Sunday, October 15, 2006

Korean Claimed the Originality of Chinese Characters

Koreans are claiming the originality of the Chinese characters, actually, they are claiming everything Chinese to be Korean.

There are little similarity between modern Chinese and modern Korean in written language. However, people of the two countries had been using the same language for thousands of years, the Koreans finally realized that Chinese languages to be too sophisticated for their brain. A king in Korea invented a phonetic system Hangul around 1444 to replace the Chinese language.

With the rising of economic status of the Korea. Koreans around the world feel the urge to fabricate an origin of their culture, which has not been lucky to be traced more than a couple of years back. Inspired by the fast accumulating national wealth, but frustrated by the absence of culture identity. Korean historians took the task to advance their history by 'whatever it takes'.

In a recent bid, Korean successfully claimed a traditional Chinese festival a Korean heritage, and registered it with the United Nation. One step further, the Korean government talked the Chinese government to suppress any history study by Chinese professors that is untoward the Korean's taste. Now, they are claiming the Chinese characters were invented by the Koreans.

Whatsoever, do we care about some clowns yelling in the street? It's like flies, annoying, but most of the time we don't even bother to stop what terminate it with a single hand. Well, we do see their desperation.

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