Monday, October 20, 2014

The Director of CDC Must Go

Perhaps it's time to move CDC away from Atalanta.

Nancy Snyderman was under the CDC self-monitoring program when she was spotted dining in a public restaurant. The CDC Director Tom Frieden insisted on CNN that the white female "not not putting others at risk".

Snyderman was classified as 'low risk'.

Amber Vinson was considered 'low risk' and under the CDC self-monitoring program, when she board an airplane for a family reunion.

Tom Frieden jumped on the opportunity to call out the black female "shouldn't have gone on that commercial flight", on camera before he heard of anything specific about the incident. Half day later it was revealed that Vinson had been cleared to board the commercial flight by a CDC official. In other words, Vinson asked first. When an Asian female nurse was contracted the deadly virus, the first words out of Frieden's mouth was the nurse broke a CDC protocol at work. Two weeks later, all nurses, including the hospital had come forward to testify that no protocol had been violated.

Tom Frieden is a disgrace as a doctor, a civil servant, and a human being. We do not second guess any of Frieden's decisions, whether they are in the interests of national security or scientific advancement. However what this senior government said and did in front of TV cameras make laymen lost faith in this administration's heart.

In the past 14 years, the CDC funding has been steadily increased through two presidencies from $2 billion to $7.5 billion.

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