Monday, November 12, 2007

Find your place on the celebrity marathon meter

Katie Holmes finished the NYC marathon last Sunday, became one of many celebrities who conquered the 26.2 mile endurance. Find your place on the following celebrity marathon meter:

Celebrity Marathon Meter

personraceyearreason on the list
2:04:55Paul TergatBerlin2003World Record
2:46:03Alan TuringAmateur Athletic Championships1947Mathematician
2:46:42Lance ArmstrongNYC2007Cyclist
2:50:53David PetraeusOmaha1982Commander in Iraq
3:30:18John EdwardsMCM1983Senator
3:31:00Michael DukakisBoston1951Governor of Massachusetts
3:44:52George W BushHouston199343rd US President
3:56:12Will FerrellBoston2003Actor
3:59:36Sarah PalinHumpy's2005Governor of Alaska
4:03:19Shinya YamanakaTokyo2012Nobel Laureate in Medicine 2012
4:26:05Mike HuckabeeLittle Rock2006Governor of Arkansas
4:29:20Oprah WinfreyMCM1994Talk Show Host
4:34:18Lisa LingBoston2001TV Host
4:45:36Jennifer AmyxJohnstown19755 Years Old
4:54:36Bill FristMCM1997Senate Majority Leader
4:58:25Al GoreMCM1997Vice President
5:29:58Katie HolmesNYC2007Wife of Tom Cruise
5:40:03Fauja SinghToronto200392 Years Old
6:06:00David PatersonNYC1999NY Governor, legally blind

Holmes' entry was neither chosen by the lottery, while 60,000 runners failed to be selected, nor secured through one of many run for charity clubs sponsored by the event.

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