Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Bang near Guangzhou Last Night

Chinese Internet surfers reported hearing three big explosions last night. It seems the explosion happened in Sanshui, a town in Foshan, close to Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province. The official Foshan Daily reported it was a firework warehouse. All four security guards were able to get out safely with one minor injury. Fireworks can be see from the picture published by the Foshan Daily.

From one of the pictures posted by an Internet user on the left, it seems to be explosions behind a barbwire fence. Some online forum posts suggested it might not be a simple warehouse accident because:
1) The scale of the explosion is huge. Glasses were broken on buildings more than 1 mile from the explosion; steel doors bended; and ceiling tiles dropped;
2) Many claimed they heard sound similar to jet engine approaching around the time of the explosions;
3) Online discussions about this accident were deleted by moderators;
Some suspected the firework published by the Foshan Daily was digitally created. Some even suggested a military base was attacked by either Taiwan or the US, and the CCP government decided to cover it up. Some suggested the town was visited by UFOs. Perhaps, the essential and probably more important issue here is: whatever the truth it may be, it may never be known, until independent journalism can survive in China.

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