Friday, February 02, 2007

Thousands Appalled by Unsportsman-like Action

Five South Korea Women's short track skaters could not hold up any more their frustration on their domestic mates' length. The team raised a sign on the official ceremony after winning the second place in the ongoing Sixth Asian Winter Games held in Changchun, a northeastern city of China. The sign reads: "Korean Male's Manhood is Too Short!"

Many audiences sitting in the stadium at the time couldn't read the signs due to its small size, but Chinese officials protested the action. In a letter to Kim Jung-kil, head of the Korea Olympic Committee (KOC), the organizing committee of the Changchun Asian Games accused the South Korean athletes of engaging in sexual activity during the games, which is banned under the charter of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia, South Korean sports officials said.

The letter was delivered directly to Kim by Chinese organizing committee officials at the Changchun International Airport, just before Kim took a flight to return home, the officials said.

The Chinese officials expressed regret and asked that similar incidents be prevented during the Asian Games, they said.

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