Friday, February 29, 2008

Indian Labors Out Numbered and Out Paid Chinese Workers

According to numbers released by the Labor Department, 85,000 PERM were issued to applicants from 176 countries and areas in FY2007, among which 55,214 are H-1B type visa intended for solving the shortage of high-skilled workers, mostly in the Informational Technology field.

PERM issued in FY2007
Indian Chinese
Total Number 24573 6846
Average Salary $75,646 $63,585

Comparing the top 2 populations in high-tech immigrants. Chinese are better trained (4 times PhD owners over Indian), doing advanced work (much higher EB2/EB3 ratio), but paid much less. For Chinese, there are much to learn besides work skills.

PERM is an abbreviation of Permanent Employment Certification. Category EB2 type visa is issued to applicants holding advanced skills or graduate degrees, while EB3 for normal workers.

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