Monday, November 25, 2013

Senseless Sports

Some sports are senseless, i.e. boxing or professional wrestling.

Professional wrestlers pretends to hurt each other with fake punches, kicks, elbows, chains and often fake chairs. They are often cheered by thousands in the arena at the same time millions who watch through satellite broadcasting. With full knowledge of a fake game, viewers bet on who may win out with real money and full hearted enthusiasm.

Boxers win a game by physically hurt another person, who sometimes is a player who have been training together for years or a family friend off stage. They would be cheered when they made a knockout, that is, to destabilize the opponent with one commanding strike. Many who were knocked-out would not wake to see the light of another day.

But both professional wrestling and boxing are so yesteryear. Today's youth were obviously addicted to new senseless sports: knockout and walkout.

It has been widely reported that young Americans had embraced a sports call knockout. An young man would suddenly release one calculated blow to a totally random bystander. The point was not robbery, or rape, but to knockout the person with only one strike. It requires high level personal combat skills, decisives, determination and self discipline. You can't alert the target, and it often calls multiple assistants to distract the target.

It is said this urban sports originated from St Louis, and had spread out to all metropolitan areas in the US. Many uploaded their highly professional and skillful execution of totally clueless bystanders to Internet video hosting services as brag rights. As explained in this YouTube video, old and young, male and female are playing the extremely popular game.

In the good ol' days, decorated criminals avoided victimizing weak targets, sometimes even at cost of their own safety; otherwise they could risk their reputation, something critically essential for surviving lawless jungles. However, today's youth community were too lazy, that they only adore the end result, that is the motionless body after a knockout, not how to reach it. Players of the game often chose weak targets, such as woman with children, and cheated their way with bullets instead of fists. Yet, they are still adored and cheered by their peers.

Yesterday, a 26 year old mailman Tyson Jerome Barnette was shot and killed on daily route when he was delivering mail in PG (Prince George's) County in Maryland. It has been extremely rare when a full uniformed mail carrier being gunned down on duty delivering mails on foot. This gamer was so lousy that he not only picked up a totally clueless mailman, but also he/she shot him five times.

A Washington Post article penned by Martin Weil, however, implied the fault fell on the mailman's ineffiency in delivering his shift. "It was thought that the carrier's unfamiliarity with the route might have been linked to the lateness of his deliveries," disregard that many comments promptly pointed out that other carriers had been complained about being targets by senseless sportsmen in the same area, and that they had to work at dark before and after sunlight times. There was no blame, zero, on the senseless and lousy gamer who had committed this horrific crime.

The knockout of mail carrier was not accidental. The day before yesterday, students in PG county created a national walkout day all by themselves. Students from all schools across the county participated the senseless sport called walkout at noon on Friday. It was not a protesting, nor 'starting' a dialog as often so used conveniently after such incidents. Students stated clearly, it's nothing but a game. In addition to dancing and celebrating, they also placed chairs on ceilings.

What else is coming that have we not foreseen since the liberals took stage in Washington D.C.? It seems that neither the President himself or his Secretary of Education is bothered by these new senseless sports at all.

People who have been fed up with these senseless sports demand a change. Yes, we can. The Election is only two years ahead.

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