Monday, June 25, 2007

Kindergarten Teachers Beaten Under Police Watch

Caregivers and teachers of the Commerce Kindergarten of Wendeng, Shangdong was beaten by mobs backed by local police.

The public school was sold by the local government to a food processing facility in an under table deal. Because the local government did not contribute to faculty and staff's retirement fund and social insurance, they were thrown on the street with nothing at all. The faculty and staff protested against the takeover.

On June 18, 2007, Wendeng government sent in 50 police to secure the kindergarten, so that a mod of 30-40 hired by the food processing facility could come in and beat the teachers, mostly female, with hammers, hand tools and wood sticks. The police did not participate in the beating, but they guarded the gate so that people passing by could not get in to rescue the teachers. Witness overhead one officer as telling the police to 'give them (the mob) another 20 minutes'.

Hundreds of people witnesses the beating happened in downtown Wendeng. They couldn't help because of the police block. However, they posted the license plates of the police cars, just in case justice would be served someday. The license plate of some of the police cars at the scene are: JL-K9070, JL-K0262, JL-K0222, JL-K9150, JL-K9129, JL-K9929, and two other cars and two motorcycles. When '120' ambulance came, police even refused request by the two medics to help save the teachers.

Wendeng is a county level city of Weihai, Shangdong.

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