Monday, September 24, 2007

An Open Letter to the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Project

Dear OLPC manager,

Thank you for your hardworking and the excellent idea of enabling information technology for millions of children born in underprivileged families. OLPC will be remembered something the technical field has done that put a positive compact to the progress of the whole world.

However, I want to make a suggestion to expand the countries that you implement the great idea, including which first comes to my mind, my home country China. Regardless how many Made-in-China product you have bought at Wal-Mart, China remains to be a poor country, to be specific, as poor as the average of those in Africa. The per-capital personal income of China is lower than half of African countries. And with the vast gaps between inland and the seashore cities, most Chinese families' income is far less than the average of those in Africa.

The government budget on education in China is a friction of the average of those in Africa. The Chinese people have been made in up by family-based investment, and with the help of generous donations on education from other Chinese people. There are many active education assisting programs supported by oversea Chinese that help poor kids to realize their dreams to read and write. If you can expand your project to include China in the receiving countries, I am sure it will have a great long lasting effect on the generation to come.

Many Chinese are ready to give on this worthy cause to needing children around the world. Having first hand experiences with prevailing poverty in rural China, they are also eager to help their countrymen if possible by all means. I wish you won't be misled by the $29.97 DVD-player you bought last week. Chinese workers and manufacturers made pennies out of it, while the greater share of profits go to designers, distributors and patent holders in the West.

Thank you for your time, and please give this proposal a thought.

The Seagull

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