Sunday, February 04, 2007

South Korean Deployed Robots After Soldiers Sodomized by US Soldiers

A U.S. military court sentenced Sgt. Leng Sok to 30 years in jail for sodomizing a South Korean soldier, the U.S. military said. Sgt. Sok served in the 21st Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Infantry Division based in Fort Lewis in Washington. Two other American soldiers suspected of involvement in the assault are under investigation. The victim is a South Korean soldier who served as an Augmentation to the US Army (KATUSA). A 37,000 strong United States Forces Korea (USFK) stationed in the South Korean. Thanks to a treaty between the US and the South Korean government, they will not be punished for crimes they committed in South Korea by the South Korean law.

Although people sodomized by soldiers are all over the news, etc., but the Defence Ministry of the South Korean took no rick by expediting deploying more robots to guard along the non-military zone between South and North Korea. Maybe robots could not be sodomized, maybe.

The robot, code named XAD, is said to be weight 17 Kg. It will request anyone within 10 meters to ID themselves, or be shot. One such robot can monitor a perimeter of 4 km. Samsung expects to complete all testing before the end of 2008. One XAD will be placed at every two km along the border.

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