Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Steer a Good-Will Visit

US first lady Michelle Obama is touring China with her mother and two daughters. The trip was designed as a good will visit, partially to compensate for the missed meeting between two first ladies when President Xi Jinping visited Washington. Madam Obama toured learned calligraphy from a high school boy in Beijing, then tried out local dishes in Xi'an. The two daughters were praised for their beauty and good manners.

However for propaganda experts in Beijing, there is always a way to steer the public opinions.

Right before the first lady to visit the Terracotta museum in Xi'an, special op police stormed the museum to kick every visitors out in name of security. A tour guide was not moving 'fast enough', and was kicked down unconscious in front of thousands of museum patrons. The last thing witnesses saw was the poor guy who was not moving or responding was thrown in a police car.

While the Obamas were still doing selfies with terracotta warriors, the pictures of the security kicking museum patrons went viral on Chinese social networking sites. "Because of Michelle Obama, an innocent Chinese was kicked down motionless."

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