backpack.)
  • Excluding any testimony from audio experts who could definitively ID Zimmerman's voice screaming for help on 911 calls as Martin bashed his head against a concrete sidewalk.
  • Allowing, conversely, the last-minute request of plainly desperate prosecutors to have jurors consider an alternative lesser charge of manslaughter to try to secure some kind of conviction, any kind of punishment, in the complete absence of a sound murder case.
  • Never sanctioning the prosecution despite Zimmerman's lawyers justifiably filing no fewer than six formal complaints against the state for withholding exculpatory and other evidence from them in violation of discovery rules.
  • Yet repeatedly overruling — at times even reprimanding — Zimmerman's lawyers when they objected to the underhanded tactics of the prosecution.
  • And even, in one of the most bizarre interventions by a judge many court watchers have ever observed in a criminal case, directly grilling defendant Zimmerman not once, but three times about his intentions to personally testify — while scolding his lawyers not to counsel him in what seemed to many to be an attempt by the court to bully him into taking the stand.
  • Despite the totally erratic behavior demonstrated by Judge Nelson, she is the third judge assigned to this case, the lesser than the previous two.

    The police chief Bill Lee who refused to press charge was forced out after decades of tenure and a flawless serve record. His replacement testified in the court that he filed charges against Zimmerman only under pressure.

    The IT director of the Florida State Attorney's Office, out of fear of being found perjury by a court in the future, provided material that had been illegally withheld by the prosecution from this trial. Ben Kruidbos was fired on July 11, citing egregious in light of position.

    The prosecutor, the judges, the media, local state and federal officials and political representatives are all conspirators, as a rerun of days prior to Election 2008. Many White voted for Obama for no other reason but that he being a Black. While it seems that the core values of pilgrims, including being frugally industrious and withholding a moral compass, can no longer be practiced by the new generation of the US population, they felt obligated to lead the US to some terrain not known before.

    The floundering US economy has been in startle contract to the Chinese, raising itself from something the US had fought and denied, crushed the confidence of the US, with its sole lost after defeating its only worthy rival, the former USSR, in the world. It hit when it seems there was no more to do.

    While the elite, acting as the bell-wether, blindly looking for something different, they lead the US down a path they haven't got a chance to think over.

    On the surface, the saga was directed by liberals who saw this a Godsent to advance gun control and civil rights (gay rights). Perhaps, as they believe they are doing something good for the future of the society, 'a man who saves the country violates no law'. The frustration and disorientation of the elists were taken advantage by politicians who ride by panem et circenses, as all modern corporate executives do to appease impatient Wall Street.

    Tang Dynasty (around 900 A.D.), the governor of Weizhou was fed up with his own military troops. He then asked a political rival in neighboring state to come in and destroy the troops. The rival took the chance to not only killed all local troops, but also made the area a colony. The former governor lamented that with all the irons in 43 counties of Weizhou, can't make this pbig mistake (the same pronunciation of cuo, a currency made of iron at the time).

    Whether we want it or not, everything comes to an end soon or later. Countries and Civilizations rise and fall.

    Liberals including gun-control activists and diversity advocates see this case an opportunity to propel their causes with blunt power of agitated Black mobs. News media fabricated evidence (for example, editing the 911 recording, labeling Zimmerman as a white, accusing the jury being all white, etc.) to incite racial hatred to push forward their own agenda. They must feel they can act above the law for their sacred causes, so sacred that it worthy the cost of the entire civilization.

    Scientists have suggested climate change is inevitable, although human activities may accelerate the process, but human will most likely survive the change as we have did many times in human history. However, more scaring scenario is sudden change in temperature, which can come any day without a warning.

    Watch out bell-wethers, you may regret one day.

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