Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Asian Turned Away from Mud Run at Camp Pendleton

Chinese Daily reported that a group of four Chinese Americans were turned away from the "World Famous Mud Run" at MCCS Camp Pendleton at June 14, 2015.

Four Chinese Americans of Riverside, California went to the mud run. After they passed the camp gate with their valid IDs, they were stopped and questioned at the mud run field by a cop. They cop asked to checked their ID, which they complied. Then the cop said no camera was allowed, pointing to a camera carried by one of the four. Obviously cameras are allowed. Then the cop asked whether they were military or family members of the military. He said only military or their families were allowed to participate the mud run. Which is not the case, as this is a public event. They the cop asked whether they had registered for the run, and said only those who had pre-registered could participate. Which is not the case, as there are on-site registrations.

In the end, the cop said the Chinese Americans would not be allowed entrance the mud run because they looked like terrorists. The Chinese Americans were escorted out by military police.

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