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Domestic Disturbance

At least one protester was beaten to death by the police, dozens seriously wounded and hundreds were arrested in Ruian, Zhejiang.

It starts as a seemingly yet another tragic domestic disturbance case, in which a depressed wife, jumped out of the window for no reason at all. Ms. Dai Haijing, a 29 years old high school teacher, who is loved by her friends and her students fell down two floors and died. It was the more than obvious non-falling caused wound on her head that told a different story, and angered everyone who know her, and thousands who have a heart.

According to police, Ms. Dai Haijing had been suffered a kind of depression that nobody else could tell from her behavior. She jumped from her home on the third floor, and there's no other obstacles in the scene. She fell upside down with her head hit the ground. The would on her head was caused by the impact on the ground. Give me a break, we taxpayers spent so much each year on the police, they could have used a better story.

Ms. Dai's husband Mr. Xie Deyong is one of the most wealthiest and most connected person in the area. According to Internet 'rumors', the family has a long trace of violence. Close friends of Ms. Dai told press that Ms. Dai had been beaten by her husband many times before. The government swiftly announce the death was a result of suicide without bothering checking the crime scene. Although it's still in the summer recession, thousands students in the school she taught paraded in protesting the handling of the case by the local government. Photos of the scene were spread to every online forums in the Chinese language Internet community.

Yesterday, the Ruian government mobilized police forces, SWAT team and even military police to shut off thousands of protesters on the unfair judgement. All online discussions were deleted.

September 10th is the official 'National Teachers' Day' in China. Tens of thousands of people in Ruian showed their ultimate respect to Ms. Dai Haijing with their blood, and some with their lives. Most of these dead and wounded had never of Ms. Dai before, but they felt a need as a Chinese citizen to contribute their blood when it was called for. Great ancient philosopher Laoze (570 - 470 B.C.) had said, 'How can you scare people with death when they are no longer afraid of death?' The government officials of Ruian, Zhejiang should have read that in high school textbook.

An English Petition Letter by the students in Ms. Dai's class (from source 5)

High school students Protest in China

Why do students demonstrate in China? First of all, please remember that high school student demonstrations do not happen that frequently and so there must be something extraordinary.

Banner: "So many doubts! Where is justice?"

Here is the translation of the students' open letter to the public :

On August 18, when we heard the bad news that our teacher has committed suicide, we could not believe that such a bright person would be so stupid as to kill herself. As a university graduate in English, how could she be so psychologically feeble? On the day before she died, she told us that she will be giving us dictation the next day. She is a reliable person, so why would she lie to us? She told us that life is like a coin, and we should see the good side instead of being stuck under the dark skies all the time! ... So how could she have killed herself? She has a son who is only two or three years old, so how could she abandon him alone in the world! Does she not know that a motherless child is lonely and helpless??

The incident took place two days ago. Why has law enforcement refused to investigate? Why is the legal doctor late? Why are the people's guide -- the media -- also late? We don't understand! In a society under the rule of law, something infuriatingly unjust has happened! Our rights become so pale and powerless in the face of money!

Here is a summary of our doubts:

1. Before the day of the incident, our teacher asked us to memorize the nouns because she was going to give us dictation the next day. She patted the head of one student and smilingly "warned" him that he better memorize the nouns. How could a suicidal person tell such a joke so light-heartedly?

2. If she wanted to kill herself, would she be wearing only her underwear??! Our teacher is a pretty woman who wants to look well. Would she want to die in such indignity?

3. The teacher's child is so young and she loves him so much. Would she abandon him?! Besides, a suicidal person should have made some arrangements beforehand. But our teacher did nothing ...

4. Afterwards, we read the teacher's diary. She wrote that she will not rely on others. She will only rely on herself and she write that she will be strong. She wrote that she is a mother and she is the world to her son. Motherly love is so great! Would she give up life so easily and abandon her young child?

5. When we saw the body of our teacher, she had bruises everywhere. Although her limbs were intact, her cranium was burst open. She died a horrible death.

6. Our teacher told us that the High School Third Year Class teachers work very hard. She said that she will not be satisfied if we get into the universities. So why would she choose suicide?

7. The law enforcement department refuses to intervene in this matter. Justice is so pale and powerless in front of money. How will the people ever trust the government again?

Therefore, we ask all righteous people to extend your righteous hands to give justice to our teacher! This is on behalf of all the teachers under the heavens! May our teacher rest in peace!
The entire class of students of the Third Year Class, Rui'an Number Three High School, Zhejiang province, China

You may say that this is a ho-hum matter that will not get anywhere. Ah, but you forgetting the power of the Internet to strike emotionally! How so? Read the above and see which of the seven points has the most potential of being emotionally overwhelming? There is nothing more from the child. So that leaves the manner of death (number 2 and number 5). So here is the famous (WARNING: GORY) photograph that has been going around the Internet. While it violates the preference of the teacher (according to number 2), this may be the most direct way of seeing justice served.
Therefore, we ask all righteous people to extend your righteous hands to give justice to our teacher! This is on behalf of all the teachers under the heavens! May our teacher rest in peace!

The entire class of students of the Third Year Class, Rui'an Number Three High School, Zhejiang province, China

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