Thursday, November 22, 2007

Super Soldiers

In the ranking system of Chinese military, People's Liberation Army (PLA), Sergeant Level 6 (SL6) is the highest rank a soldier can achieve. Comparing to western (US) system, SL6 is in between the Command Sergeant Major (CSM) and Sergent Major of the Army. Very few SL6 are serving in the PLA, all of whom are legends in their troops.

SL6 Hu Xiangde (胡象德), Guangzhou Command communication technician
SL6 Chen Yongzhong (陈永中), Lanzhou Command instructor
SL6 Li Chuancai (李传才), Nanjing Command aviation
SL6 Shi Wangjun (施万军), equipment maintenance
SL6 Zhang Chengyong (张承用), Chief Equipment engineering corp
SL6 Ye Zhihong (叶枝洪), Border Patrol ship maintenance
SL6 Jiang Xiliang (姜喜良), Strategic Artillery maintenance
Navy SL6 Zhi Xiangming (雒祥明), submarine welding technician
Navy SL6 Wang Shunxi (王顺喜), submarine operation technician
Navy SL6 Zhu Wenwei (朱文伟), submarine operation technician
Navy SL6 Ren Xiaohai (任晓海), submarine sonar technician
Navy SL6 Leng Shixi (冷世喜), submarine sonar squad leader
Navy SL6 Yao Huangui (姚焕贵), boiler squad leader
Air Force SL6 Wu Xianzhi (吴宪枝), remote control airplanes squad leader

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