Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chinese Hate Chinese The Most

It's no secret that Chinese hates Chinese the most, at least that has been the case for as long as Chinese written language in existence, which is blood 8,000 years. The last Empress Dowager Cixi famously stated that she would rather provide for neighbor countries rather than Chinese people.

The Qinghua University in Beijing was set up with a refund of War Indemnity from the United States. Ever since its born, the school had been proud of being a pareration academy for western universities.

In a job ad for faculty positions in Immunology The Qinghua University posted with Nature Magazine, it states that Non-Chinese native candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. This is for positions in Immunology, a field Chinese can not, and must not master.

We invite applications from outstanding immunologists who aim to conduct systematic, innovative research. Non-Chinese native candidates are particularly encouraged to apply (English is an official language in scientific discussions). Candidates should have a demonstrable record of excellence in areas including but not limited to inflammasome, innate lymphocytes, immune memory, human and clinical immunology, microbiota and mucosal immunity, and animal disease models. Successful applicants will be offered very generous start-up packages plus internationally competitive salaries and housing benefits.

What puzzles readers of the magazine is why Nature endorses this kind of language which is discriminative inside out. Although Nature is a British magazine, it has offices in the US. Discrimination based on race and country of origin is textbook case illegal. In other words, Nature risks of being sanctioned by a court of law to label a premier Chinese university of Barbarianism. That makes Nature a racist, too.

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