Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Who Killed Bian Zhongyun?

From this youtube video, we hear two names: at 6'00", Song Binbin, daughter of Song Renqiaong, a senior CCP official, and at 6'40", Deng Rong, daughter of Deng Xiaoping. At the time, August 1966, Song and Deng are both students in the Girl's High School of the Beijing Normal University. Bian Zhongyun was the deputy principle.

Bian committed two crimes. The first: a few years ago she did not admit Liu Shaoqi's daughter, because Liu's daughter was two points short of the admission standard. Liu Shaoqi was the President of China at the time. The second crime was that when the school was exercising an earthquake drill, she didn't take out Chairman Mao's pictures from the classroom.

Deng and Song, both students beaten Bian and other teachers with sticks, knifes and fake guns (for military training). Bian and other teachers were beaten for the whole day on August 4, 1966. She went to school again in the morning of August 5 and was beaten another day. Bian died of wounds. Bian was the first teacher to be killed in the Great Culture Revolution from 1966 to 1976 launched by CCP.

Song Renqiong was the party boss of northeastern China. Deng was deputy premier.

Song Binbin changed her name to Song Yaowu (taking violence), suggested by Chairman Mao when Song met Mao in Tian'anmen on August 18, 1966. Later she changed her name again to Song Yan (rock). At one instance, Song killed an old lady with boiling water; in the other day, Song forced a son to kill his father with dumbbell. According to various sources, Song had beaten at least 5 people to death by herself when she competed others on how fast they could kill a person with only a military-issue waist belt. Song Binbin is a resident of the US.

Deng Rong is a writer, a resident of Hong Kong.

Neither receives any judgment for what they did. Further reading: 卞仲耘是李纳邓榕们的老师, 宋彬彬打死过多少人?

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Benjamin Harris said...

Song Binbin has retired and is living in Beijing.

For articles and photos on Bian's murder, please go to www.publicoccurrenc.blogspot.com,
August 5, 2007.

I am a murder prosecutor in the Unites States.

-Benjamin Harris, J.D.