Friday, September 01, 2006

Journalist Bowed Capital

The Shenzhen Middle People's Court have been facing fierce criticism for its illegal seizure of the journalists personal property at the request of Foxconn Electronics Inc., a Taiwan-based company where iPods are made. The move was considered by many legal expert as a deface of Chinese legal system as it not only violated the Chinese civil court, but also was not heard of before. The Chinese law system is by and large a continental system, where a judge must follow the code. Chinese civil code does not allow suing a reporter personally as a protection of free speech; also it does not allow seizure of personal property before the trail with specific rare exceptions in cases of personal safety, national security, etc.

This is about a case reported earlier. Foxconn was blamed by media around the world for slave labor.

Question is whether Apple is behind this, which could be a reasonable explanation on the weird move of the Shenzhen Court, as they have a record of bulging pressure from overseas capitals.

Rumor has it that the national security sector of the central government got involved, and the Foxconn has released the journalists' personal properties, but added the news agency as a co-defendant.

What puzzled people is the reaction from the journalist being sued by Foxconn. Mr. Wong Bao told news media that he still respect Mr. Guo Hongjin, the boss of Foxconn, and he would like to present his suggestions of the development of the company to Mr. Guo if giving a chance.

Not only do we know that it's hard to win against the capital, but also we know in a chilling fact that even the journalists do not want to fight the capital, even when its about their own interest.

The Seagull heard the this from an article by Guo Songmin.

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